Queer News

  • Queer teens in U.S. state of Tennessee face “License to Bully” law once again
  • Gay Filipino teen drenched with boiling water by his father after coming out
  • Gay panic excuse used in U.S. state of Wisconsin to justify anti-gay violence
  • Three skinheads savagely attack Californian gay men in new year’s hate crime
  • Ron Paul says AIDS is peoples’ fault, wants them to pay even more for healthcare
  • U.S. presidential wannabe suggests a dad in prison is better than a gay dad

Other News

  • U.S. president Obama signs indefinite detention without charge or trial into law
  • Americas epidemic of sexual violence, rape now more common than smoking
  • Recent study says Black Americans are as likely to get hired as white felons 
  • Group of ultra-Orthodox Jews prevented women from voting in local elections
  • U.S. threatened to put Spain on trade blacklist for not censoring the internet
  • Church of Kopimism gets file-sharing recognized as official religion in Sweden