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  • U.S. government says it can’t tell why it’s legal to kill people without trial
  • Surprisingly Putin doesn’t think his rigged elections in Russia need a review
  • NASA: climate change leads to enormous ecosystem shifts, 40% of biomes flip
  • "I can do whatever I want” cop says before killing a man over a darts game
  • Californian church man beats other families’ children for them as a favour
  • Mother with no prior offenses sentenced to 12 years for $31 marijuana offense
  • Bedridden old woman without computer fined for pirating hooligan film

13 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *85”

  1. “Chicago archbishop compares Gay Pride Parade to Ku Klux Klan marches”

    Typical. The church can’t come up with any intelligent and truthful remarks, so they resort to scare tactics and outright lies.

    They (every church/religion) are so desperate now to get people into their churches, they will say and do anything to scare people away from the normalcy of homosexuality and to get people to fill up their pews (for the donations, of course) so that they can exact their control of the mass population.

    1. These religious people make me sick! For years they burned people at the stake and drown them as “witches” and no one ever calls them to task for their murderous acts.

  2. From the Chicago Cardinal article:

    “The Chicago gay pride parade attracts 800,000 people. It proceeds through a heavily congested, dense urban cityscape. Absolutely positively everything in its wake is disrupted. What on earth makes one service at one church on one day special enough to change the start time of a gigantic parade?”

    My thought on this has always been “what makes your gigantic parade celebrating your minority group so special that you deserve to disrupt absolutely positively everything in half a city for the entire day?” But I feel that way about all parades (and funeral processions). Your celebration shouldn’t be allowed to stop me from crossing a single street. A Mass is a solemn ceremony, so I can see why the Church would consider it rude to run a parade by it. Would you run a parade by a cemetary during a burial ceremony? Other things on the route are likely to enjoy the extra human traffic passing by shops and generating income. (Though I bet it passes by some apartment buildings with some pissed off residents too.)

    But yeah, the Cardinal’s comment was overly dramatic and a huge leap for a comparison. I don’t think he should be made to resign for it though. And the parade DID move after all, so he got what he wanted, and people like that don’t care that it was the parade organizers taking the high road by acceding to the request. It’s a feedback loop, people that already agreed with the Church now see that the Church was “right” and feel better about being associated with it and will support it in the future.

    1. I’m forced to agree. I live on what is usually a quiet residential street in my city, even though it’s 4 lanes, except for the two Saturdays a year there are marathons that go down it… literally right past my front door.

      All the radio stations parking vans in front of my house and blasting music for the runners, people cheering on the runners, and other noise that results from moving thousands of people through an area at one time might be tolerable… except I work nights and weekends which means the night after these marathons I’m going to work with NO sleep.

      Perhaps the cardinal should have chosen his words better. I do know, however, that if a gay pride parade were to march down the street outside my door, I’d be wishing those “damned f****ts would shut the hell up” the same way I currently wish the breast cancer patients would shut the hell up every time the Breast Cancer Association runs a marathon past my door… or at least that the organizers would have the decency to consider that a residential area isn’t the best place to be running a marathon/parade through.

  3. “the suicide rate among patients denied breast implants is 30 to 40 percent, compared with only 1.6 percent for the general population”

    Is 1.6 the rate for the general population of transgender people, transgender women, transgender women who ask for implants, transgender women who DO receive implants? The statistic is meaningless without clarification. Poorly worded at all to say “general population” since that indicates the entire population of the country, which I think is not almost 2 out of 10 (yes I know it’s non-native English). The only valid comparison for the purpose of the article and the RFSL is between transgender women who do and do not receive implants after asking.

    Seems odd that they’d be denied implants, when there’s a specific reason/need. I thought Sweden was pretty progressive and free about that sort of thing. In the US, you can get pretty much ANYTHING implanted just because you want to, or have things removed, you don’t need a reason.

  4. Wow! And to think I was jumped upon because I had dared say religious leaders were the cause of why gay kids were bullied in school, sometimes so badly that they kill themselves. So, there’s the proof served on a silver platter.


    This part for Evermore.

    A Mass is a solemn ceremony, so I can see why the Church would consider it rude to run a parade by it.

    You’re kidding, right? 99.9% of masses are held INSIDE the church building. So, unless the people IN THERE are bored to hell with what is going on INSIDE that building they won’t notice the parade. Just so you know I was raised catholic so that means I know what I’m talking about.

    Would you run a parade by a cemetary during a burial ceremony?

    Hell yeah! In fact I think I will add a clause in my will to have a parade go by the cemetery while they are burying me.

    But yeah, the Cardinal’s comment was overly dramatic and a huge leap for a comparison.

    You know damn well that he was saying exactly what he thought. The only thing I will give him is that he is openly a bigot and homophobe. He should be thrown out of town.

    1. Old Dan:

      Here! Here! I totally agree with everything you said. I was also raised as catholic and I’m with you — I know about their masses. (And for the record, I was bored stiff with everything that was going on in any of those masses!) But, hell, I’d leave that mass to go outside and watch that parade!

      1. I hope a contingent of nude guys storm the church during their mass, run up the aisle to take a shit on the altar, all the while shouting “This is my body! This is my Blood!” I’d even pray for that!

        1. Nah. Not doing so would show that we can actually show something they can’t, respect and tolerance. Still you gave me a barn door wide grin. Hehehehe.

          1. Being tolerant and respectful to these religious sons-of-bitches will only get you kicked in the teeth or worse. They hate our fucking guts and would rather we were dead. The minister who recently came out in support of Ron Paul wants to have the death penalty for gays.

  5. On the GSA controversy….nationally, the GSA is very accepting of LBTQI girls. In fact they did a very interesting survey of tween to teen girls not that long ago with some very specific sexual orientation questions. Then it was compared to another survey they did some 20 yrs ago (unfortunately, the sexual orientation questions were not asked at that time). Sans the sexual orientation parts, it’s incredibly interesting to see the generational differences in girl’s opinions.

    Not however to be confused with the BSA-completely separate organizations. The Mormons bought up all the national, physical holding that constituted the BSA and then proceeded to throw out acknowledged gay minors and scout leaders as policy……..a stance they maintain to this day. Oh and ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is forbidden by them as well. If you’re GBTQI, you’re definitely not welcome or wanted.

  6. Reality Dan:

    The minister who recently came out in support of Ron Paul wants to have the death penalty for gays.

    Could you give us a link to an article about this please? As for showing tolerance and respect I told a friend that saw my replies here that it was about taking the high road. Still, as time goes by I have less and less of tolerance and respect for those bastards. Maybe just saying this makes me a hypocrite in some ways, who knows. Want to know what hurts like hell in this case? Did you notice my comment about someone saying I was attacking religion. He wasn’t the only one and I simply can’t comprehend why some gays are so blind to the fact that there are religious bastards out there that are willing to see us all dead, including gay kids. I just don’t get it. Maybe that’s why I understand even more you anger. Just don’t let it get the best of you. Hugs.

  7. I did a google and found the following.

    A Christian Reconstructionist??? Mosaic law? Hell, does he also sell his daughters on the side??? And, again from that page the following; “and rebellion in children should be considered capital offenses today”. That man is a raving maniac!!! At least there is the following on that page; “UPDATE: Phillip Kayser’s endorsement has been scrubbed from Ron Paul’s website.”

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