Periodical Political Post *87

Queer News

  • Ecuador names lesbian minister, pledges to close “ex-gay” torture camps
  • Gay politician in a run-off election to serve as Finland’s president
  • Law firm says student has right to say gays should be killed in school paper
  • Teen rapes 11-year-old girl to put gay-rumours about him to rest
  • Assault on lesbian teen prompts call for hate crime legislation in Malta
  • Canadian parents outraged over queer ‘ally’ declarations on classroom walls
  • YouTube pulls ‘non family safe’ music video because it features kissing men

Other News

  • Research links low IQ and conservative beliefs to prejudice and racism
  • Homeland Security given green light to monitor American journalists
  • At -15° thousands of Poles protest against world-wide censorship law ACTA
  • Three million American kids drugged because of problems in focusing
  • After terrific year, music mafia demands extremely strict copyright laws
  • Copyright industry calls for broad search engine censorship

22 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *87”

  1. the story i find most despicable is the law firm supporting that boys article! This is a schools news paper, not Times. He is abusing the first amendment. Not to mention now we know he has a low iq. lol

      1. The law firm is Liberty Counsel. It’s specifically an advocate for the batshit fundies and their supporters.

  2. How the hell is the article about Ritalin news? That’s been going on since I was in elementary school 25 years ago. The problems isn’t with doctors or schools, it’s with parents that refuse to stand up for their own kids.

    Of course schools want every kid that attends to be on ritalin, it makes their job easier (I’m NOT justifying that stance, just stating their reason). Heck, the elementary school I attended in South Carolina tried to force my parents to put me on ritalin until my mother threatened to report the principal for practicing medicine without a license.

    It’s crap like this that pisses me off the most about my country. They want to throw everyone in jail for even possessing weed, acid, cocaine, etc…. then they want to put us all on the plethora of drugs that Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, etc. have pushed through the FDA to make us easier to control. Just legalize them all, let the idiots kill themselves off (now there’s a novel idea), and let the rest of us live our lives in peace.

    1. It is mostly the boys who are over diagnosed as ADHD. Maybe saltpeter, or something equivlant should also be prescribed in pill form. When you look at the DSM symptom cluster for that diagnosis, you see identified behaviors that are typical male behaviors. The historic relationship between big pharma and the American Psychological Association is an interesting one.

    1. That’s bullshit! Just plain unadulterated crap. Go do your drug peddling somewhere else.

  3. It’s nice to see some good news for once, especially considering the barrage of bad news that’s all over the place.

  4. “Teen rapes 11-year-old girl to put gay-rumours about him to rest”

    this is not really a rape story, but a one of sex between a 16 and an eleven-year-old. The boy was 16 at the time, and “both the girl and the defendant agreed that he had never forced or coerced her”.

    1. it’s still rape. it may be statutory rape but it’s still rape. and on top of this, he also had sex with a minor so thats another thing against him

      1. it’s legally rape but not really rape. There was mutual consent. It is a victimless crime. Even more so since they were both minors.

  5. @Aristid
    Eleven y/o girls can be surprisingly precocious and provocative. Kind of like boys at age 13-14. The 16 y/o boy is close to if not within the legal age-range as defined by local law.

    1. “Judge Tommy Chambers sentenced the juvenile to seven years probation, instead of the four years that had been recommended by both the prosecution and defense counsels.”

      Obviously the boy is outside the legal age-range, if local law recognizes such a thing.

      I wonder, since the boy is probably gay and a minor, how could he give consent? Why is not the girl also tried for raping him?

      1. Not with Judge Tommy Chambers.

        Five years is a commonly accepted age range but then the girl is under 14.

          1. That’s not the way it works.Girls are ALWAYS he victim, no matter what. Even if the boy is younger than the girl, the girl is still the victim.Welcome to feminism.

            1. Well I’m a feminist and I disagree with that.

              Actually, what you should write is “welcome to patriarchy”.

  6. I don’t understand the youtube ban on the male couple. There are scores of youtube vids showing males kissing. There are some especially sensual emo boy kissing vids out there. The only thing I can guess is that the vid in question looks like a intergenerational themed piece and hence the ban?

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