Periodical Political Post *88

Queer News

  • Anti-gay bullying widespread in U.S. elementary schools, study finds
  • Washington State senate votes in favour of marriage equality bill
  • Scottish teen gets mandatory life sentence for murder of gay classmate
  • Gay candidate loses run-off election for Finland’s presidency
  • The new terrorists: Canadian rule bans transgender people from flying
  • Canadian trans teen’s suicide may have been bullying-related
  • Trans girl in Germany about to be committed to a mental institution

Other News

  • Proposed bill would require U.S. net providers to spy on everyone
  • American drones targeting rescuers and mourners of killed people
  • Do you like online privacy? You may be a terrorist then, says the FBI
  • Journalists arrested at public hearing by order of house Republicans
  • Airport nude scanners linked to cancer to be mandatory in Australia
  • 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online & accessible

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  1. It’s sad that I’ve been chatting with that “Scottish teen” :(
    We were pen pals. He never seemed to be someone who could kill somebody. In fact he was really nice and it was a pleasure to talk to him but after he told me what he did I was really sad and I still can’t believe how he who seemed so kind and always caring could do something like that.

    1. Was he kind? Was he caring? Who knows but, by the way, since it wasn’t made clear in the article, was he straight? If so this looks to me like a case of a kid terrified of being turned gay.

      1. I’ve been chatting with him for a year I guess and I’ve talked to many people before and always had a good sense of knowing the personality of the person I’ve been writing to.
        Sometimes he mentioned that he had done something he wasn’t proud of but couldn’t tell me. I never thought of something like that…We sent each other beautiful postcards and Christmas cards and more and his writing was nice and I felt like he cared, I think you can sense that in a message, especially when you’ve been chatting for some time. He writes poems and…I don’t know what to say…when I felt bad he said the right things…We’ve been chatting and one day he told me what he had done and that he hates himself for doing it. I was shocked and was upset because he’s going to jail forever…it’s like he had two personalities…and I think he deserves the punishment and that he’s a bad person who did a really cruel thing but on the other hand I feel sympathy for him…I mean the good part of him……it’s like a bad movie

        As far as I know he was gay…and still is, I guess :D

      2. Both boys are Gay and are ‘out’. They were classmates. They regularly sat beside each other in school. At the time, they were aged 16 & 17.

        You can get the story from all the BBC links on the right side of each page. ‘Related Stories’. Keep following the links on each page as you go back.

        It is an awful story and nothing is easily clear why one boy killed the other. It is devastating for all involved. Both families, all the friends, school friends and local community.
        By all accounts – Jack, who died, was a truly wonderful person and much loved by everyone who knew him.
        Gay hate or Gay anything is not a factor here.

        1. I am not specially comfortable with Josh on his web page linking up the story on the murder of a Scottish teenager. Those of you who are interested can Google for the very many news stories covering the incident from 2010 till now and please do not pass remark based solely on the one BBC page that has been linked by Josh.

          Now, I do ask Josh to remove this link as the story is not relevant to Josh’s cause in promoting gay rights.

          The incident and aftermath are too fresh. Scotland is a small country and a great many people are very upset by the whole thing. The web being what it is, it is far too easily possible for any of Jack’s relatives and friends to accidently locate this comment page and possibly read total crap left by uncaring people unaware of the full story.

          To understand how people, including very many strangers, have been affected please take time to read the comments on this tribute site. Also, there are additional sites having the same purpose for Jack.

          1. Unfortunately I disagree with removing links like these. Without them, those who only browse Josh’s site ‘like me’ wont know of these things that happen around the world.

            It is unfortunate that this happened in Scotland and I was suprised it did, but people have to know. Gay hate or not, this is news that I have to know about.

            I dont browse Josh’s site just cos of happy pictures & movies. But all the other bull$ht that goes around the rest of the world. Or else this site is just another softcore gay site Id rather not look at.

            No. This site gives a reality to the world without tipping it too far into the negative side and yet keeping the content gay friendly and appealing.

          2. Now, I do ask Josh to remove this link as the story is not relevant to Josh’s cause in promoting gay rights.

            And I don’t. Unlike Josh who deleted two posts that should have stayed and closed a thread I absolutely refuse to censor someone who has something to say, even if I do not like it. That is why I feel Josh should not remove that link. That is how much I believe in free speech, even if this board is not a democracy. In a way I feel that it is exactly for that reason that free speech should be considered even more sacred.

            1. The thread in question wasn’t closed because of its content but because the people involved weren’t able to discuss in a civilised manner without throwing insults around even after being warned about it.

            2. Well there you go… got it in one..

              That is why I said this particular link should not be there… the incident is far too fresh and the number of people here in Scotland shocked and upset by the whole thing are many.

              It’s not right to risk any of Jack’s family and friends as well as the family of the other boy coming across some blog thread where ignorant and inappropriate comments could be posted.

              To say that good behaviour and a sense of decency somehow infringes on free speech is somewhat beyond my understanding. At the end of the day, the risk in this instance is small and I’ve nothing more to add other than I trust in Josh’s judgement inasmuch it has been pretty good overall.

            3. I know I didn’t start the “fight” but I sure intended to finish it.

  2. Anti-gay bullying widespread in U.S. elementary schools, study finds

    Wow, you don’t say!

    That’s all I say. I must keep my posts as bland as possible so they don’t get deleted and have a thread closed.

      1. Walks cheerfully into mine field and says; someone said that it was a fallacy to believe that to accept a gay man one also had to accept his sexual activity. In other word the same as saying love the sinner hate the sin. The same as saying one must deny part of himself to be accepted. To see that posted in a thread that was about kids having died because people couldn’t accept then in their entirety was disgusting so I just decided I would stand up and say NO. I refuse to be less than a human being. I refuse to be half accepted. That is something I would never ask of anyone. If I were to accept that, then it would be only three eighth and then a quarter and then? Yes, I did go after his throat but I will certainly not apologize for it.

  3. Unrelated to everything, but while we’re talking about news.

    I was scouring Huffington for a current event to use for my art project. When I encountered this quote.

    “I just f—— killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead. I don’t know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the “ohmygawd I can’t do this” feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now…lol.”

    Umm…Wow. Alyssa Bustamante was demented…

    1. Meanwhile there’s this guy that hacked his to sons to death. The good news is he’s dead also.

  4. I’d heard about the murder from a friend who lives in the area. It’s a bloody shame so it is, but I never knew that the murderer was ‘romantically involved’ with the victim, but love triangles can get a bit odd, but are no excuse for murder.

    1. This is exactly why I relocated to Eugene from the bay and Stockton area in California.

    2. anno, ive commented that on so many of their acsiutoc videos! Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth, Martin Johnson, Travis Clark and Paul (Don’t know his last name D:) are like my main inspirations! and Jack and Paul are deffinately twins!

  5. you ok gary i got it from a mate so i think this is the web address
    and some info ,give them a call ,say martin recommened you

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