Queer News

  • Anti-gay bullying widespread in U.S. elementary schools, study finds
  • Washington State senate votes in favour of marriage equality bill
  • Scottish teen gets mandatory life sentence for murder of gay classmate
  • Gay candidate loses run-off election for Finland’s presidency
  • The new terrorists: Canadian rule bans transgender people from flying
  • Canadian trans teen’s suicide may have been bullying-related
  • Trans girl in Germany about to be committed to a mental institution

Other News

  • Proposed bill would require U.S. net providers to spy on everyone
  • American drones targeting rescuers and mourners of killed people
  • Do you like online privacy? You may be a terrorist then, says the FBI
  • Journalists arrested at public hearing by order of house Republicans
  • Airport nude scanners linked to cancer to be mandatory in Australia
  • 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online & accessible