Periodical Political Post *89

Queer News

  • Politicians predict full marriage equality will come to Scotland in 2013
  • Gay-marriage ban in California unconstitutional, federal court rules
  • British government won’t pardon war hero Alan Turing for being gay
  • Gay suicide victim Asher Brown’s parents harassed by their own town
  • Two transgender women appointed to official state positions in India
  • High school in Maryland distributes ex-gay therapy flyer to students
  • Student requests Westboro protest to save school from homosexuals

Other News

  • Massive street protests in Europe wage war on draconic ACTA treaty
  • Canadian government ignores protest against pro-censorship proposal
  • 8000 cases of child molestation by 75 Catholic priests in one city revealed
  • Latin American leaders call for legal drug regulation to stop war over drugs
  • UK Government ‘may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters’, scientists fear
  • Canadian secret service says it may use information derived from torture
  • Public Service Announcement: Video is your protection against the “protectors”

20 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *89”

  1. “British government won’t pardon war hero Alan Turing for being gay”

    Britain, get on board! Talented people are just that — TALENTED, regardless of WHO they “sleep” with.

    And what’s that with all you British constantly putting down America for OUR backwardness in policies? Yeah, I know we have our problems, but you need to recognize your own problems as well.

    1. As far as I know government has already apologized for the way Turing was treated. This posthumous pardon request seems pretty ridiculous to me. Doesn’t this seem like a reasonable argument? “rather than trying to alter the historical context and to put right what cannot be put right, ensure instead that we never again return to those times.”

      Also, it’s not confirmed that Turing committed suicide, as the article says, even though it’s more than likely.

    2. Scotland is part of Britain and it is saying yes to gay marriage, the Turing thing is about homosexuality being a crime at the time, the guy has been dead for nearly 60 years, it makes no diffrence whether he is given a pardon. What is important is that the good he did is recognized which it is.

    3. Lord McNally is right.
      It is impossible to turn the clock back.
      Meanwhile, Alan Turing is revered throughout Britain and not a year goes by without some special TV documentary being made covering his achievements thus ensuring his name remains fresh in British memory.

      I admit that I for one, am often disparaging on the general state of society within the USA. One of my favourite films is a kind of biopic on American Bomber Crews from the Second World War. The film is called ‘Memphis Belle’. The film ends with interviews of the actual bomber crews still surviving today. My goodness, what good men they are. But today, within the scope of my working life inside the USA, people with that kind of character are few and far between.

      Britain has social problems, has always had problems and always will have. Britain today is making real progress in tackling problems as they arise and as British people recognise what is right and what is wrong. It has been thus for millennia – Magna Carta through to Abolition of Slavery, Womens Suffrage and currently Equality for Gay people. For every mistake, no matter how bad, we get it right eventually.

      Ah well, I have to stop. No use in beating a dead horse. The first step in understanding is having the ability to look in a mirror and say – Ooopppsss!

      1. @Upikinonme
        “My goodness, what good men they are.”
        Really. They bombed Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo into hell and killed thousands of children. I admire the heroes! But you are wrong saying “ people with that kind of character are few and far between” There are lots of them! Like the brave knights who play those drone toys and kill children from the safe distance.
        BTW, at the time Turing was convicted the great hero of Hiroshima Harry Truman was awarded as a Doctor Honoris Causa of Civil Law by Oxford university. So I agree with you, UK is a great country!

        1. Yes and the Roman Catholic Fascists, the Germans Fascists, the Japanese Imperiaists were entirley blameless in the whole WWII mess.

          How stupid of me to think otherwise. Bit of a moral maze WWII that requires a lot of thought, knowledge of history, economics, anthropology, sociology and logic.

          Forgive me, but “Really. They bombed Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo into hell and killed thousands of children. I admire the heroes! But you are wrong saying “ people with that kind of character are few and far between” There are lots of them! Like the brave knights who play those drone toys and kill children from the safe distance.” – this just sounds like the rantings of someone who once read a book that said “war is bad” – kay

          UK science professors have done more to prevent death worldwide than all the world conflicts of the last 500 years. But, lets not let that get in the way of making a pitiful point about war.


      Perhaps someone should do a little bit more research before making another xenophobic, hyperbolic, knee-jerk reaction.

      I think penboy that you should always open with, “I know nothing at all about the subject but everytime I log on I see the welcome back penboyx and all that pretty white space and cannot contain myself.”

      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  2. Gay suicide victim Asher Brown’s parents harassed by their own town

    You know things are bad when you see this in that article: “A Pct. 4 deputy constable recently told the Troungs that the incident reports involving past harassment and vandalism at their home could not be located.”

  3. Incidentally, Alan Turing wasn’t just a “war hero”. He was the father of modern computer science, a pioneer who envisioned and built the first computer both theoretically and physically, and to whom we owe today’s ability to use computer systems and networks like the Internet and this blog.

    1. Some say the apple symbol of Apple is a tribute to Turing, who killed himself by deliberately eating a poisoned apple. This is not the official version of the company, though.

      1. Stephen Fry said he asked some high profile Apple employees about it and they said it’s just a coincidence.

        1. From Wikipedia

          The logo of Apple computer is often erroneously referred to as a tribute to Alan Turing, with the bite mark a reference to his method of suicide.[89] Both the designer of the logo[90] and the company deny that there is any homage to Turing in the design of the logo.[91] In Series I, Episode 13 of the British television quiz show QI presenter Stephen Fry recounted a conversation had with Steve Jobs, saying that Job’s response was, “It isn’t true, but god, we wish it were.”

          Great story.

  4. 8000 abuse cases by 75 priests – this can mean only one thing: they’re way behind on their quota.

    1. From most of the posts I’ve previously made in other threads you probably know I am the last one to defend the catholic church but I do have to wonder about that number. 8000? Ok, it just might be absolutely true but over what period of time? One year? Ten years? Or are they including cases from 40 years ago as I’ve seen in other cases? For me this smells of sensationalism and a lot of people hungry for money they “might” not deserve as in sharks out for money. But don’t mistake what I’ve just said as any kind of approval for any of those priests because it certainly is not.

      One thing about that money thing. Instead of getting millions of dollars I would rather see the victims get mandatory counseling all expenses paid, that means even the travel expenses and food, meds, what ever, if need be, awarded with no funny “requirements” to jump through. Yes, money can help a bit but, that I know of it never was a cure for real psychological and emotional pain. That would keep away the sharks and let the real victims get the help they so sorely need.

  5. Josh,

    Shouldn’t you clear up the bullying on your own website before picking up the faults on everyone else’s watch? You know who I am talking about. I am not the only one to suggest this recently.

    You say above, “milkboys is a community for & about queer boys. Hang out & connect with other LGBT teens without worrying about prejudices or bullies. Here you’re home :)”

    How exactly is our own resident troll complying with this? Stop the milkboys troll now. I am not advocating censorship, but perhaps self restraint, thinking before he sets finger to keyboard; enough with the bullying.


    1. Well, you know that nobody is perfect. Speaking of the regulars here, and we know who they are, I honestly think highly of this bunch. I think there is room for all of us on this site. I have a favorite quote though I don’t know the source. “You always feel foolish when agruing with a fool.” If you really percieve someont to be a fool, impossible, difficult, exacting, perfectionistic over the top etc. why argue. If you really are the one who is really on top of the situation there should be no felt need to argue. I believe I have seen some very healthy confrontation take place here.

      Well thats my 2 cents worth.

  6. And back to the actual posting. W******o, that bunch of haters on a truly epic scale (considering their tiny numbers), are after the publicity again, protesting at 6.50 in the morning. Even arriving before breakfast club! They will be long gone by the time most students arrive, so what, other than yet more free publicity are they after. And here we are giving it to them. At least don’t spell out their name and increase their Google rating further. Ignore them and eventually Pastor P and his brood will go away.

  7. Another gay news.
    “ JC Penney is standing up to the “Million Moms”, and retaining Ellen DeGeneres as their spokeswoman. (The Million Moms — perhaps closer to 40,000 — had demanded that DeGeneres be fired because she’s gay.) JC Penney shows real class.”
    ( HT to Wendy McElroy, my favorite blogger)

  8. 80 % der Typen wären unversehrt geblieben, wenn sie nach der polizeilichen Aufforderung entsprechend stehen geblieben/nicht aufgestanden/Pöbeleien oder Widerstand unterlassen hätten.

  9. Hooray for Scotland. Even before Devolution, Scots Law was different to English Law. Although England and Wales legalized Homosexuality at 21 in 1967, it took Scotland until 1981 to do the same. (Reduced to 18 in 1994 and 16 in 2001, there is a rumor that it might be dropped to 15 in Scotland for all by 2020?) But we might get Marriage equality by next Autumn? And that’s without Independence? lol


    For all those that say Scotland is part of the UK, you are right, the same as the USA was British in 1772. And we all know what happened 4 years later? BTW even Ruth Davidson, the leader of Scotland’s small right wing Conservative and Unionist Party is, guess what? a kick boxing lesbian.

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