Queer News

  • Politicians predict full marriage equality will come to Scotland in 2013
  • Gay-marriage ban in California unconstitutional, federal court rules
  • British government won’t pardon war hero Alan Turing for being gay
  • Gay suicide victim Asher Brown’s parents harassed by their own town
  • Two transgender women appointed to official state positions in India
  • High school in Maryland distributes ex-gay therapy flyer to students
  • Student requests Westboro protest to save school from homosexuals

Other News

  • Massive street protests in Europe wage war on draconic ACTA treaty
  • Canadian government ignores protest against pro-censorship proposal
  • 8000 cases of child molestation by 75 Catholic priests in one city revealed
  • Latin American leaders call for legal drug regulation to stop war over drugs
  • UK Government ‘may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters’, scientists fear
  • Canadian secret service says it may use information derived from torture
  • Public Service Announcement: Video is your protection against the “protectors”