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  • Pentagon says American citizens can be killed secretly without trial
  • SOPA replacement uses child porn as excuse to spy on 99.7% of Americans
  • London no safer for all its out-of-control surveillance says new report
  • USA, Italy & Ireland having worse per capita government debt than Greece
  • Abstinence-only sex “education” bill in Utah prohibits teaching contraception
  • PayPal wants to be the moral police for eBook shops, wants erotica to be gone

13 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *91”

  1. Oook, since my original post got deleted take two.

    Christian politicians in UK want law change to allow abusive preaching


    Priest leaves woman’s funeral because it turns out her daughter is gay


    Teenage boy beaten unconscious in anti-gay attack at party last weekend

  2. I tried to do a search as to who was behind PayPal and eBay and it’s way over my head. Anyone know who they are, not so much as the names but rather their religious and political stances? After all, PayPal is actually going against the freedom of expression, isn’t it? What is ironic here is that it’s like going back to the days of the Vatican’s “Index”, list of banned books.

    1. PayPal is owned by eBay and both bend very quickly under pressure from the religious right (both say they’re just trying to be “neutral” and “abide by the law.”)

      1. Meg Whitman, who unsuccessfully ran for Governor of California against Jerry Brown, was president and CEO of eBay from 1998 to 2008. She espoused generally socially conservative views. She wasn’t elected governor, but may well have left her mark on her former company.

        1. That’s correct. She spent over $114-Million of her own personal fortune on that religious campaign just to lose. Couldn’t happen to a nicer lady. I was so happy she lost that race. :-)))

          Now, she’s CEO of H.P., Inc. (since Sept. 2011). And I won’t buy another H.P. product again as long as she is CEO.

  3. I love the part about fantasy sex with imaginary creatures being blacklisted by paypal. *Queues Music*
    “the dream police.. they live inside of my head”

  4. PayPal/ebay are no institutions of the State. So they do not have to allow freee speach. As well as you do not have to give free speach to everybody who sits on your sofa in your room.
    So it´s up to us Users/Customers to fight for our rights by saying goodbye to such enterprises by not using their services. Stop buying at ebay – stop paying via paypal.

    The power of these ultra-conservative-right-wingers is a result of their power to stand together and boykott. A power other groups seem not to use.

    And there is of course no problem with that the per-capita-debt is higher in many places than in Greece. The point is that the per-capita-income is also higer in these countries.
    Somebody woh earns more of course can borrow more.

    1. The per capita income doesn’t really say much when it’s grossly distorted by the fact that 1% of the population own 40% of a nation’s wealth as it is the case in the USA.

  5. allow abusive preaching? ah it is a slipper slope my friends. next they will be wanting to convert people after the abuse. then they will want to exclude the non believers. finally they will seek world domination…..

    (singing “everybody wants to rule the world….. “)

  6. Debt per capita is a misguided indicator that public spending is at a level that can lead to instability. The generally accepted bench mark for government borrowing that is stable is set by the Stability and Growth Pact; whereas your government debt shouldn’t exceed 125% of your annual GDP. The ~340 billion euros that Greece received during 2009-2010 were aimed towards getting Greece’s budget within the confines of this ratio. Not to say that US, Italy, and Ireland’s public debt isn’t frightening as it stands and accumulating quickly, because it is. Its just the evidence you supply that suggests they are in a similar situation as Greece is misleading

    1. 125% of debt to income ratio is stable?! Ha-hah! Try it for yourself and your family! If you earn let’s say $K100/Year, spent all and borrow $K125 every year… you a bankrupt! The same is true about gove-ments. But unlike you they have other options. First – to print, print, and print pieces of paper named “money”. Second – to borrow, borrow, and borrow from each other ( and from fools who take their bonds seriously) .
      Both ways are self-destructive.
      America is really in worse position than Greece. Her debt is equal to her GDP but her liabilities are much much bigger. It’s just impossible to pay them off! Even if O’Bomba tax everybody 100% it won’t be enough! The same is true about Euro ( Greeks’ “guilt” is that instead of printing their own toilet papers they borrowed them from ECB. But France, Germany, and ( to much extend) UK do the same!)
      So .. buy gold my friends, buy gold!
      As my granduncle says “ywes, I have my pension … but you my dear will never get yours!”

  7. So the priest won’t allow this woman Communion because she’s a Lesbian, but allows it for Murders, Terrorists, and don’t forget that old chestnut, Priests that rape children.

    “Hypocrites of the World Unite, you have nothing to lose, except your Credibility”.


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