Queer News

  • March for queer rights in U.S. state Mississippi shut down by police
  • Death of one of Italy’s most popular singers sparks homophobia debate
  • Philippines University elects trans student chairperson for the first time
  • 17-year-old gay high school student suspended for wearing high heels
  • Missouri school fires teacher for planning marriage to partner of 20 years
  • Law maker in U.S. state of Wisconsin wants to label gay parents as child abuse

Other News

  • Ireland signs Irish version of SOPA into law, kicks off new censorship regime
  • UK internet providers lose battle against three-strikes copyright law in Britain 
  • Total surveillance: American colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords
  • Police gave companies blacklist to keep union-friendly workers without a job
  • New American e-voting system cracked and taken over in less than 48 hours
  • 11-year-old kid handcuffed, taken to holding facility for being “argumentative”