Periodical Political Post *92

Queer News

  • March for queer rights in U.S. state Mississippi shut down by police
  • Death of one of Italy’s most popular singers sparks homophobia debate
  • Philippines University elects trans student chairperson for the first time
  • 17-year-old gay high school student suspended for wearing high heels
  • Missouri school fires teacher for planning marriage to partner of 20 years
  • Law maker in U.S. state of Wisconsin wants to label gay parents as child abuse

Other News

  • Ireland signs Irish version of SOPA into law, kicks off new censorship regime
  • UK internet providers lose battle against three-strikes copyright law in Britain 
  • Total surveillance: American colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords
  • Police gave companies blacklist to keep union-friendly workers without a job
  • New American e-voting system cracked and taken over in less than 48 hours
  • 11-year-old kid handcuffed, taken to holding facility for being “argumentative”

30 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *92”

  1. This is all pretty normal news these days. I don’t know where people get the idea that anything is better. Those who think it’s getting better are insane and they are in for a very rude awakening.

  2. Unfortunately, things in the world are permitted in Italy are not permitted because it is the church/vatican -.-“

    1. The Vatican. Hard to imagine they started out with just a crown of thorns and a dirty blood soaked robe. Now look at what they got. Such a humble bunch.

      1. Ah, yes – the Catholic Church – or should I say, “world’s largest closeted gay mens’ association.” Such hypocracy. I won’t even get into the pedo bit…. Moral authority? ROFL

      2. Until recently, the age of consent in the Vatican was 12 years old. Even now, it is the same as Italy which is 14 years old. We must give credit where credit is due.

        1. True! Plus in many Italian cities teenagers as young as 14 can buy wine legally. As I’m saying below every country has it’s bad and it’s good sides.

  3. men, I hate america (nearly)every time I read the periodical political post. And I don’t even have to live in it o.O
    Is there anyone from america who can give me some faith in this frightening poverfull country ?

    (btw. I’m from germany, not portugal.)

    1. Does this mean you hate all 300+ million Americans? Every country has it’s good and it’s bad sides. I’m not an American and have no reasons to love it too much but I’ll try to defend it anyway.
      a. Americans stick to their guns ( I mean literally) and don’t allow the govt to disarm them. b. Americans have very big and widespread grass-root movements of civil disobedience like Amish and Sovereign Citizens, who stubbornly refuse to cooperate with govt. Europeans have nothing like this ( even Swedish Pirate Party ( whom I admire) is tooo law-abiding to my tastes). c. Two million American kids are being homeschooled . In Germany? Zero! It is a felony there ( according to Bismark’s, Marx’ , and Hitler’s ideas “children are the property of the State”) d. There are politicians like Ron Paul in America, whose popularity is from 10 to 15% ( and much higher among technically educated youth.) It’s impossible to imagine that a guy of his kind would get even 0.1 % in the Europe.
      So I don’t think America is such hopeless.

      1. Of course I don’t hate every american. I would never say that. What i ment is, that I hate how politics work in america and how they act towards the rest of the world. Btw. I think kids belong to other kids, they learn better in schools and with more fun. And they are also not their parents property …

        1. Politics works in the same dirty way in all countries, old and new. From Roman Empire to modern New Zealand. There are ruling elites ( so called public servants) and their serfs ( so called citizens ( or “electorate”. What a wonderful word!)).
          And, of course, kids are human beings so they are not property of anybody, including their parents nor their peers nor school authorities. They are their own property. But being too young they are not able to decide for themselves ( I don’t mean teenagers who from my point of view are absolutely adult.) Is a school better for your kids than homeschooling? I don’t know. It works in different ways for different kids. But the only thing I know for sure is that you as a parent have the full right to choose your and your kids ways, regardless of your political masters’ ( and their paid educational-bureaucratic toadies) opinions!

  4. America is the best of Italy on many things. One of these is that the s*** Vatican is not there.

  5. So much for the “it gets better” bull. One step forward, four steps back. from US. temp in Korea

    1. Yeah… the “it gets better” propaganda is a load of crap. I’m glad to see some people finally waking up to the fact.

  6. It’s easy to get caught up in all the homophobic behavior of certain American leaders and wing-nut evangelicals, but consider that more than 50% of all Americans (in several polls) support gay marriage. That number has been climbing annually, so it’s probably a matter of time before they outnumber the social cavemen at the voting booth. Much of the trouble is caused by a minority, even amongst so-called Christians. I refer to them as the Christian Taliban – they want the laws to force everyone else to live by their outdated and hateful religious rules.

  7. In a way, I regret my above post. I made it sound like I was attacking a specific country when, in fact I was going for the catholic throat , the cause of that bigotry. Saying the U.S. is the worst or an other country is the worst is being purposefully blind to what happens in one’s backyard. I say always go to the root and cause of bigotry where even it may be.

  8. The “It Gets Better’ campaign isn’t a load of crap. Unfortunately, it was taken by too many as the catch-all for queer youth and their problems. It belies all the tireless work that other people/organizations do 24/7…like the Trever Project for one.

    If Savage had been more intelligent, he would have foreseen this and offered his campaign as simply a tool-one of many. Now he’s tired of all the publicity and has retreated back to his queer stereotypes and sex column advice.

    1. You’re dead wrong. It is a load of crap. And it’s causing more problems on top of it being complete bull shit.

      1. You’re not thinking this through, nor are you reading my post. I actually think Savage is an ass…that got his 15 minutes of fame. However, the campaign does have value for some queer youth as a tool…as in one of ‘many’ tools out there.

    2. Yep. One should tell every gay kid honestly, that it’ll stay that shitty forever. So he would have the choice between killing himself now or after some more years of torture.

      1. For some strange reason it brought back to mind the very last episode of Quantum Leap. It’s about a time traveler that is told he can never stop being a time traveler and that if he thought it was hard he was in for even more hard and painful missions. In a way a kid is a time traveler always going toward an uncertain future and having no choice in it. The traveling that is. The idea behind “It gets better” is awesome but when I look, in the news, at how gays are still treated as less than human and in far too many cases gay kids being treated the same way I honestly don’t know what I’d tell a kid that just came out. Maybe it should be “It may get better but mileage may vary”. I’m left wondering if not telling him that is just what might kill him instead of making him determined or stronger.

        1. OK…you have a good point. But if nothing else, the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign could inspire enough queer youth to have hope. Because as you alluded to; if you have no hope, you have no future. And without hope, you have no dreamers and with no dreamers you have a virtually dead society. In history, every society has been plagued with wanton discrimination against minority groups…our plight is no different today. Your choices really are that; you fight in some measured way, or you give in. I’d prefer to die fighting…but it’s entirely your choice.

        1. I took that quiz and got 80% correct. I missed only 2 because I thought they were [religiously] crazy enough to be Santorum, but instead they were for Hitler (#s: 8, 9).

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