Queer News

  • Denmark’s prime minister announced equal marriage law takes effect in June
  • Utah’s new sex-education policy in schools: abstinence only, don’t say gay
  • Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill stalled for now, may go down completely
  • Russian church urges law-makers to ban “gay propaganda” nation-wide
  • Australian researchers say they might have identified a transsexual gene link
  • Chinese parents of queer kids demand anti-discrimination laws from state

Other News

  • Dangerous ignorance: The hysteria of Kony 2012 and its promotion of militarisation
  • Catholic church attempting to silence sexual abuse victims and their defenders
  • Unarmed black boy killed by white Neighbourhood Watch, police makes no arrest
  • Police officer used Taser stun gun on 9-year-old boy because he skipped school
  • Right-wingers demand American schools erase slavery from history textbooks
  • While R-rated in US, Canadian censor board gives Bully documentary all-ages rating