Queer News

  • Church punished boys speaking about their abuse by castrating them "for being gay"
  • Upper house of Switzerland’s parliament moves to legalise adoption by gay couples
  • European law protecting gay succession & inheritance rights passes first hurdle
  • Transgender rights denied: State of Tennessee kills gender change recognition bill
  • Homosexuality is natural, created by God, thus permissible within Islam says conference
  • 20% of French gays plan to vote for far right president, 50% for socialist candidate

Other News

  • Greece, forced into extreme cuts of social services, sees comeback of malaria & HIV
  • U.S. government confirms that it has secret interpretation of Patriot Act spy powers
  • Canadian police wants citizens to pay new tax so the cops can afford to spy on them
  • Student who secretly filmed room-mate’s gay encounter found guilty of hate crime
  • American presidential candidate Rick Santorum promises broad war on pornography