Queer News

  • Two gay men, trans woman shot & beaten in attacks in Washington D.C.
  • Gay student in coma after attempting suicide following bullying at school
  • European Parliament calls on Nigeria to reverse its  harsh anti-gay laws
  • Kentucky rejects anti-bullying bill, doesn’t want queers to have special rights
  • Governor in Utah vetoes “Don’t say gay”, abstinence-only sex education bill 
  • School gets sued for removing student council after pro-gay prom proposal

Other News

  • Thought Crime: French president wants to make viewing "hate sites" offense
  • Ex-FBI informant tells how FBI uses entrapment to manufacture own "terror" plots
  • New Jersey school bans hugging, says it’s an “unsuitable physical interaction
  • New York City bans food donations to the homeless over nutrition worries
  • UK teen arrested for saying dead civilians deserve same attention as dead soldiers