Periodical Political Post *95

Queer News

  • Two gay men, trans woman shot & beaten in attacks in Washington D.C.
  • Gay student in coma after attempting suicide following bullying at school
  • European Parliament calls on Nigeria to reverse its  harsh anti-gay laws
  • Kentucky rejects anti-bullying bill, doesn’t want queers to have special rights
  • Governor in Utah vetoes “Don’t say gay”, abstinence-only sex education bill 
  • School gets sued for removing student council after pro-gay prom proposal

Other News

  • Thought Crime: French president wants to make viewing "hate sites" offense
  • Ex-FBI informant tells how FBI uses entrapment to manufacture own "terror" plots
  • New Jersey school bans hugging, says it’s an “unsuitable physical interaction
  • New York City bans food donations to the homeless over nutrition worries
  • UK teen arrested for saying dead civilians deserve same attention as dead soldiers

31 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *95”

  1. Oh my god , was my reaction to the attack. My prayers go out to him and his recovery. I am also happy there is a Lgbt unit.
    I am glad European union is supporting Lgbt rights in Nigeria.
    Stupid Kentucky. Putting politics as a priority instead of actually caring.
    Stupid Utah.
    I am glad the school is getting sued.
    I am all for France making getting on hate sites a crime. :)

  2. UK Teen arrested for Afghan war post.

    I have not yet found anything about this on mainstream news. Any more links available?

    And Yes, I think there is a significant and increasing measure of Islamaphobia within the UK
    Unfortunately, we have problems with Police standards – this is being addressed but with no great measure of success to date.

    It would be worthwhile to try and get the text of what he said. It’s not ‘Free Speech’ if language is used with the intent of fomenting unrest and increasing hatred.
    On the surface though, it sounds unacceptable – the Police action.

    1. His post (see below) is not how anyone should express their views but it surely wasn’t racist (he was arrested for “racially aggravated remarks”). Arresting him was probably more racially motivated.


      1. He should have stopped at “..innocent families”. That was the making-people-think part and a valid opinion. The last lines were clearly meant as an insult and… well… I guess he asked for the reaction.

        1. It clearly would have been better if he would have stopped there but even as it is a comment like that shouldn’t lead to an arrest. Ans definitely not one that is justified with racism that’s nowhere to be found.

      2. I see this all the time!

        Majority of deaths in Afghanistan are done by the Taliban and Al quada. We are not killing innocents except for that loopy soldier!

        1. Last number I saw was 14% of causalities among civilians being caused by NATO troops IIRC.

          1. You are wrong my friend, not 14% but 100% of so called “causalities” ( mass murders) were made by NATO troops and their local mercenaries ( paid, trained, armed so on by the same NATO troops!)

      3. Sorry but it’s totally right he should be arrested. If i posted something about muslims I would be arrested probobly the next day. People have been arrested and charged in the UK, for burning the Quran in their back garden.
        You should stop pretending this is all one way, and maybe adress some of the attacks gay people have to take from muslims in places like where I live, Tower Hamlets.

        1. He didn’t say anything about their race, religion or sexual orientation, he was talking about soldiers who just as well could be muslims.

          1. And that makes it ok?
            So it’s fine to say all soldiers should die and burn in hell, the f***ing scum, and thats free speech.

            What if a gay person commits a murder, then should he be allowed to write “all gays die and burn in hell, the f***ing scum?”

            1. They chose to become soldiers aka kill for a living. Unlike gays who are born gay.

            2. And what about muslims who choose to follow that religion? So since they choose it, it would be fine to say
              “All muslims should die and burn in hell, the f***ing scum”?
              You are talking rubbish and you know it.

            3. Unlike soldiers muslims don’t hurt anyone with their choice to believe in whatever they believe in so this is quite a difference.

            4. This is a nonsense arguement.
              Soldiers on their own don’t hurt anybody- if there were no wars, there would be no need for soldiers.
              And what is one of the main causes for war globally? Religion- and Islam accounts for a very large chunk of those wars.
              It’s the ideology that causes the killing, not the soldiers.

            5. well first of all christians started a lot more wars than muslims.

              and soldiers get paid to kill while there are thousands of other jobs they could do so don’t give me this bullshit about them just being innocent tools of evil governments. no one is forcing anybody to become a soldier so they’re very well responsible for their actions.

            6. 1. Debatable. Either way, I don’t really care, I’m not a fan of any religion particularly.

              2. So your arguement is basically wouldn’t it be nice if there were no-one in the world who signed up to be a soldier, then we could all dance and sing songs together holding hands.
              Yes it would be, but I’m afraid the real world isn’t like that, like it or not countries have always had armies and probobly always will do.
              Question: What do you think would happen if every evil western ‘christian’ soldier resigned tomorrow. Do you think the rest of the world would follow suit? That there would be world peace? The sad thing is you are so one sided you probobly do.

            7. If draw the line there transsexuals who have sex reassignment surgery would have to tolerate hate speech as well as well as any guy wearing womens clothes, since, well, its kind of a choice to wear a skirt unless you are a japanese schoolgirl and its your uniform.

              Apart from that soldiers “kill for living” as much as an abortion specialst does – you probably could call them that way, but at the same time it shows ideological ignorance to do so.

            8. No, being transexual is not a choice. Being transexual means you were assigned the wrong gender at birth. If it would merely be a choice it wouldn’t be covered by health insurance.

              And, as pointed out about muslims, just by being trans you don’t hurt or even kill anyone. Unlike soldiers.

              As for abortion: You can’t kill something that’s not yet considered alive, otherwise abortion, obviously, would not be legal.

            9. Must be wonderful in your little matchbox world where everything is black or white.

        2. ” People have been arrested and charged in the UK, for burning the Quran in their back garden.”
          Is it true? If Yes, UK is a totally fascist country!

  3. i would like to comment on the kentucky bill that was killed because the legislators thought it gave extra rights to gay students. i want to point something out, a comment by a legislator that voted to kill the bill He said,

    “…any statute that did not protect a Christian student’s First Amendment rights to disagree with a gay student about whether homosexuality is acceptable could subject the Christian student to punishment for harassment.”

    I am gay, make no mistake. However, our rights can not supercede others rights. Right?

    1. Hateful comments about homosexuality being wrong seriously fuck up peoples lives, these comments make people kill themselves. Over and over again.

      So, no, this isn’t a free speech issue. Everyone should be allowed to be an idiot and think whatever but if you act out on it by bullying others because you can’t stop caring who they have sex with than you should have to face punishment.

      This whole idea of the Western world going down if we don’t allow people to spread their hate is a bit silly. Germany has extremely harsh laws against far-right propaganda, Scandinavian countries have the strictest laws against hate-gay speech yet these countries rank a lot higher in the free speech and the press freedom index than the USA and are doing just fine otherwise as well.

    2. I agree that christians have the right to say they don’t approve of homosexuality,but the problem is they do so by verbally (sometimes physically) attacking gays. If someone doesn’t agree with me,fine.But do so in a civil manner.Two people can disagree without being nasty to each other,which is something christians don’t understand.

      1. You are assuming that being homosexual is a choice. I would think that all of us here fully appreciate that homosexuality is never a choice. It is part of who you are.

        Giving any group (Christians) the right to denigrate any other group (Homosexuals) under the guise of free speech is an argument only acceptable to bigots.

        Most societies now understand the concept of racism. Most societies are progressing with a better understanding of sexual orientation. Within many societies it is evident that a barrier to continuing progress is the vile filth spewed by the purveyors of the three Abrahamic religions upon populations of those too easily duped.

        Christians absolutely do not have any right whatsoever to denigrate any group under the Sun. In any event denigration, or more correctly in this context, bigotry, is not part of Christianity. There are indeed pages of evil words within the Bible but such are not the teachings of Christ. There is ample evidence that Christians just do not know who they themselves are. They do not follow Christ at all but some kind of hotch potch rotten stew as taught to them by others with a wholly different agenda than the teachings of Christ. Just 3 milliseconds of the history of the Roman Catholic church will have your senses reeling and gasping at the horror of it all.

  4. I am very impressed with Ruben Lack in his position and Student Counsel President. The student body in general seem to be very open and progressive. It appears that Ruben lives in an up scale area with a highly educated population. It is nice to hear about such communities in the United States. Too bad the the school administrators are having their issues with Ruben’s proposal. Ruben obviously has plenty of resource and support. I’d like to see stories like this more often. I sometimes forget we have whole communities with an educated upper class in this country.

  5. The use by the FBI of agents provocateurs is hardly news. they have been using this same tactic against labor movements, the civil rights movement, AIM ( American Indian Movement), anti-war protestors, gay rights, and so-called “Christian” cults. Now it’s no surprise that such a time honored tactic is being used against their latest
    “enemy”. Hoover may be dead, but his legacy lives on.

  6. Josh I’ve noticed that you only post the bad things that happen in America. You’ll post about the Rutgers student who killed himself but not the aftermath where his roommate is found guilty and faces up to 10 years in jail. You’ll focus on the crazies while giving and give no regard to the progress America is making on the gay rights front. America is far from perfect but would it be so hard to post more than just the bad side of America?

    1. My take on it is as follows. Josh is posting about bad news? True. But isn’t it up to us to do the follow-up of the events we feel have an impact on us personally?

      Now about the posting bad news. He’s trying to wake up people who think nothing bad is happening to gays. Think about it, it REALLY has to be bad to get CNN to talk about it for more than a second or two. Look at the Treyvon Martin case. It’s so bad that the political sharks are using it for their own advantage. Now imagine if he also had been gay! Our job is to follow-up that event as best we can, not wait for Josh to do it for us if it also been part of the news articles in this thread.

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