Periodical Political Post *96

Queer News

Other News

  • U.S. makes it easier to use “anti-terror” surveillance data against non-terrorists
  • UK internet providers forced to hand over 9,000 user details of porn pirates
  • U.S. House kills law preventing employers from demanding Facebook passwords
  • America’s rich get even richer while gap between them and the rest widens
  • Woman demanding care at a hospital is arrested for trespassing, dies in jail
  • Study says compared to other groups, conservatives distrust science most

8 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *96”

  1. It is (or was) a lot easier to prove homosexuality to the American military. You basically just tell them.

  2. Poor Alex..

    Let’s hope the Pirates board the Bundestag as they have real sexual freedom in there party program

  3. Anti-Gay activists looking for unintelligent celebrities to advance their cause

    This one is to die for. :P

  4. As a person of direct Greek descent, I’ve never been fond of anything the Turkish have ever done let alone any such allegiances such as their military.

  5. Is it weird that the Political Posts are my my favorite part of Milkboys? I read every article.

  6. There is no way in hell I would give anyone my facebook password period. I would rather not take the job. Any company that is that controlling and invasive would be lousy to work for. I’m not sure they would be allowed to do this in the EU though. I will check.

    1. Unemployment doesn’t run out in the U.K like it does in the U.S right. Some of those applicants have dependents. ‘Land of the free’.

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