Queer News

  • Survey reveals poor mental health among queer population of Australia
  • School district told to replace web filter censoring queer support sites
  • Poll shows Italian voters from left & right want more pro-queer politics
  • School sued for not letting kid wearing “Jesus is not a homophobe” shirt
  • German football club bans homophobic fans for showing anti-gay banner
  • American scientific study claims male dolphins are bisexual by default

Other News

  • Government to monitor all calls, emails, texts and website visits in Great Britain
  • Draconian U.S. ‘Privacy Invasion Bill’ worse than SOPA continues to gain support
  • International Criminal Court says it cannot investigate alleged Israeli crimes in Gaza
  • U.S. Supreme Court okays strip-searches for offences like eating in the subway
  • High School students suspended after demanding ‘an education’ in protest
  • People who routinely eat fast food are 51% more likely to suffer from depression