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This is a double post with Karl Andersson, where an interview with Pierre Joubert can be found.

Pierre Joubert, who was born in Paris 100 years ago and died 2002, was a famous French illustrator. He was closely associated with the creation of Scouting and could be called the father of the idolised image of the boy scout in France and Belgium. He illustrated dozens of books and magazines with images of scouts and other lads in adventurous and escapist settings, shaping the daydreams of generations of young boys and teenagers.




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  1. Joubert was an amazing artist with a view of boys and teens that was considered both beautiful and heroic.
    My first encounter with his work was his illustration of Alexander the Great on Bucephalus, the fiery horse that no one could break.
    A wonderful tribute to his work, Josh. Thank you. <3

    1. That is normal skinniness. I hate when people call people who look like that, including me, anorexic. I eat what I feel like and just happen to be skinny. Some people are just lucky enough to have a metabolism that allows us to easily maintain that weight.

  2. I met Joubert who came to the opening of my own photo show in Paris, just before he died. Old and frail, he was nice enough, but I expected he might have been a little more …’taken’ with my images, but said very little. He he was with his ‘wife’.
    He lived in a time when one could idolize young boys, but certainly that be ‘that’. One could be a ‘father figure’ to boys, without it being treated as a perversion, one could even speak to them and there was no immediate calls made to the police.
    The equally good famous french photographer Bernard Faucon, who also idolised boys, learned the hard way: he was himself idolised as an artist for 30 years, then in the last few years, since they ‘discovered’ he was ‘that’, he was plainly shunned. Never taken a picture since, lives in exode now.
    Stupid, stupid period we live in.
    btw, I am sure some of you know of the movement in Britain that wants to abolish the whole scout movement because Baden-Powell, its founder, was a ‘pedophile’.

    1. I don’t think if it matters whether or not you like boys… anyone who is around kids and looks at one for more than 13 seconds, is a pedophile.

      It’s a bloody shame about Faucon. He had a great eye for composition. I guess the concept of young male beauty is dead or dying. We live in a sad time indeed.

      Sure… go ahead. Disband boy scouts and all the other things young men can be involved in; shut down the YMCA for that matter. Better yet, sequester all boys from the age of 4 to 18 somewhere where no one over the age of 19 can see or touch them.

      1. Haha :)

        that would be a good move for them
        it’s not like every other boy related activity is dumbed down toned down and girled down

        after all boys cant be boys lets treat them as girls!

        the world is stupid and people for th most part are stupid to

        like Pierre Joubert there back then and now is considered a great artist only cause he did this long ago enough that it can be called art, if he did the same thing now he’d be branded no more than a sex offender.

  3. If you like Pierre Joubert’s drawings, you would also like Michel Gourlier’s. They both worked for the same editor, Signe de piste where all these pictures are coming from. You can also have some more information on them by checking alapetite’s blog, listed on your left.

  4. this piece is exactly what i was talking about a few moments ago when i commented on josh’s poll about this blog.
    i find things here about authors, illustrators, photographers, etc, non-American, that i would never have known about or come in contact with.
    this blog is so diverse, it’s great.
    the illustrations above are quite wonderful, actually.

  5. Its actually first time in my life when i see that the lines of boys drawn on paper by the hand of the artist are more beautiful than you ever can see in reality.
    Just amazing.

  6. I was stunned when I saw this article, I mean, I’ve been a great fan of Pierre Joubert and his fellow Serge Dalens when I read the whole “Signe de Piste” collection of books in my teens!

  7. great strip books had a lot off them still sorry that i did sell tehm some time ago . lots off nice drawings into them of nice boys and adventure

  8. haha i remember these kind of cartoons when i was a kid, they seem to always be floating around in schools…. might have been an early influence for me ^^

  9. I haven’t come across this man’s work before – so this thread was both a fresh surprise and a thrill for me. He was clearly very good at what he did. Although he’s working within the framework of a conventional form (the boys adventure story), his figures exude eroticism and his sense of composition is very strong. His technical skills are also first-rate.

    It is thanks to you that I now know about this man’s work…^^

  10. it’s some kind of magic … he may be dead but his pictures are still alive ! … and so awesome !!

  11. the photo of the boy in the snakepit looks like it could be mowgli from “The Jungle Book”, he would have been skyclad because was a wild boy raised by the forest animals.

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