10 thoughts on “Pink Dot”

  1. I think homosexuality is penalized in Singapore. Wouldn’t that make this kind of event illegal? I’m not being unsupportive, it’s just curiosity.

  2. “if only…” Says it all…

    afterthought: how many hackles would this throw into the fan if something similar aired / was promoted in the US – groan….

    The 2011 event is June 18 !!!
    They are accepting donations, etc. + multitude of info @ pinkdot.sg as well as fecesbok, twatter, etc.
    Looks really neat although the Wikipedia page could use some polish ;)
    Going to read up on the past event [2010 was initial as near as can figure]; this looks like a potential model for elsewhere, e.g. perhaps a more basic approach is warranted. I dunno, I’m tired and this made me cry a bit…

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