Elève Libre is about Jonas, a sixteen year old aspiring tennis pro neglects his education in hopes of volleying his way straight to Wimbledon, but finds his ambitions sidelined when his relationship with his tutor takes a decidedly personal turn. Jonas has just failed exams, but who needs an education when you’re a world famous athlete. Unfortunately Jonas hasn’t achieved that level of fame just yet, though he’s convinced that he’s well on his way. When thirty year old Pierre offers to tutor Jonas and the cocky young athlete turns his back on school entirely, the boundaries of their relationship become increasingly blurred. Things don’t get easier when Pierre’s friends decide to give him their own special lessons of life and turn his sexual education into a kind of game.


On the whole, this is a discomfiting tale of a teenager whose attempts to take a crash course in academic matters leads to an equal one in becoming an adult. The many developments in his character’s personality are portrayed with a quiet assuredness by young actor Jonas Bloquet, There is a somewhat bleak and melancholy view of human nature on display here that is hard to like, but difficult not to be provoked into thought by