There’s not much else to post today so just a friendly (off-topic) reminder here: Please keep always in mind that Facebook saves (among many, many other things) your biometric data (for facial recognition), all your chat logs & messages (even if you delete them!) and tracks which websites you visit even if you’re logged out of your Facebook account. And all these data can be accessed by U.S. authorities at their own liking, without judicial review.

Is that worth reading about the FarmVille progress of people you don’t care about that much anyway? Is that worth living in a walled garden where Facebook censors the links you can share and the photos you can show? Don’t forget, Facebook is free because you’re the product.


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  1. I do appoligise for any kind of promotion I might be giving to Facebook here, but I myself do acctualy find it a very useful tool.
    Lucky me, i don’t live in the US, so i might not be bothered by what the US goverment does with FB directly, but I think it’s ideal to keep in touch with old friends from my former country and organising meetings. Also it is usefull to me in a sense of portfolio, modelling agencies tend to check out your facebook pictures before offering a contract.

    1. In many ways, Belgium is even a worse place to try to protect your privacy than the USA.

      1. Feed my curiosity will you? =) In which way is Belgium a worse place to protect privacy? I undertsand we’re a much smaller country with a lot less people to track, so that must make things easier, but further more I can’t realy see why or how? =o

  2. Nice lungs on the model. Like to have a private chat.
    Thanks for reminding people about the reality of social media.

    1. Log out of facebook & delete the cookies.

      Additionally, use Addons like Ghostery and/or Adblock Plus with EasyPrivacy and the AntiSocial List to block the Facebook tracking scripts and buttons.

      1. @egal,

        The lulz guy they arrested recently was using “hide my ass” and all it got him was arrested.

    2. Facebook tracks you even when you are not logged in. If you cherish your privacy, don’t use it.

  3. It should also be noted that if your are a photographer, artist, writer or musician, any thing you post becomes the property of Facebook. They retain exclusive rights to your content and can sell your product to third parties forever…

    1. @ larkin – “They retain exclusive rights to your content and can sell your product to third parties forever”
      that subject was in a discussion last year [i can't recall where] but it is untrue. completely untrue

    2. I checked the U.S. FB TOU, which specifically states that the poster retains ownership of all intellectual property.

      HOWEVER. . . . the TOU also state that FB automatically acquires a license WRT intellectual property posted to their site. So they do indeed have the right to use anything you post on “your” page.

  4. Because of the practices noted below, I never go on or use Facebook and I advise you to do the same..

  5. Use different browsers (i.e. explorer) for various types of surfing…. keep facebook on the browser you use to access pages you don’t need to keep secret. Use a different one (i.e. firefox) to access stuff you want kept private – and turn off all history / cookies etc on that one.

  6. Remember what a great american once said, ” those who give up liberty for safety does not deserve liberty or safety.” By Benjamin Franklin.
    So just think what you give up when you log on.

    1. Well… not just Zuckerberg. Leave yourself logged into your Google account whilst googling around on the Internet, and all your searches are stored

      Apple tracks the location of iPhone’s, Google tracks the location of Android’s and Microsoft tracks the location of WinPho 7 devices

      — Matt

      1. Not to mention that all US based wireless carriers keep data about you. Some longer (and I mean much longer) then others.

        The takeaway, if your going to be stupid enough to commit a crime on US soil, take the battery out of your phone or just leave it at your house (or wherever your not going to commit the crime). Just saying…

        FYI: Here is the link to the story about US carriers keeping data with a handy, easy to read info graphic showing the times for each of the 4 major carriers:

  7. I don’t see why people don’t contact their friends the old fashioned way, texting.

  8. facebook is useful. I don’t really care if they keep my ~~precious internetz data~~

  9. Cool picture Josh, where’s it from?

    I’m thinking about deleting my Facebook account, but my friends invite me to events through it. Some have Android and don’t even bother with an address book now, so they just get the numbers from FB using the FB integration Android offers :(

    When I use incognito mode in Chrome, are Facebook tracking me then? Does anyone know?

    1. I’ve read it does. On Firefox and IE too. Quite scary ;)
      I’ve deactivated my account, but I wonder if it’s enough to stop FB tracking me ? I know they will keep the info they’ve already gathered, but hopefully this will suffice to stop their spying activity from now on.

      1. Skynet, sorry, I mean Facebook, will find you and hunt you down no matter what. Just remember that these are not the droids you are looking for and resistance is futile…

        1. Oh my, I guess I’m screwed then, and not in a pleasant way !!
          (yes, I know, this is very bad humour, but I’ve been disturbed by the photo)

          And btw, being paranoid doesn’t mean they are not really all against me ^^

          …I’ll be out for a while…

    2. You should be fine in incognito mode, assuming the only thing you do is Facebook and then you close Chrome. All incognito mode does, is create a separate browsing instants that dumps all the data when you close out of it. But, in incognito mode, if you log in to Facebook and then say, come here. Facebook knows that you came here. In incognito mode, each tab is not separate. Only incognito mode is separate from the made part of Chrome.

  10. Friends, the facts are that Facebook was created by the CIA as an intelligence gathering tool. Every day thousands and thousands of people open up their lives, thoughts, and personal information to be recorded by the U.S. government, as well as allowing the government to track all thier web browsing. How do I know this? I am an old guy, 58. I am a U.S. Navy vet, who worked for ONI. I still keep abreast of developments in the intelligence community. Be very careful, Big Brother IS watching you!

    1. R U Serious, talk about conspiracy paranoia. Facebook was not created by the CIA – didn’t you watch the movie Social Network? Being 58 only makes you old. Let’s at least if anything not instill some old cold war hysteria. Please.

  11. This is a response to the above post which may have been deleted by some ex-Navy guy.

    “the facts are that Facebook was created by the CIA as an intelligence gathering tool.”

    You’ve been watching way too many movies and idiot TV shows. Do you seriously think our CIA would allow a single individual (Mark Zuckerberg) have more money and a larger budget than they could get in the Government if they had “control” of Facebook the way you said? MZ could buy out at least 5 CIAs (and their yearly budgets). So why would all this wealth be attributed to [only] him? All this anti-privacy and anti-piracy is 100% because of the commercialism they lose without it. Btw, 98% (at least) of the information gathering from Facebook is hardly what most people would call “intelligent.”

    I applaud your imagination and enthusiasm but you’re off track in your root idea. But…… I seriously think you could have a new career writing for NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles if you put your mind to it. You might have some contacts there.

  12. What you say here Josh, while true, is also true for most other websites. Tracking cookies are everywhere. The best defense against them is to delete your cookies regularly. I also have anti-spyware software called MacScan2 which I run regularly. There is no privacy on the internet and to imagine that by avoiding facebook you will be protecting yourself is ludicrous. You will have to avoid Youtube and every other networking site too. I once had a Youtube video deleted from my account for copyright infringement. Low and behold, over a year later it reappeared on my site. They had kept it all that time. I have yet to try Anonine which I believe you recommended as a way to surf anonymously.

    1. Yes, tracking cookies are everywhere but the fact that Facebook
      saves your deleted private messages and chat logs is another matter. One of so many regarding Facebook.

  13. You may believe what you want, PenboyX2, but, fact is, the early development was sponsored as part of our intelligence gathering efforts, the founder is Zuckerberg, but his early backers were the CIA.. It is still used by them. Also, any of you, be very careful of what you say, do, post, or reveal on the internet. Since the “Patriot Act”, the U. S. government routinely scans the goings on on the internet using supercomputers. The plan to use some catastrophy to suspend Constitutional rights was first planned as far back as the Nixon admisistration. When terrorists hit this country on 9-11 it gave those who dearly wanted an excuse to pry into all our daily lives a means to pressure Congress into passing legislation doing exactly that. When I joined the military I took an oath to “uphold the Constitution of The United States.” That includes the Bill of Rights. I am only writing these comments because I care about those rights. I feel it is my duty to remind all of you how badly they are being eroded. And thanks to this site too. This post is a good chance to get the warning out there.

    1. I thank you for your contribution to this thread, Pagandad, but I’m wondering if you’d be willing to source your information?

    2. Sorry Pagandad, totally false. Actually, right now, the NSA & CIA have not been able to keep up with the internet. They tired, spent some huge ungodly amount of money on it and it never worked! Hell, this is the US Government we are talking about here. Success is not a word they are really known for. Also, FYI, CIA is not smart enough to think of something like Facebook or even to use it for information gathering. Now please pass the tinfoil, I need to use to cover my leftovers and your hogging it all! :-)

      1. Well, playing the devil’s advocate here, the failure of the US Gov’t as professed by them is exactly what they may want you / us to believe, while they go merrily along collecting data – with us thinking that they are the dolts and idiots we think of them as.
        Just saying. It is possible.

  14. I don’t use Facebook because I don’t want my students finding anything about me on it, and since I’m a pretty open guy I just don’t see the point otherwise. Also, the last thing I want is to show up at the US border and have them pull up stuff I said on Facebook and tell me I can’t come in.

    Oh, and the guy in the picture has an awesome penis!

  15. My smartphone wanted to update youtube yesterday and I read the details which included keeping a log of my phone usage. I canceled the update.

  16. Facebook sucks. Do NOT make an account there. If you try to delete it, you will find out it never actually gets deleted, and whatever you put on your site, it is there for good. You will eventually regret it. They, and a whole lot of other spammers will continue to send you emails saying “Welcome back to Facebook” and other junk. :P

  17. Meh, I use Facebook & I’m really not worried. I don’t have any thing to hide. Plus, being a Systems Admin, I already know my data is out there (if I use Facebook or not). You just have to know where to look for it. I for one welcome our new computer overlords…

    It’s like the president of our company not wanting to sign up for an Apple Account so he could buy apps on his company iPhone. He said that never puts his credit card info online. He just does not trust it.

    Little does he know that there is little to no difference in the way a credit card is processed in a store vs online. They both basically use the same stuff. And yet, this is also the man that lets any server in any restaurant walk off with his card so they close out his bill. LOL.

  18. Oh ya, anyone know where I can get a poster size of the picture? ;-) I need it for medical reasons, ya, that’s what it is…. lol.

  19. I personally love Facebook. since I don’t have anything to hide, I don’t care. I’m a military kid, so it’s a great way to keep up with my friends because we’re all spread out across the world. I even managed to reconnect with my best friend from pre-k to 4th grade, after almost 10 years. It all comes down to personal choice. If you dont want to use it, then don’t, but I’ll keep using it.

  20. Just read this on Boing Boing. Also keep in the back of your mind that queers aren’t the most loved people in many Western societies. You may believe “it gets better” and that there are laws to protect us, but the fact of the matter is that lots of people hate our guts and would just as soon see us dead.

    Report: “Internet companies increasingly co-opted for surveillance”
    ★ Reuters reports from the Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi: “Google, Twitter and Facebook are increasingly co-opted for surveillance work as the information they gather proves irresistible to law enforcement agencies, Web experts said this week. Although such companies try to keep their users’ information private, their business models depend on exploiting it to sell targeted advertising, and when governments demand they hand it over, they have little choice but to comply.”

  21. Is your name Jamie Elcron born 1969 in Porterville CA? Did you make a facebook with some info. Make another named Jamie Elcron born 1971 in San Diago CA. Then another named James Elcron. One named Justin Elkron…. So far I made 172 face book Pages with similar names and recycled photos (With meta data stripped). FUCK DA POLICE!

  22. I guess if you aren’t doing anything wrong, or anything that can be perceived as wrong, then you have noting to worry about. The social networking phenomenon was invented by a few people with the intention of making money. People also need to realize that web browsers also have a similar capability to harvest information for the large companies and please let’s not get started on blogs?? Now I am certainly not saying anyone here would be harvesting information for any other reason then to.. oh I don’t know… get laid? LOL – but none the less, since the advent of the Internet – information harvesting has just exploded exponentially. And what is done with that information you have NO CONTROL over. Whether you live in the United States or anywhere else. The reality is we have no control over how it is used. When a country like China can force a company like Google to suspend operations in their country for just that reason, who has control over the information. What chance do you or I truly have at keeping private things private. Just remember the old adages: Never share a picture of yourself that you wouldn’t want your Mother to see, and if you can’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all. And yes, the Bogey man does exist. LOL

  23. Reality check: no one cares about your message and browsing history. You’re not that important.

    1. Companies care about your messages and browsing history. You’re important to them, because you’re a potential customer.

  24. Fortunately I have REAL LIVE friends and family to interact with, and aside from occassionally venturing into Yahoo Chat I have never joined MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. Knowing now what I know now, I will NEVER join ANY social media site.
    And ya know, I don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing.

    1. And ya know, Horselips, yer right… ya haven’t missed a fucking thing. Nothing beats real live people in the flesh with real blood in their veins.

  25. LOL You read this all somewhere online so it MUST be true right?
    facebook most certainly does not and CANNOT track websites you visit when you are logged off facebook. Thats ridiculous and nearly impossible. Not to mention if they did it would be liking killing their own business.
    Don’t believe everything you read online.

  26. Touche Josh.
    The best way to control a population is to know their habits. And Bush didn’t get in trouble for the black ops AT & T scandal either did he? Why do you think your telephone number now follows you? Why do you think they went all digital and forced the complete shut down of analog communications? Computers can sort through digital information.

    Are you important enough for your government to want to know about you? Perhaps not today, but watch and see how this stuff follows you when and if you become someone of interest for what ever reason. Or, with today’s corruption, perhaps for no reason at all.
    FB already ties things together that they shouldn’t be able to. At the time I opened my FB, I was not out to everyone. I did not fill in much information and what I did fill in was not all that truthful. But somehow it tied a lot of people together that I certainly didn’t want tied together ANYWYAS. It used my IP address to tie it all together. I instantly tried to close the account. Ya, well good luck with that. They still have it today over three years later and still try and get me to reactivate my account.

    So if you value your privacy in any way. Don’t chance it. Don’t subscribe to sites that incorporate their logo links.

    And think about this. How do they make their money? I forget who said it above but they are correct, YOU are the product. The question is really, who’s the customer. Just look at all the law suits that use what is said there as evidence. On both, FB and Twitter. Thanks but no thanks.

    I no longer have anything to hide but I still value my privacy. I’ll not make it that easy. If they want information about me then they can pay me. Not someone with an extremely clever computer program.

  27. Facebook is far too convenient a networking tool for me to eschew entirely, but I’m certainly not careless. I know how to keep them away from the information that matters.

  28. To clear cookies using FIREFOX, right click on any open space on any website your visiting.
    Look for “View Page Info” near the bottom of the window that opens, and click on it.
    {If you don’t see the “View Page Info”, click on a different area of the paqe you are on or another page}
    Next, in the window that opens, look for “Security” along the top in biq letters an click on it.
    Then look for “View Cookies” on the right in a box an click on it.
    A new window will open an u will see a heading on the top titled “Search”
    On the far right is an “X” click that an all the cookies will appear.
    Then you can click “Remove All Cookies” in the box on the bottom, or individually.
    But don’t click if you are in FB or on hotmail or any site you have to sign in cuz if you dew, you”ll need 2 re-sign in.
    You don’t need to close that “COOKIES” window or refresh it as it will refresh continually as a new cookie is placed on your computer, you can leave it open on the side of your screen and delete cookies as you see fit.
    Happy surfing!!

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