Queen without a Castle

Omar Bonilla’s dream of being prom queen came true, but not exactly as planned — and with a price. He no longer can live at home, he says. [via the Miami Herald]

Dressed in his drag persona as Allison Rodriguez, Bonilla became queen of the Pridelines Youth Services gay prom at Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus. “I was really happy about it. I always wanted to win for prom queen,” Bonilla said Sunday. “I felt accepted in many ways. People were very touched by what I have done, I feel courageous.”

Last month, Bonilla ran for prom queen at Flanagan High in Pembroke Pines. After coming in among the top three vote-getters, school officials told the 19-year-old they worried for his safety and that he couldn’t wear a blue sequin gown to the prom. Flanagan on Thursday suspended Bonilla for two days after he parked in a visitor spot, effectively barring him from Friday’s prom.

Bonilla’s friends contacted the media and his story made headlines in print, TV and online. Saturday morning, Pridelines publicist Richard Murry invited Bonilla to the gay prom. “He was extremely excited,” Murry said. “He even said that getting to go to a gay prom was even better than getting to go to his own high school prom. He was really excited about wearing his dress, and not just for the paper.” Dressed in drag, Bonilla attended the Pridelines party — along with 250 other youths from Miami-Dade and Broward counties — and won the prom queen title. “My message is to be true to yourself and don’t be scared of what people say to you,” Bonilla said. “Don’t be scared to be open and show your true colours. Don’t care what people say, and be strong.”

The school flap and resulting publicity helped Bonilla achieve his dream, but it also cost him — his parents told him to turn in his keys and leave home. “I got all my belongings in the car,” he said. Bonilla said he would stay with friends overnight and that he hoped to live with relatives.


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  1. i can’t believe parents would still kick people out of the house for this! and Florida is a pretty liberal place too. i hope this story isn’t true about that because thats just harsh. how can you ruin a family relationship over something like that?!

    1. Cubans are not very liberal at all (I assume he’s Cuban, %90 of all Hispanics in Miami are). They have voted consistently for Republicans, and especially the Bush family, GW, GHW, and Jeb for Governor. Bad mommy and daddy.

      1. oh i didn’t think of the cubans

        .. but i dont think voting for bush would prove that you would be a social conservative, i mean its not as bad as palin

    2. Believe it! And the ROOT of all this homophobia is very *simple*: RELIGION IN ANY FORM (although I think the Buddhists are usually more sensible towards homosexuality, but they blow it with their beliefs of “after-life”). Religions have successfully BRAINWASHED BILLIONS OF HUMANS all for the sake of CONTROL and WEALTH (in whatever form the local culture offers). If humans would only apply their instinctive curiosity and common sense BEFORE it gets brainwashed away, we would have more sensible cultures throughout the world. And I fail to comprehend how ANY GAY person could even *think* of being Republican with all their extreme right-leaning hatred of ANYONE who doesn’t conform to THEIR own brainwashing.

      1. religion and homophobia don’t go hand in hand.

        and btw I would vote for a fiscally conservative homophobe over a socially liberal socialist.

        im a libertarian and we haven’t made the philosophy prevelent in the US enough to have many candidates that offer a combination. So a choice is forced to be made, and i would choose economic ramifications over gay rights ramifications– but thats just me

        of course im all for gay rights, but i feel like even a republican administration could be protested enough, or in the worst case things remain as is. I wouldn’t want to see my economic rights be depleted tho, so id value the fiscally conservative policies more

        1. Religion and homophobia absolutely are “hand in hand.” There would be no (or nowhere near the level it is today throughout the world) homophobia if there weren’t religion. It is ABSOLUTELY religion that creates and promotes, even DEMANDS homophobia even to the point of murder – history has and is continually proving this every day. Only religiously brainwashed people can defend (any) religion in any aspect.

          This has nothing to do with economy other than the fact that (all) religions successfully brainwash people with absolutely stupid ideas that “things will get better” only if you go to their [churches] and “believe” that “god” will help them out save them economically — which are nothing but bald-faced LIES (and I seriously think that THEY (churches) KNOW THIS but, hey if they can get you to “DONATE” [even more than before], they are just happy as pink — they now have COMPLETE CONTROL over your lives.

          1. alot of religious nuts are also homophobic but that doesnt mean that religion causes this. Most religious people are not nutjobs who go around trying to convert/force everyone to their ideology. all im saying is thats its possible and a reality to be one and not the other and i dont think one encourages the other either.

            And the economy has nothing to do with it backs my point that not all politics is based around social issues. Social issues are half of it and economic issues are half of it when you boil it down. and all i was saying is that sometimes i value the economic viewpoints of politicians over the social viewpoints which could lead me to vote for a conservative in some instances.

  2. I hope that he finds more caring role models in his life. It is clear his parents are short sighted, and would rather toss him out into the world than give him support, and show some humanity to another human being.

    Kinda happy and sad at the same time after reading this. : /

  3. This reminds me of the 15 year old English boy who was crowned the May Queen in some quaint English Village a few years ago. And he looked better than a lot of girls were. Mind you as a Queen myself I only had eyes for his Manservent who carried his crown. lol. Can’t find anything about this. Even on Google.

  4. What a lovely and sad story. My experience with such things is that his parents would indeed disown him, throw him out to live on the streets fulfilling some sick prophacy that he will turn out bad, do drugs, drink and whore himself out. Which is what usually happens to teens forced out on their own, usually by parents who see themselves as having strong Family Values.

    I’ve known a few myself. And my parents, to their credit, did not nor would they consider pitching me out. In fact, they took in a boy, friend to my brother, who was considered a bad apple. He was just uncertain and took it out in unacceptable ways (boozing, fighting… that sort of thing).

  5. I had wonderful parents! I had a boy friend in high school and Freshman in collage. I was told by a priest, ” You will leave, won’t you”. My parents came to pick me up. Dad sent me to a “head skringer”. That help get me drafted into the Army as a section 8. Honorable Discharged with Good Conduct Medals. I went to my love first for 3 days. Then he moved to my parents and 3 brothers.

    My father received metals from the Navy, but more important, medals from the Pope in Rome.

    My mother died young with cancer. Dad remarried with 5 step children – 4 boys and one girl.

    My love left me. I was the god father and best man in that order. He had 5 children in 5 years.

    But that is enough about me. I have been blessed to have my family even though I don’t go to church with 2 priest
    in my family.

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