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  1. I agree. Cute film and cute boys. I think you are right that more gay films are sad compared to straight films. Think “Brokeback Mountain.” Maybe we have more instances of falling in love with straight boys or with boys who are in the closet. It happened to me more than once, that’s for sure. But I also think it’s not uncommon for all at that age.

  2. Dan:

    Most of us had a sad story like this… hadn’t we?

    I would love to have any story, even sad like this :(

    1. Two boys – one is gay and in love with the other one, but other one loves him only as a friend

    2. If we come back when both were drunk after the school party and were sleeped with their blue jeans and the older one had demanded at the supposed gay one : Do you love me ? Sure he had feeling for the cuttest one according my taste.

      For sure when both were sleeping and listening music we had seen at end a masturbation scene and I think both are in love but the cuttest one is sensible and affective.

      I would like a suite for affirm what I think but that’s not exist !

  3. Oh gawd this is almost exactly what I’m going through… High school’s ending next year. I really want my friend to “see”. I just hope and pray it goes well.

  4. Beautiful short movie; and so true! I relived my very first love. It was terrible, quite painful but so romantic! The most beautiful love story of my life. Thanks, Claude

  5. That was so cute, so touching… so sad.

    When I came out, my ex-wife gave me a couple of books to read. “Boys in the Band” and “Queer”.
    Not exactly Monte Python. But the standard belief is that homosexual relationships are doomed to fail (and any love relationship in High School is doomed to fail or rot on the vine, so to speak).

    It isn’t true, of course. But it seems to be and is proliferated in documentaries and fiction.
    “Brokeback Mountain’ is a TRAGEDY, according the the author. “The Front Runner” scarred me deeply. But tragedy sells.

    Part of this is due to how Gays have had to function in the last hundred years, anonymously and in out of the way places, quick hook-ups and pointless mutual masturbatory liaisons. How can anything come of that?
    The bias of ‘normal’ heterosexuals who see it as against nature, pointless biologically (jury is out on this one), and against God, see point one. What do you expect to happen?

    Until recently (20 years or so) Psychology in the US listed homosexuality as a personality/behavioural dysfunction – a mental illness. Just because the American Psychiatric group does not think it is any more does not mean common ‘logic’ says it might be … well… not really normal.

    The fact is no relationship is without difficulty, strife, loss, infidelity or joy. It is how we handle it that makes a relationship successful or not.
    And… this is something no one addresses… nothing lasts forever. Everything changes, and some changes end even the best relationship.
    Love is bountiful, but like the beauty of a rose bud opening, it is destined to fade and die.
    We either adjust ourselves to accept mortality and change in all things, finding joy in the moments we are happy, or suffer the constant ups and downs of ‘fortune’.

    1. yohami you have it all so right, when will they realise genetically there are more than two sexes, possibly one of mum’s XX is in fact a Z, you see the variety you can then make of the numbers.?

      What can come of the casual relationship? you ask. Educationof a different formative sort. My ex-wife didnt even give a book or a damned, she just took everything. I just hade to start again.

      We see hetero relationships that bloom from school to very old love in some cases where the right connection happened very young, its a lottery chance, most of us need to just learn as we go through maturation theory.

      Thats why Psychologists took a long time to figure out it isn’t a mental illness, or correctable, can be supressed but will always be genetically still there. There are just str8s and gays and plenty of inexperienced confusion and playing. Ultimately we must mature and find our way in the mire that is human life.

      Love is an omnipotent force for good, but can work some cruel evils, particularly if we fall for looks first and then try to develop the love that may not be there on both sides.

      The messes of mind us gay/bi’s get ourselves into is often slow, enjoyable, addictive, traumatic, and far too often sad in the ending as this film shows. After that its how we handle the end aand new beginning that sayes our sanity, …….or in some cases not……leaving a vindictive soul that takes it out on the World and innocent others.

      Its a nice film, leaves us wanting them together for the long haul, which won’t happen, because it started with a genetic missmatch love and friendship were on different sides of the couple.

      More power to the lucky good matches that endure, best wishes for those who missmatch, here’s hoping they pull through, try again and ultiately succeed in a share of happiness and gratification before the span of that soul expires.

    2. as much as homosexual relationships often times end tragically, i think it adds to the romance and passion.

      because the relationships are often discouraged, kept secret and against the grain, that true love is more real when it is found than in a hetro relationship. Because the journey to find it in homo relationships is long, seemingly hopeless and tarnished. It just adds to the reward at the end. :) thats what i hold on to, that eventual true love

      1. Good heavens I had never thought of that, it has happened to me and I never reaqlised. In my case, being Bi its been monogamous, but my few real loves still love me and me them after 7 to 50 years. I still have those 2 women and a few guys in my heart, even if separated a long time, but my first love was male, a woman at 18 boys again then a woman at 37 years, My God I am a slut.

  6. Like almost all videos on this site except for YouTube links, this one will not play properly – stuttering sound, picture lags behind sound… even when it has loaded, the same problems occur when you drag the playhead back to the beginning and start playing again. And no, my broadband connection isn’t too slow for video, as I have absolutely no trouble with YouTube vids…

      1. Christ, I thought I was the only one that has this problem, I like Paul have no problems with other sites. Its so bad that now I don’t bother to even try to watch the vids here, which of course means I am missing out. Seems worse on longer length vids than the short ones.
        They seem to play better from the BOARD though.

    1. I suspect this player doesn’t allow graphics card hardware acceleration. Stuttering on my old 2.0 GHz P4 too.

      1. It’s very, very unlikely that it has anything to with the hardware since the player is based on a flash player component that is used by hundreds of thousands of blogs and sites so one can assume that if there would be a problem with some hardware components people would have realised that by now.

        I also just tested it on an old computer with 1.4 GHz and it worked perfectly fine.

        I don’t know about your system of course but from my experience with friends I can say that 99% of all problems regarding stuttering flash videos are either related to over-protective personal firewalls or a Windows that was cluttered up by installing too many or just the wrong applications.

        You could also check if Flash Player is up to date.

        1. Right, my ‘because the player sucks’-argument is silly. Rechecking with Firefox, Chrome seems to make it stutter on this PC. No idea why though; I’m too lazy to investigate further xD

          Culprit found :p

  7. Paul,I had the same problem.However other vids I’ve downloaded from this site have been ok.It’s just this one.

  8. Yes – a beautiful film! Much like the film “Nico and Dani”. Two best friends with one feeling more than just friendship for the other. But sadly, that “unspoken” love is not returned or even acknowledged by the other. Sad – but true.

  9. keine ahnung wo du immer diese filme auskramst, aber dieser gefäät mal wieder wirklich.

    ein schöner film. vielleicht weil er so bitter-süß ist. echt viel gefühl. da ßat echt mal alles.



  10. Now there’s a real movie!
    Beautiful, human, unpretentious, real, and above all honest.
    Thank God there are these kinds of films to balance the American ones, or anyone visiting our planet would think we live in a world of melted cheese.

    It’s also a mark of the new up and coming Agentinian talent in movie-making.

    1. What the devil does that mean? Might be Martian as Ivan suggested Interplanitory
      XXBUBu kukun tatira

  11. Me gustaría saber el nombre de la canción del final de la película, me gusto mucho de la letra de la canción
    Muchas gracias

    1. Yo tambien quiero saber el nombre de este canción.

      I’d also like to know the name of the song at the end of the video.

  12. - what a wonderful little film this is … bitter-sweet, but sweet no less, coming-of-age is never really happy … and the boys are awesomely cute! :-)

  13. Really its very cute boys, sensitive story. How it is pleasure to be a part of same stories atleast for a time

  14. Josh, thanks for posting this great story. I’m adding it to the list of films to be screened at aGliff.

  15. After this and glue that you posted too Josh I’m starting to want to go to Argentina ;)

    Great film and the boys weren’t bad either!

    Any chance of an alternative link than Rapidshare, I always get the servers are busy..?

  16. It makes me feel sad, the last thing that I need now is to feel sad, but I can’t help to enter milkboys once in a while yet. Guys bad news for you, and I think good ones for me, I’m getting straighter day by day, but I must say that If it wasn’t for this phase or however you wanna call it, I wouldn’t have had this new perspective of how gay and bi people feel. I think that the reason why I started liking guys is becouse I had horrible experiences with girls and I also have a lot of bad memories, guys are also easier to pick up, they know what they want and they are also more direct. If I could only find a girl that could love me, I would be complete… I guess I just have to keep waiting… :(

  17. Nice Argentinian short film. Something similar happened to me at the end of school. This boy and me had 17 y.o. and I didn´t want the classes to finish because I knew we would never see each other again, despite we all had promised that the friendship would go on then.
    Actually, I saw him once many years later , with his wife and a little kid =( .We didn´t say hi. That´s the way life is….

  18. Es un buen corto, por que no es pelicula, hay que aclarar que es un corto. Pero es muy bueno, telento latino. Les recomiendo La Virgen de los Sicarios, es Colombiana, cruda realidad, pero muy buena.

  19. Great short film, even sans audio. Probs b/c I’m using Linux with a weird version of Flash, but still, the subtitles make everything come together, and I enjoyed it with just picture, so I’m sure with sound/music it is even better. Thx for the post!

  20. nice…i;m really experiencing it right now…i don’t want to part ways with my best friend sadly I’m irrevocably in love with him right now and he doesn’t even know…

  21. WOW

    ive been dreaming of these kinds of relationships for the last 3 years

    it makes me both hopeful and depressed

    i feel so lonely in this stage of life… my greatest fear is that ive waited too late to enjoy my life

  22. i surprisingly connected with that. i watched it like 5 times and i cant get enough. the message was strong in my eyes

  23. I had a teen lover when I was 13 and he was 16. He introduced me to anal intercourse. We were lovers until he graduated from high school and he left me. I was celibate until I was in my 20’s when I met a slightly older guy. I have been gay since I was 10. I am now in my 60’s.

  24. It like what happened last summer at camp. Its going to happen again this summer too. Unless…
    Its so hard to have the courage to say what is most important. After all, the most important things are the hardest to say. They lie where your secret heart is buried. They are the kind of things you you want to say that you almost cried while saying it.
    This year. Next week I will tell Nathan how I feel on the first day.

  25. I’m not sure anybody care now but i think that song used in movie is “Si me miras” by Adrian Villar Rojas

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