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  1. I’m pretty ambivalent towards most of those straight teen movies that only focus on as you said, “clumsy nerd [and others] wants hot girl” but, personally, I think Michael Cera is very cute. And in that very cute scene above, I think his friend is even exponentially cuter.

  2. Alright but guys need to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World though (or read the comics, or both, seriously). It’s brilliant and shouldn’t be overlooked imo. :]

    1. I saw the movie going in expecting something good. I came out with a new found hate for Michael Cera, after only having to suffer through one movie with him in it. Actually, I really hated everything about that movie except for Wallace. I really thought he was funny and had the best acting in the whole movie. And not just because he was gay, or because everyone else sucked in comparison.

  3. i love Michael Cera *pouts*

    hes so cute in Scott Pilgrim and Juno, espicially good with Ellen Page and that other girl, he makes them look cute :)

  4. i like michael cera and superbad its just the best every time is on the telly i watch it i’ve seen that movie like 100 times

  5. Really? I think Michael Cera is absolutely adorable. It’s just he has a very nerdy look about him, so he gets type casted easily. I think regardless, he’d get a hot girl anyway. Though to be very honest, he’d look better with a boy on his arm.

  6. the kitty asian reminds me of Twinkytyme :P only twinky is cuter XD and dont get so worked up about cliche straighty teen movies :P its not like its made or marketed for u anyways, people have diff tastes thats why theres a great variety of stuff out there :)

  7. Why can’t he do a “clumsy nerd wants other clumsy nerdy guy” movie

    He’s so dreamy ;o

  8. I wish you all would stop the hate about Michael Cera. I would think a site like this would be less hateful!

    1. Totally agree. He is a good looking young man that is an actor who has been directed to portray a character from a script or story.

      If you “dislike” him so much, it’s only because he’s doing his job so well to portray a character you don’t like. So why not accept his ability as an actor?

      1. Or it’s just him failing so hard at acting that he can’t play any other role than the one he got in all his films.

        1. Over here, that’s called “typecasting.” If an actor (male or female) starts out with with a particular role in acting and he/she does well (becomes so popular), then more often than not, they get asked to do very similar roles time and time again until that actor either gets too ‘ugly’ or too old for that mold and finally finds a “way out” by finally getting accepted in a different role. In my opinion, most of your problems with Michael Cera is his being typecast and not so much as his actual abilities.

          A good example of this is Zac Efron (although not quite in the same way as he started out as young, very cute, “jealousy-type boyfriend” in the summer series, Summerland) — he was very nearly totally typecast as the “cute, sexy, singing popular high school student” in the three High School Musical movies. Then he was going to be the leading role in the remake of Footloose, again playing to that typecast. But either he refused because of the typecast role or the money, I don’t know. (And I’m glad he refused, not because of him, per se, but because Kevin Bacon did about as good a role as could be done in that movie and I get tired of remakes like that. Also because the original music in it was great and any remake would most probably have garbage music just so that ‘new’ singer could make some $$$. )

          But then Zac did another comedy and then he finally emerged as very good leading actor in the new movie Charlie St. Cloud where he plays a super-depressed/slightly mental older brother who lost his younger brother in an auto accident. I thought he did very well in that movie as well as breaking out of that singing high school student mold.

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