Just a quick note:  If you want to use an image you found at milkboys in your blog you are free to do so of course. But please upload it to you own server instead of linking to the image on our server in your blog post ‘cause we have to pay the traffic for your post if you hotlink  the image to us – and that’s just not nice ;)

And while this is your decision we would really appreciate if you link back to us if you get your inspiration for a post from here :o) Some people are using 4 or 5 images a month and don’t even linked us in their blogroll, shame on you :p

Thanks & Happy Blogging!


9 thoughts on “Reblogging”

  1. I don’t remember the exact code, but you can use mod_rewrite to prevent “hotlinking” if it ever becomes too big a problem :)

    (It will just serve an alternate image)

  2. Yeah, I disabled hotlinking for a while but I use some images somewhere else (for the forum, for my private blog, for my YouTube Account etc.) and I want to allow some people to hotlink (e.g. people at Tumblr) and – that sucked big time – many feed readers were not able to show images in the feed anymore.

  3. This is a suggestion. I am assuming that you are on a managed dedicated host now. What you can do is download a package for apache2 that allows apache2 to block traffic to site’s that are hitting your images way to frequently. This however only disables traffic from that particular web server for a time frame you choose before re-establishing the link, but it could be a start in helping you manage linked traffic. You might also want to consider downloading a caching plugin for your apache2 install, considering most plugins for word press only cache text and not images. I can not remember the exact name of the apache module but I will defiantly find out and let you know.

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