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  1. Wow, Josh, the animation was incredible. Even though I sorta knew what was coming, you’re right, it was kinda sad. But very very well done. Cool. And, of course, thanks!

  2. Aw damn…. that’s beautifull but sooo sad :s

    Ty for sharing josh, as i hear that’s french but…. never see this video :o

    1. Pointless? Wow, and yes you do say so yourself.

      If I were you, I’d check my pulse just to be sure I was alive and able to feel some empathy, and not just going through the motions.

      1. Yeah I also agree. Like it was really good. But it was just an emotional surge without any story development. What happened to the world? Who were those children? Did the boy die? Basically all the questions I had in my head wanting to get answered never were.

        1. The point wasn’t to have a cohesive story line. It’s a short film. It’s meant to portray one theme. It doesn’t need to answer your questions.

          1. In fact, the animation is very early ’90s in its sophistication. The script is so cliched as to be annoying. The audience could tell the entire plot line within the first minute.

            While the lesson may be poignant, the story has been told so often (and frequently with less of a blunt hammer approach) that the message can easily be lost in a wash of disappointment.

            I suppose if I had never seen the plot line before I could be impressed, but I would have had to have been living under the proverbial rock. We’ve become a little too accommodating to anything that’s posted.

            1. With respect… what a void argument you present.
              Just because the theme has been treated makes it bad?
              Well, now, let’s see: that means that any film based on the Romeo and juliet plot (impossible love due to two conflicting groups) is ‘bad’? That only wipes out about 100,000 films, branded as ‘cliche’.
              What we feel in this ‘critique’ of yours is an indirect way of trying to convey your ‘culture’ of film, which has no place really.
              Myself as a filmmaker, I was incredibly impressed by this little film. Not just because it was a student work, but because very few films manage to create any emotion so quickly, and this does so with utter ease.

            2. Yes, if you bring nothing new to the table, it’s bad. If you add any new twist, it may indeed have redeeming qualities.

              My assumption is that your own work isn’t simply derivative, but adds something to the works upon which it rests. While this did not do so for me, I respect the notion that you found something original within it, something praiseworthy.

              I can respect your opinion, even if I disagree with it. I won’t try to sully your thoughts by impugning your reputation in the field of filmmaking, one I am as ignorant of as you are of mine.

            3. You’re absolutely right, Bacjjb. All works are, indeed, derivative. That’s why I was careful to put the word “simply” in front of it.

              As a rule though, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. even though i new he was going to take off the mask as i could see it comming it was still very sad indeed as for sucitta coment this was not pointless at all, for that could very well end up being our world one day.

  4. WOW ! That’s french ! :PP
    Thanks for sharing, I had doubts on what’s happening, but the “Warning: pretty sad” told me that he was going to take off his mask…
    The students who did this film are from a high level school of drawing. It is quite possible that we could see their future cartoon on the french channels ! :D

  5. In a world where going outside could instantly kill you, why in the world wouldn’t you have an alarm or a lock on the door? I don’t know what is sader; that the boy probably died… or that he grew up without the opportunity to really live.

    1. In a post apocalyptic world like that, I’m not sure living would be worth it. Maybe the real point of the vid is that he’s in a better place; one of imagination and freedom, even if it’s through death. With no apparent community (rather elaborate air door lock though and who maintains that?) and just living as ‘survivors’, what would be the point? Obviously her will to survive is strong, but at what cost? We are to assume the boy has never seen or played with other children.

      It should have been oblivious to the female from the boy’s anger/pouting, he was going to do something. Take a lesson from “I Am Legend”…isolation is the real killer and a community is the only real hope.

      1. Meant to say “obvious”….dyslexia does that; in a sort of alphabetical soup of madness.

      2. but there must have been some kind of community since the sister says she is trying to sell the recorder

        1. yes, but I meant no ‘outside’ in-the-air community. As I said, someone was maintaining that rather elaborate air door lock system. But it appears that we can assume the boy doesn’t play with other children much if at all….at least not anything like in a common yard. I’m concluding this because he was absolutely mesmerized by the sound of children playing on the tape recorder and playground equipment seemed completely foreign to him. His sister would not let him hear the tape because it might further alienate him from the world that was and make him long for something unobtainable. Further….his prosthesis had to be installed by some sort of doctor, which would have to be renewed/adjusted as he grew.

  6. Tragedies and sadness, romance gone wrong or just the end of things as we know it, are all wonderful tools of the writer’s art. While we may love a happy ending, there is something so substantial and, dare I say satisfying, about a great tear jerker. :)

    Nicely done. HG Wells would agree about this foreshadowing, I’m sure.

  7. Absolutely beautiful.
    I am exaggerating when I say and feel that our western world has already gotten there?
    I see daily, an entire generation of kids simply glued to the TV and their playstation, and has almost no contact left, other than their parents who crush them with their human needs.

    A shocking example: I sat watching the world cup football final with a 12yo with great promise and who trained at a national level. He watched the 1st 5 minutes, then… couldn’t hold out: he dissapeared in his room and played his playstation for the next 2 hours. He plays on average about 6 hours a day.
    He doesnt go out other than practice, because ‘it is too dangerous’…

    1. How sad!!! We have turned our children into shut ins, isolated from the world by fear.

      Life is dangerous. This is a consequence I doubt was imagined when framing the ways to protect kids.

      1. Life is always full of risks, but we must take them to live. Children who grow up being taught to avoid risks and “dangers” instead just miss out on a wealth of good they could experience.

        The real lesson to be learned here is for adults to realize that kids have to be allowed to take risks like they do, and not just be overprotected!

    1. Negative critiques are a part of films.
      But one has to actually explain beyond bland sweeping personal opinion, or the ‘critique’ turns against the writer, and says more about him than about the film.

  8. One sees so much work that plays exclusively to the conventional emotions that one ends up feeling exploited by it. In that sense, the piece offered nothing new. Having said that, I also think that it was cleverly thought out and well directed.

  9. Well that was..unfortunate? The animation was a little choppy and old, but not bad. It was like vintage if that makes any sense. I felt the writer didn’t really bring anything new to the table though

  10. It may be old and predictable however it did, for me at least, resonate with some of the issues revolving around young gays in that it did make the point about isolation and the sheer human need to have others around you who care about you and you care about. How many times do we hear about the loneliness and sadness (and even suicide) caused by fear and isolation (because of our sexuality in our case). It had its valid points and needed no more than that I think. Oh how our egos can get the better of us sometimes!

  11. tad:

    Sorry, sucitta, it’s just my name here.

    nothing to be sorry about :P It’s a odd name, so i figured you might have been the Tad i knew lol

  12. WHY!? Why does all the kids have to be so impertinent? Thats what happen if they dont lisent, why cant they get it all ready?

  13. ~Damn, death was better then loneliness….and not being with other children.
    So sad….

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