20 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile”

    1. I know, the overuse of the diffuser tool by MySpce kiddies is somewhat annoying but I thought that he still seems to be pretty beautiful under that.

      1. As a young person I should know this stuff. But I guess I am lame, so no shame in asking. What is the diffuser tool?

        1. A filter in Photoshop which some people use to create a softer look of their skin and it cover some small blemishes.

  1. “Resistance is Futile”? Um, I don´t wanna sound slutty, but I wouldn´t really want to resist such a cutey…^^

    1. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

      Since when is milkboys moderated? Or did I do something wrong?

  2. I swear that boys DID NOT look this good when I was 12-18 years old. I had some way cute boys in High School that I had unrequited crushes on, but literally there was never a boy older or younger that I was during those years that even came close to this kid.
    And, thanks for the definition for a diffuser tool :-)
    Milkboys is SO cool…..

  3. There is something strange with his eyes: the pupils are dilated although the light appears bright.

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