A bisexual teen from Lancashire, England was found hanging in the woods after suffering homophobic bullying in school. Before 16-year-old Anthony went missing in November, he spent the day with his girlfriend Charlotte. His body was found on January 14, hanging in the woods near his home. Anthony’s mother blames her son’s classmates, who harassed him about his sexuality.

“Anthony was getting bullied by girls for two years. He would get shouted ‘gay boy’ at, get slapped in the face, come home with his school jumper ripped and even got his phone stolen. He would be upset but pick himself up and go back the next day,” she said. “I spoke to his teachers about it, but Anthony begged me not to get involved because it was making it worse and he’d get embarrassed.”

Though Anthony had been with Charlotte for two years, his mother always suspected he might be gay. She had learned he had flirted with men online, but hesitated to bring it up. “He was still with Charlotte and I was worried he was confused about his sexuality,” she said. “I kept it to myself as I didn’t want to embarrass him or scare him off talking to me.”

When the police found a suicide note in Anthony’s backpack. “Well, I’m gone but not completely,’” it read. “I will be watching over you and making sure you make the right choices. And don’t forget me, I’m in heaven looking down. Please don’t grieve and try to move on as best you can, I love you all so very much.” He left his XBox to his younger brother, but didn’t leave any explanation as to why he had taken his own life.

“I think his feelings for the same sex left him struggling to know what to do about it,” his mother said. “There was no one there for Anthony,” she added. “I just feel sorry — I feel like I let him down.”