Rest in Peace, Jadin

A 15-year-old bullied gay teen died this weekend. Jadin was taken to hospital in Oregon earlier this month after he hanged himself on a playground at an elementary school. A close family friend, said the teen had complained of homophobic bullying a week before and had talked to a counsellor at his local high school. “He was different, and they tend to pick on the different ones,” he said.

Jadin was a sophomore, and a member of the cheerleading squad. “If someone was down and out he would walk into a room and say a couple quick words and everybody would just forget about their problems and smile, he just had a gift.”

More than 200 people attended a vigil two weeks ago in honour of the boy. After the event, one of Jadin’s friend said: “He is amazingly sensitive. He is an amazing young man who is smart and very social; he has a personal and a presence that you want to be a part of.”


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  1. I didn´t know him, of course, but I am very sad to read such horrible story. RIP, Jadin…

  2. This make me really sad and angry at the same time… this is moment… i start to hate straight people… who cause that…but i don’t want fill up my life with hate… the bullying of someone… is the worst thing in our time…

    1. Honey, don’t start hating – it’s like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die – RIP to this beautiful gay son of ours.

  3. Tragic, wish I could be a friend to these boys as my friends are to me, would’ve talked him out of it.

  4. another poor boy…

    … it’s getting much sadder every time.
    I dont understand why young guys like Jadin kill their selves and the other guys, whom bullied them to death still live on.


    1. Unfortunately, a lot of gay suicides over the recent yrs can be attributed to the ‘Werther effect’…at least in part. It just seems so easy that way to many; get rid of your tormentors by offing yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth and….they win to torment another day. The worst part for me is looking at pics of their eyes; knowing you’ll never have a chance to have a conversation with them again.

  5. POW! right in the feels. Prayers all around… any more information / statement from family or the school toadies ?

  6. His name was Jaden Bell. He also is the second kid to commit suicide in the small town of La Grande, Oregon.

    Olli, you ask why? When bullied there comes a time where the inner pain becomes far greater than the outer pain. From that moment on all you want is to have it stop, to have everything stop. I know because I’ve been there myself.

    Jaden is described as almost being en empath. As in his ability to help others when they are in emotional pain. It’s his own pain that made it possible to understand what others were going through. He would offer words that would help. The problem is that no one offered them back to him.

    Michael, I told you I would add each new names to a list. I just did.

    1. Well, for one thing, LaGrande is an absolute cowboy shit-hole from hell. As is Enterprise, Pendleton and some other one-horse towns I could mention in OR. You live in a virtual hell there just because you’re gay, you’re young and you leave the house. You’d honestly be better off in the streets of a big city, than those homophobic hells. At least in the city you have some opportunities, there you have zero and it never changes.

  7. Another victim. The President is seeking to prevent more children being killed by guns. I hope he does something about homophobic bullying too, like visit the parents of this child, and his school. Obama now has the moral high ground and we have to push him even higher.

  8. It’s a hell of a thing when a young lad can’t get help from this bullying. The counsellor said he was different. Well that counsellor should look for a new job, like a garbage collector, but that also takes some brains and common sense. Everyone of use is defferent in one way or another. Just because the lad doesen’t get into trouble all the time, or he shows some feelings to other peoples problems should not be a reason to be called defferent. Rest in peace Jadin.

    1. Have you ever been to La Grande, OR? It would be better to take all the young adults/children out of that place, nuke it and then put them back in a post apocalyptic La Grande….it would be a better place…

  9. Sad thing as well u could be straight & bullied too if u liked cheerleading or whatever the world considers Homosexuality Oriented.
    Bullying shouldnt happen to any1, whether str8,gay,bisexual,transexual,asexual,pansexual.
    We do live in a world with choices & with those choices still come consequences not just 1 persons actions, but all our actions put together.
    We Need to Ignore the Bullies, its when u give them attention, that they feel the need to press in more, other alternatives, Learn to defend yourself, do boxing or martial arts, even get a group of students together to stamp out bullying, not just in school, but also the workplace, remember, it can work both ways, where sometimes that we can be the guilty party in some areas, an then the role reverses, an the other person can be the guilty party.
    I’ve also read of reports of Gay on Gay bullying, because someone stole some1s ex bf, because they cant grow up an learn to move on, an see its not the end of the world.
    There is a limit to insanity, its sad to that our world can be so harsh & apathetic from all spectrum’s of life.
    then we can see little things in life that can give us hope.
    Studies have also shown to, that most bullies are also bullied at home, an who will help break that cycle, because of the abuse they encounter.
    A Little Bit of Love can go a Long Long Way, even if you disagree with there stance, but respect there choice decision in what they believe, whether it be the same as you believe or not.
    Free Will Choice, U can use it, or Abuse it, its up to you how u use it in the end, where u will be the Angel or the Monster.

    1. Ignoring bullies? It’s exactly the same as ignoring the fire in your kitchen or living room.

      Take karate classes? You watch too many movies my friend. Even more to the point why the hell should a kid have to learn self defense so he can walk safely on the school grounds? Shouldn’t he be free to go where ever he or she wishes to without having to worry about his or her own safety? What you just did by saying that is to transfer the blame on the kid of getting a beating or just for being bullied. It’s the adults responsibility to make a kid’s environment safe, NOT the kid’s.

      Yes we do have to take responsibility for our actions but I’ll be damned before I take responsibility for the actions of bullies or bigots. The only responsibility I will take if if I stay silent when I see bullying happening and do nothing.

  10. Have anyone a count of the number of kids/teenagers that have ended their life from this kind of bullying?
    I’m curious, and it would come in handy for a uni.project.

    1. At the moment I do have started a list based upon what I see here on this board. But, if you mean an actual “google” list, no, I don’t have that. What is scary is that each time I do that kind of search a huge number of results pop up in the search results, some old but some very very new.

      What really got me on the war path was when I saw the number of kids that died in my country in 2011. Over 300. That number doesn’t even include kids killed by their own parents. So, just to keep what is left of my own sanity I will restrict my sesults to what I find here. I’m hoping that at the end of 2013 that list will be very short.

      Still, I find the idea of that project well worth the effort. Maybe you could get other people to help you with that? Oh, an important point. It would be even better if you could include why he was bullied as in was it because of race, religion, what ever.

  11. My heart goes out to Jadin’s family, friends and school community. It is a tragic thing when someone so young thinks that it is easier to die than to live. I teach in a school district where there is little bullying and acceptance of gay individuals isn’t looked down upon. I tend to pay close attention to them and am ready to intervene if I ever see anything. Bullying is done out of ignorance and fear and insecurity. I came across Milkboys by accident a few years and read these posts to stay in touch with what the gay teen population concerns are. Stay strong all of you. Love overcomes all things and know that your loved ones need you as you are. Peace!

  12. Totally sad. I know what it’s like to be so hurt that you just wanna end it all – I nearly did it too. Lucky for me I have some amazing friends that stood by me and helped me stand. 200 people at Jadin’s vigil – they were there for him in death. Tragic that no-one was aware how much he needed them in life.

  13. Another beautiful light extinguished, for nothing. This wonderful young man had such potential—he surely would have went far in life, brightening the lives of everyone else he would have met. Maybe he would’ve chosen a career in politics, or teaching, or counseling, or medicine, or law—his sweet, gentle spirit would have taken him far. This story made me cry when I first heard of it & I was hoping every day since that he would miraculously recover, because I knew if he did he would regret attempting to end his life. I always wish in a case like this I could have had an hour to sit & talk with the youngster, that maybe during that time I could somehow make them see that many of us have had those same exact experiences, and that we also considered suicide. But we didn’t act on those thoughts, and a few days passed, and we realized we would have made a mistake had we done it, and it’s a choice we cannot take back.

  14. I still remember being bullied in High School all those years ago. I have scribbled notes of homophobic hate left in my yearbook to remind me. I am glad I was able to see past the hate but I understand why some can’t. When your life becomes a daily torment, when you simply can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s when you simply want the pain to stop. We must do more, much more, to make it better NOW – We are losing too many. Imagine all the good that an emphatic boy like Jadin could have done for the world.

  15. @Stephanos: I believe you used the wrong word {IGNORE] in your comment. You can’t ignore a bully when he’s bullies another kid. You have to try to see that it is stopped,either by yourself or someone at hand. If it is not stopped then the actions of the bully well not be ignored. It’s a no win situation. I do believe in a child learning self defence. This is not a perfect world and untill it is self defence is the way to go. Calling for a child to learn self defence in some way or the other doesn’t mean that a child who has not learned any self defence courses is to blame for being bullied.

  16. How utterly sad and depressing to see a life cut short like this. This young man had so much promise, so much he could have given to the world. I wish we could
    know what the secret is to prevent young guys like him from giving up on life and doing the unthinkable. It just makes me so very, very sad to see a beautiful young man like him end his life. Dear God, help us to make it stop.

  17. Sadly i´ve read this yesterday and i´m angry about the People who did that to Jadin!!! Also my Heart goes to the Family and I want to say “Jadin,the Place whre you are now is the best! There is no hate and bullying and you can be who you are!!” I hope that one Day it will be possible to rub out Bullying and Homophobia in this World!!
    R.I.P. Jadin

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