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49 thoughts on “Retroperspective”

  1. Nobody here knows the significance of the 21st … … … But let me tell you, this picture pretty much sums up the entirety of that evening in a cute, boyish bundle!!

    Legalize it ;) xx

    1. are you saying that that is weed, looks like a cig to me (the shape of the ash on the end) I may be wrong though. I hate cigs. the only thing I have against weed is the shit you put in your lungs when you smoke it, if you doubt that, just put a white rag over the end of your bong, take a hit , then look at what is on the rag, yuck

      1. Yeah, fair enough, I understand that its shit for me but its not going to stop me smoking it so I guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts :) x

          1. Exactly! Anyway, the idea of restrictions on drugs such as these is, in my opinon, making a farce of human rights. I believe that all drugs, even up to heroein, should be legalized but not sold commercially and heavily taxed so as to discourage use. It is also the governments responsibility to advertise the harmful effects.
            I think its hypocritical that drugs (and they are drugs) like alcohol and tobacco are so heavily distributed when marijuana isn’t even though in many aspect it is far less dangerous.
            I’m a British citizen so I’m not fully qualified to say this but the fact that the so called “War on Drugs” is failing so badly in America is proof that a change is needed. Moreover, I find it hard to believe that there is such a small group of people who realise the hypocracy in the criminalisation of marijuana under a banner saying that this is being done for our own health and saftey when the government allows guns to be sold at fucking Wall-Mart!

            I say legalize every drug but tax them more and more depending on the increading risk they pose to your health (e.g: Tax cocain more heavily than marijuana because its more dangerous). If someone overdoeses on heroin by no fault then their own, this should be no more abhorred then somebody drinking themselves to death! x

            1. It’s a difficult knot to untie, this one. There’s the libertarian stance on the one hand that states all people should be left to their devices (and vices) in the pursuit of their own happiness. All well and good until it collides with other people’s interests and starts costing them money. This is what starts the Republicans ranting about welfare recipients smoking and drugging it up while not working, all while on “their dime”.

              Then there are those who would abolish drugs, cigarettes or whatever thing they find offensive, by legislative means. The result, at least in the US, is a bloated, overworked, underfunded judicial system that has seen no appreciable reduction in drug use and traffic. So much for the “War on Drugs”.

              Just say no? You can probably put that in the same trash bin where abstinence-only sex-ed programs belong.

              Then there is the plan that you propose; legalize, regulate and tax. Seems like a reasonable approach on the surface, but what happens if, by some miracle, it actually starts to work and drug or cigarette use begins to decline? Given the tendency of governments to expand and consume all available fiscal resources, would not taxes on drugs and cigarettes create pressure to keep that money flowing into the public coffers? What follows then? One might imagine subsidies to marijuana and opium producers or similar programs. One could well forsee workers in the industry becoming licensed and regulated. Draw the scenario out even further and you might see unions representing the interest of industry workers, demanind higher wages and health benefits. How long before law firms start popping up, specializing in the representation workers or citizens claiming harm arising from such work? All speculation, I grant you, but only in service of making my point that tax and regulation are not always the best answer.

              This even avoids the moral conundrum faced by physicians who, when presented with a patient ravaged by years of drug use or smoking, and unable to pay his or her bill, asks for treatment and help. What do we do then, tell them we are sorry, but the time to pay the piper has come? I can tell you this would not be my choice. Easy to say people need to be accountable to their choices in life, but not so easy to enforce.

              Trying to regulate human behavior or bludgeon people into compliance with the current perception of what constitutes wholesome, healthy living, is a waste of time and resources. We would do better to learn what drives people to want and need drugs so badly, and then do a better job about addressing THOSE problems.

            2. I actually agree with you in many aspects!
              I’m taking a firmly consequential look at this which may not be completely appropriate given the fact that, as you’ve stated, there are many other factors to account for!
              This is all from the point of view of a 16 year old English boy and my experience in drugs doesn’t go furthur than the weed that I smoke every now any again so my word isn’t the best to go by … But, I do think that even though there are very important matters to consider, there should be some kind of change and the best initial change would be to decriminalize… in my opinion!
              Then again, I think this should be done in a majority vote taken from the general public so as to get a definitivly democratic answer to this problem x

  2. Cute doesn’t seem quite the right word. If the rest of his face looks like the profile, beautiful seems a better word.

    Weed and cigs are both carcinagins, weed more (on a per unit basis) than tobacco. Its just that cigarette smokers smoke far more cigarettes. I like neither but in beautiful and intelligent young men I tolerate both.

  3. good music.
    and I tin-eyed the photo. it comes up on “We Heart It” as being from a facebook album, but it’s inaccessible :(

  4. @diogenes
    So in “beautiful and intelligent young men” you tolerate weed and cigs? But in all others you are intolerant, I take it? What a fucking weirdo you are. (“on a per unit basis” that is)

  5. Stupid kid. Such a waste. Cigarettes age us ten times faster. I wish I could reach into the picture and grab it from his hand…

    1. Dane,
      If that was the case, my family should be loooong gone, especially my father. If that really is weed, I fucking love that guy! I just smoked a few salad bowls yesterday with some of my guy friends and they seemed even more beautiful being so high!

  6. Deina Lakaien’s music / lyrics / songs lend a beauty to the picture that makes it nearly three dimensional. I understand French a little, and it was a beautiful piece. The boy, is of course beautiful. I don’t like cigarettes, and understand why people want to smoke pot (altho’ I’m in agreement that the photo seems to depict a boy smoking a cigarette), but all that is secondary to the boy, the pic, the colors, the ambience, and the music.
    Thanks, Josh. Beautiful.

  7. @Andrew
    These guys like Dane also give me a big pain the ass. They are the moralists who chip in here telling us how to live our lives and of course, they always know what is best for us and everyone else. They missed their calling as fundamentalist preachers. I wish they would fuck off and drop dead.

    1. He is simply stating his opinion. Where in that post did he tell you how to live your life? Smoking anything is stupid! It kills you!!! Not to mention how expensive a lifestyle it is. But saying this doesn’t make me a fundamentalist preacher. It means I know the harmful effects of tobacco on my body. I once saw the heart of a man who had smoked for years. Let me tell you, it was enough to never go near a cigarette ever.

      1. @Ry,
        I am just stating my opinion when I tell you to FUCK OFF! And take all these fucking ersatz preachers who infect this forum with you.

  8. It makes me terribly sad to see any young person smoking. It is so harmful in so very many ways, a bad choice that will reverberate throughout his life if he doesn’t stop now.

    1. Oh Sweet Jesus! Spare me your carping! It’s getting tiresome and it’s always from the same gang of galoots. Go give yourself an enema.

      1. On reflection, I think I’ll change my position and say you should smoke as much as you want.

        1. Seriously, if you’re a smoker, then fine. Speaking as a doctor, I see the effects smoking has on the body, and it is from that perspective that I feel sad when a see kids doing it. I hesitate to also mention that I feel similarly when I see kids undertake other poor choices, like consuming so-called “energy” drinks in excess; I worry that I might unintentionally evoke more rage this time from the caffeine and sugar-crazed contingent. Luckily I have my blue goggles to shield me from such terrors.

          1. Do you think boys come here to listen to drone of sameness they can get on Oprah? Or in church? Or school? Or from the nice policeman? Is that what you really think?
            You better take off those blue goggles “doctor”.

            1. I am impressed with the level of defensiveness on this subject, I really wasn’t expecting that. Additionally, I wonder why so many choose to focus their disparaging remarks on me. At no time did I moralize to anyone, preach a gospel of health and good living, insult anyone or call them bad names. The only thing I said was that it makes me sad to see a young person smoking. That’s all. I fully understand that people are free to do as they wish, make their own choices, associate with whomever and draw their own conclusions. Mine was an expression of care and concern, and I wonder why that makes me worthy of such ire and disdain.

          2. You are not a doctor, you are a politically correct junk-scientist, a neo-puritan who is very unhappy when somebody else is happy and enjoys his life.

            1. When did boorishness become a substitute for being opinionated? I could not be more clear; if it’s smoking that makes you happy, fine. I think it’s a poor choice, but it’s your’s to make and you won’t find me calling you out with labels, false inferences about your philosophy or questions about the quality of your character. It is simply a choice I would not make for personal reasons, of which my medical experience is part.

              It is ironic that the first people to cry foul about being labeled by others, are the first ones to use them as weapons.

  9. I see this everywhere I live. Young people my age and younger just puffing away ignorant to the fact that they are going to ruin their lives. I see a good looking guy or girl on the street and think ‘ wow their hot”, then they pull up a cigarette and I just totally wipe them from my mind. Looks are important to me but so is intellegence and no one who is intellegent enough smokes. It’s just common sense

    1. Oh yes, no one who smokes can possibly be intelligent. WOW! Now I have heard everything.

  10. Smoking is for idiots holding on to the childish mentality that they can’t be told what to do.
    Anyway, enjoy this photo of him because in a few years he will have horrible teeth, smelly hair and cloths and thin pallid skin from sucking cigarettes for so long. What a waste of a cute guy :(

    1. @ Michael – thank you.
      you are totally right in both of your posts.
      i, too, get turned off BIG TIME by seeing a cute boy pulling out a smoke, and i think to myself, stupid boy…
      i love the smell of boys, but not of those who smoke. they stink. and not “in a few years” but rather they stink immediately upon taking up smoking.
      such a waste…

      1. Well, I just love the smell of boys who have the odor of cigarettes and weed about them. It’s a real turn on for me. A BIG TIME turn on!!! More cig pics & more weed pics.

  11. @Michale
    A lot of us have had our fill of your moralist bitchfest here and in other threads. We know what we’re doing, we want to continue doing it, and quite frankly, we don’t give a shit if you don’t think we live up to your expectations. The same for Dashiell, Ry, and Dane to just name a couple of others who constantly whine. Get out of our faces!

    1. Boy, some folks get their dander up so quickly. If you take a moment to actually read what I posted, you’ll only see an expression of concern and sadness at the prospect of a young person smoking. No moralistic judgements, no “whining”, and not worthy of such a defensive posture and disproportionate response.

  12. I haven’t broached a moral subject in any thread but this one.
    Quite frankly, I don’t give a shit whether you keep smoking and die a long painful death( which you will).
    Do everyone a favour and when the time comes after you’ve had a heart attack, aneurism, stroke or lung cancer, keep walking past the hospital so the donor organ and our taxpayer dollars aren’t wasted on a moron who feels the need to shove his stupid addiction in our faces. You want to talk morals, well I’m on the highground whether either of us likes it or not. Smoke yourseld into oblivion for all I care but don’t ever wish that sort of life for someone that young. As an adult, you should be responsible enough to be telling poeple to avoid it, not use it.

    You are the perfect example of the smoker with the childish mentality of ” Wah wah wah you can’t tell me what to do Wah wah wah” Grow up you pathetic excuse for a human.

    And to the other poster, yes I think intelligence plays a part in it. Anyone with half a brain know it’s bad for them and will avoid it. It isn’t rocket science.

  13. To Dashiell Walraven

    I’m glad there’s another person here with common sense. Don’t worry about riling up the addicts, if the last guy was anything to go by, you will be called every insult in the book and be told to “go away” in less favourable language regardless of what you say. They are very shallow minded.

    1. Meh… I’m not offended, it takes more than truculence and name calling to make me go away. Pugnacity in the name of suppressing debate only signals an inability or unwillingness to engage in substantive discourse.

      1. cig smokers are the worst bunch of whine asses there are. they constantly duck out the door at work, leaving the non smokers to do their work for them, yet expect to get as many breaks as the other workers IN ADDITION TO the smoke breaks because, after all, smoke breaks are not breaks, they were just “having a smoke”. they burden the rest of society with their health costs because it’s impossible to tax cigs high enough that the taxes cover the costs to society, yet when ever the taxes are raised the tobacco companies sneak in a price hike and the smokers are too stupid to figure it out. The reason i hate to see young people start smoking is because I know that in 20 or so years their gums are gonna be rotted out and in 40 or so years they’re gonna be wheeling around an oxygen tank that my taxes will be paying for.
        I know I’ll probably get slammed by some of the whine asses here, but just like the guy above me, I’m pretty thick skinned, so bring it on.

  14. No, BOYS do not. The fact that about 90% of people here are over 18( though I consider anyone under 30 still a “boy”) means that the majority are adults who have experianced decades of life to know better.

    As for Oprah and the like, I think people like that are idiots who follow what the latest “expert” for whatever advice gets them attention. You honestly think the scientific evidence is a lie? If you don’t,you are either incredibly ignorant for not knowing. That, or the fact that you DO know and still actively encourage it makes you a disgusting excuse for a human. Like the other guy, do us all a favour and keep walking past the hospital when the time comes for the inevitable visit.

    It’s human nature to want to survive and it is common sense not to do something that affects it.

  15. The problem about smoking is, that it affects others to.
    Its would be the same thing as drinking alcohol but pouring it violently into the mouth of the person sitting next to you too. Of course THATS considered to be impossible – but passive smoking kills so many people just because you insist on doing what you want to do.

  16. It’s funny how when more of us start talk anti-smoking, all the smokers suddenly dissappear from the discussion.

    To Sajhak

    Well you’re clearly amongst the sheep that need an “expert” to tell them whats good or not. Fact is you don’t need to be a doctor or a scientist to see the ill effects and to have a pretty well informed opinion about smoking. 99% of the fact about smoking are known to the general public and if you don’t know then you either live under a rock or purposly continue your ignorance because, like so many others, you childishly refuse to be told

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