RIP Caio

Guest Post by Oscar S.

Last Sunday we lost another friend. Caio Lhennysson da Silva, 18, was found dead on a farm. He was half-naked; his mouth was full of sand and his body was showing signs of strangulation. He didn’t do anything to deserve that. He wasn’t involved with any criminal activity. He was a happy, beautiful teenager. What made him different from many people is that he was openly gay and androgynous.

He was loved by many people, but died without mercy. Every year, here in Brazil, more than 250 people die on gay-hate related crimes. I must say… I am afraid. I am afraid someone I know will be the next – Caio was a good friend of a friend of mine. I am afraid next time it could be a friend of mine, my best friend, maybe the boy I like, or even me. Today I am mourning over a stranger’s death. I mourn 250 times a year. It is ironic that the word “gay” also means happy…

On the other hand, there is some happy news. Finally homosexual civil unions are recognized here in Brazil. Now we have a lot of rights that make us a bit more equal to straight couples. There is still a lot to fight to, but it was a small victory among all our problems.


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  1. Sad. So sad… tears hardly seem enough…

    The acceptance of Civil Unions by the legal structure of a nation usually does little to reduce the display of savage hatred by the ignorant elements of a country who view anything “different” as wrong and deserving of their wrath… of course, this hatred is always directed towards people who can’t or won’t defend themselves OR is instigated by a gang of these hateful cowards.

    Caio Lhennysson da Silva is now somewhere that his difference will be celebrated – Buddha & Jesus both had an affinity for outcasts, the different, etc.

    Prayers are offered for your friend… sorry for your loss – please stay safe yourself…

    1. siddartha999:

      The acceptance of Civil Unions by the legal structure of a nation usually does little to reduce the display of savage hatred by the ignorant elements of a country who view anything “different” as wrong and deserving of their wrath…

      Absolutely correct. That says it all. Watch your ass guys since it’s NOT getting better. Just a few weeks ago a gay boy was beaten to a pulp just off Christopher Street on Sixth Avenue in the West Village of New York City’s oldest gay ghetto and just a few steps away from Stonewall.

  2. My thoughts are with you Oscar and with anyone who is hurting. It is nice to see there is happy news as well

  3. Dear Oscar.

    My thoughts are with you and Caio’s friends and relatives as well as the Brazilian LGBT community. As the gay community in the Faroe Islands passed another milestone with the successful launch of an LGBT society, we appreciate the fights and struggles for gay rights around the world. While you may be experiencing hardship, especially with the horrific death of a loved one, I believe that our rights to live and love as gay will prevail in the end. Remember that we are always with you in thoughts and spirit.

    On behalf of LGBT Faroe Islands,
    Bjarni Lisberg

    1. Bjarni,

      Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot for all of us. I am happy to see that your nation has now a LGBT society! You guys are important for the country and for our community.

    1. Well, Bruce, you don’t partake of the “forbidden fruit” so it’s no skin off your back.

      1. how dare you back-bite someone like that… come on now, be nice. he was simply extending condolences. and you?

  4. Well it’s certainly not nice to see one contributor having a go at another in such a post as this.

    Our thoughts are meant to be with Oscar, Caio his family and friends.

    Finally at peace, my prayers and thoughts to all affected.

  5. Hello, i am so sad about that – i wish i can help anyone of these boys to find a place to life in peace, to be as the be. I will cry about all this shit. Why do anyone destroy the young live of some boys and girls. Teenagers the future of all – the future of the molesters and murders too. Let help the young gays in Brazil.

  6. even if it’s right that God doesn’t want us to be gays, it’s a question that which one is more eligible for the hell?
    in Quran we read, “one who kills one person is like the one who kills the who ppl around the world.”
    it’s so sad and i’m really sorry about what happened.

    1. I’d like to add to your statement the words of a christian rapper from the USA: “There’s only one true judge and that’s god. So chill and let my father do his job.”

      I may not believe in god, but I think if more people (like those that murdered that boy) were to take the greater meaning of that quote to heart, the world would be a much better place to live.

    2. “even if it’s right that God doesn’t want us to be gays, it’s a question that which one is more eligible for the hell?”

      You are seriously brainwashed with that fucked up religion. So brainwashed that the first words are ” … it’s right …. god doesn’t want gays.” And then you literally ‘argue with yourself’ over which is more eligible for a permanent torment called “hell.” You still can’t come to any logical grips with the fact that not only is homosexuality “OK,” but in fact it is totally natural in this world. Your idiotic religion keeps telling you how bad homosexuality is and you don’t have the balls to actually understand how stupid that is and refuse to argue with that fictional book you call “koran.”

      1. @PenboyX2
        See my reply to miles several posts down. I happen to be in complete agreement with you PenboyX2.

    3. Have you ever read the New Testament?
      There you can read, what Jesus said, if you are interested in knowing.

      1. oh, i’m sorry that i caused some problems. i really didn’t want to provoke anyone. it was just my believes, what i “found” to be true, not to be “told” to be true. in another way, this doesn’t mean that u necessarily must have reached exactly to what i did. i didn’t intend to begin a religious discussion. i just wanted to disapprobe the behavior of ppl who killed the boy. even though he was a gay, he must not be killed. Lot lived between his ppl who were all gays, but never killed anyone. i have my own believes and u may have ur own. i know something right and u may know something else right. i have investigated and found the truth and u might have investigated and found truth to be something else. although the truth is just one thing, everyone may mistake. we’re not going to struggle with ourselves here. it’s better to try to help each others to find the truth. once u may ask how did i reached these believes and then i will explain u the way. i think it’s not a good idea to disrespect a holy book inspired from the holy God, the creator of all of us. he loves us more than anyone else and knows what is good and what is evil better than every one of us. he doesn’t approve homosexuality in the holy book as he exterminated Sodom because of it. but u must like to investigate about it and do it to reach the point now i am in. although what u do will lead to what will happen to u and will have its effect in the life of other ppl too, regardless of whether u believe that it’s ok or not. it’s a long discussion and here is not a good place for this purpose, i think. about the New Testament, i believe that in the Bible now in hand of us there’s some words that the holy Jesus never has told. books from God have no conflict. if in Quran it has told that he has never crossed and talks about his ascention, the words in the Bible may not be true that they’ve killed him and crossed him! so other words like this may not be true. i honor the Bible, but not the words someone other than the holy Christ entered, added or changed to it after him. as i said, it’s a long discussion. also i’m not going to say that u have to think like me, although i’m sure that i’m true!

        1. I found your ‘religious’ remarks to despicable in light that this site is in mourning of a murdered young man.

          1. He/that is a perfect example of total religious brainwashing from a very young age who happens to be gay (I think).

            1. ancient thoughts are either true or false. if they’re true it doesn’t matter when in time they’re told and following them must not be called brainwashing. if they’re not true, it must be logically proved.
              i would like that being gay would be allowed. because more or less i have the same feelings as u. but what can i do when it’s not? i hide the truth for myself to have a free life?!

            2. Well no, you’d have to prove whether they are true.. but.. oh well, let’s not talk about logic here.

              Anyways, christian gays are a bit like beaten housewives returning to their abusive husbands. It’s really quite maddening.

              No matter how you spin it, most religions are ignorant and homophobic, no matter if that was actually Jesus’ intention (it was) or not. By validating them, you validate homophobic behavior. That understandably riles up a few people here, especially in an article about a youth who was violently killed by ignorant and homophobic people.

              So please, just show some respect and keep your self loathing believes to yourself for a day. You can talk about Jesus saving my gay ass some other time.

            3. i certainly may prove them. there’s no doubt about them to be true. but u think i like them to be true? one thing u should notice is that religion is not going to oppose ppl. instead it opposes false believes, thoughts and behaviors. when i talk to u i feel love and peace about u inside my heart, although i know that ur mistaking. i’m not angry about what ur. i’m just sorry about why u should oppose the truth and believe that the way ur following is true. “let’s not talk about logic here.” this is what causes me feel sadness about ur approach. just investigate and “find” the truth, not try to “make” it.
              i didn’t want to spin and didn’t intend to begin a religious talking here as i said b4. i’m not also a priest. but i persist that u’ve right to investigate in finding out what’s good and what’s evil. it’s not good necessarily if we just like it and even need it to be our right.
              during the whole of my life i’ve been a gay. i never could be happy living with a girl or thinking about loving her. she never could be my subject. i’ve almost always been in love with boys. but because my Lord never approved it as my right, i could never reveal it or have one for my life. it’s seriously hard, but i’ve no other choice, other than i admit escaping the truth.

          2. how can it be while i’m also in mourning of him? it seems that u didn’t get what i said.

      2. @miles
        Nobody knows what Jesus said. The New Testament was written in a gutter type Greek called “koine” and wasn’t even begun until 50 years after his death and not completed until 250 years after Christ’s death. It’s an anthology written by a mishmash of goofy and near illiterate people.

        Here is a typical nutty quote you will find there:
        “The body is not to be used for sexual immorality” – Paul to Corinthians

        1. yes, exactly for the same reason i said that the Bible is not reliable enough. it would be if we could make sure that all of the words in it are said once by the holy Christ. priests doesn’t marry, and it leads to abusing children or young boys! we should make sure what are the heavenly rules by the Lord.

  7. I wrote that quickly and didn’t mean it to sound so hard, nor the way it sounded. But what the hell? Words are like that sometimes.

  8. I think it is a beautiful thing when someone is willing to risk all that they are, to be true to who they are and who they may love.

    May the creator smile upon you Caio, and may the Angels take wing and comfort those you left behind.

  9. It’s a bloody shame this boy was murdered.
    But I am really getting a very creepy feeling by all this talk about god, angels, prayer, creators, spirits and all that fucking crap.
    All of that shit is the problem, not the solution!

    1. Seems to me, it depends on who you worship, and how you view your God. Honestly, There is much I would agree with you on about religion being part of the problem, yet it is also part of the answer for many others.

      It is much a two edged sword it would seem. Thus when you swing religion around, you must be careful. But too many get ambitious to spill blood in an attempt to appease their god.

      Sometimes atheists give me hope for humanity.

      1. No, Hans Peter is 100% correct. And it’s never any “answer” for others unless you’re too stupid to actually believe and accept common sense, logic and centuries of proven science.

  10. Shalom or hello.
    Homophobe = idiot without brain, you may check in real life or on internet you not be surprised. So you must use brains at full and you will be winners!
    Love and peace, RIP.

  11. What a waste, a young boy killed only because he is gay.
    All to often homosexuality is less accepted than carry and using arms.
    In what world are we living. For a lot of the misery and not acceptance of gay people we have to thank our churches. They did not understand a word of the message Jesus was bringing to us 2000 years ago.

  12. Until we know the heart of the killer, then speculating about, or assuming the motive was rooted in homophobia, serves no useful purpose.

    The boy is dead at the hands of another, that is tragedy enough.

    1. The post said he was found half-naked. I wonder which half? Also the sand being shoved in his mouth is very sexual in a sadistic context. I don’t think we have to consult Dr. Freud to be almost certain of what the trigger was for this.

      I would say there is very little speculation about this being a murder based on his sexuality. The fact that he was “openly gay” and absolutely beautiful on top of that, also adds to it all.

      Do you think there is reason to doubt the motives for Matthew Shepard having been killed also?

      1. Basically well said. I think most of can probably guess which “half” was nude. Also, I think you may have meant, “… is very sadistic in a context.” (The act was sadistic and the context was sexual). Everything else was right on.

      2. The difference is that the motive is well documented in the Matthew Shepard murder. My purpose was not to cast doubt, but to caution restraint against rampant speculation in the absence of all the facts.

        Given what is known for the moment, the motive for killing Caio may well be a hate crime based on his sexuality. If so, it does not magnify the tragedy any more than it would be diminished if turned out to be something more mundane. It is still a terrible loss, no matter what the reason.

        1. Caio lived on a region in Brazil known for its homophobia. He had no problems with drugs, money or anything that could lead to his death. I really do beliehe he was murdered for being gay.

          1. Damn. I’m so sorry for Caio, for you, and for his surviving family. My sincerest condolences.

          2. That’s really really sad, I’m sorry for you and for Caio. I live in Brazil too and this is just horrible, if you need anything, Oscar, please contact me.

  13. So sad when people are killed over something so trivial as that. What is this world coming to?? I’m no hippie, but why can’t we all just love each other like we’re supposed to!?!

  14. True religion always teaches love towards God and everyone else, and well-being.

    God bless Caio, his family and his friends. And all of us.

  15. This is google translated from . They caught the accused – two 17 year olds and a 19 year old. Here’s the story:
    Among the three accused of the brutal crime against Lhennysson Caio da Silva, 18, are two teenagers 17 years. The third is a guy named Maurilio, 19.

    The crime has already been solved by the delegate Adson Kepler and his team this morning. According to him, Carl was the victim of an onslaught of monsters in an alleged sexual abuse, which is yet to be proven by the forensic medicine of ITEP. The kid was gay, and this may have been one of the reasons for his death.

    The case happened in New Amarante, Caio where he lived. Adson Kepler interviewed today in Rio Grande do Norte Urgent and he said that on Saturday night last with Gaius was a friend to a party in the House Shock Show. When it was over he left his friend at home, and before it was to him, sat in a bar and started drinking with the accused, whom he knew, everyone.

    At the end of dawn, the four walked towards the house of the girlfriend of one of them, when it happened. “The older man pulled a gun and forced Caio entering a farm. The goal was to rape him sexually, “the officer told me.

    According to the investigation, who had abused the boy were both minors. One of them clutched the neck of Caio until he died. The victim was beaten, bruised, and after she died, had a mouthful of sand. The land where he was killed is very close to his home.

    The delegation came to all the defendants after they began to threaten alleged witnesses. They were arrested today in the same region where it happened.

    I’ve talked about it here. Each owns their life and makes it what it wants so long as no harm to others. Respect all the LGBT community and have friends and colleagues who are part of it. Stand for peace and life, always. And I wish that all who commit any atrocity as this rots in jail. That’s it.

    1. Oh wow! Well that clears up everything.
      The wisdom today claims that what boys do among themselves with their own age-mates is OK. It’s the older men who are the predators and are dangerous ones.

      So this involves two minors (17 years old), the androgynous 18 year old who got killed, and another dude 19 years old. As any right thinking person knows, minors are always innocent. The 19 year old got tragically carried away with desire. Case closed!

  16. This is surely a sad sad thing to have happen, but in my opinion this is at least 10 times better than living alone and not facing who you are.

    It is better to die young and remembered for who you are, then live 1,000 years as somebody you are not. I do not consider the naming ironic at all.

    1. That’s because yopu don’t live on a country where you are really hated for being gay.

  17. I live here in Brazil too, and I fear it. The worst thing is that I did not hear the TV news or newspapers commenting anything about Caio. That’s sad

  18. Top News! Police arrested three suspects in the murder of Caio. Witnesses would have reported the suspects to the police.
    Now, what we can do is trust that justice will be served :/

  19. Only last year did I comment on the violence against gays in South America, and the only thing I got back was denial from Brazilian and Uruguayan gays, who said their countries had moved on since I visited the continent from 1989 to 2004. This proves they are WRONG.
    RIP Caio.

  20. I want to say this to all the young boys and coming of age: being gay is worse now then it was in the 80s, even Boy George’s friend was assaulted in London, and nearly died. That was only a month or so ago. London is not safe anymore. I have a friend who left the city of Ghent to live in a village, because he cannot walk hand in hand with his friend or wear whatever he used to in the tolerant Romantic wave ages (see Visage, Spandau Ballet, etc). This going got be a scourge for the rest of your lives.

  21. Matt:

    This is surely a sad sad thing to have happen, but in my opinion this is at least 10 times better than living alone and not facing who you are.
    It is better to die young and remembered for who you are, then live 1,000 years as somebody you are not. I do not consider the naming ironic at all.

    sorry, but i prefer to stay in the closet [as i am] then to die a painful horrible death. {age, 25}

  22. Oscar’s obituary on behalf of Caio Lhennysson da Silva has been noted, and Oscar’s message is being re-Blogged across the web, and featured in some of the most unlikely of places this in addition to it’s having captured the attention of The Reuter’s News Service.

    More will be found here:

    There will be traction on this one. Make it happen. As Tim Trent asks, “what will you do?” Let your voices be heard. Make a difference.

    Warren C. E. Austin
    The Gay Deceiver
    Toronto, Canada

  23. Hopeuflly justice is served but unless stiff penalties are given it will not serve as an example…

  24. Wow. So sad. For him and his family and friends.

    No coverage in the English speaking media. Only Portuguese results. There you go, another issue in Canada and the US, at large, where gay bashing goes unreported.


  25. @ Hans Peter: “But I am really getting a very creepy feeling by all this talk about god, angels, prayer, creators, spirits and all that fucking crap. All of that shit is the problem, not the solution!” – VERY TRUE
    @ Mano: “They did not understand a word of the message Jesus was bringing to us 2000 years ago.” – No, they didn’t then, nor do the majority of those who claim to represent “The Word” these days… understand, that is.
    @Dewboy: “sorry, but i prefer to stay in the closet [as i am] then to die a painful horrible death. {age, 25}” – yep, that is the choice that everyone who is different [anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum] has to make although I would encourage you to consider taking small steps towards being less hidden, for your own sake
    @C E Austin – Thanks for the links… reading through them shortly
    RIP – Caio Lhennysson da Silva… a candle will be lit for you, incense offered & the prayer wheel spun… seems so little…

  26. Bad news for us all if you only think of the bad stuff. At 21 i was scared shitless to even hint to people that i was gay. My social upbringing and my enviroment had a lot to play in my decisions. 24 years old and i started working for a students union. Well my life changed, young people are not the ignorant idiots we make them out to be. They are nice, seriously! My life changed and i finally began to accept myself. 21 years later i still work for the same students union. Everyone knows i am gay and the students i work with are fun and sometimes over active. They flirt like there is no tomorrow but i keep my place and just enjoy the moment.
    I have gone from being scared, being cautious, being open and having fun.
    Sex does not come into my life but having fun does

    1. Good for you. It is fun to be around young people. I can relate all to well to your story. However, I’m still in the closet at 64.

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