Ha, someone made a subreddit for MaleJailBaits :D You have no clue what that means? To keep the story short: Reddit is pretty much the same thing as Digg.com. Reddit is actually the place where Digg got most of its stories from. The big difference between them is the userbase. Reddit has the most generous, caring & nice people in its (huge) community.

MaleJailBait is a little community within the community; there are lots of those and they’re called “subreddits”. There’s also GayTeenPics but it’s not that active. There’s hardly a topic that hasn’t a subreddit… literature genres, music styles, films, anarchism, drugs, weird activities, zombies, gay rights, geeky stuff, sex, you name it. Nerdy people will surely appreciate all the coding, hacking, Linux & science subreddits (Here’s a handy list of the most popular subreddits).


MaleJailBait is somewhat new still but both TheJoeFrom1993 & milkboys got posted over there already ;) Go and have a look but if you end up posting things keep in mind that reddit is a major site used by millions of people—which means edgy content gets noted a lot faster there than on smaller sites. So, please, keep all content 100% safe, clean & uncreepy ;) The picture above that was posted there was probably a bit too brave already.


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