23 thoughts on “Roger Garth”

  1. Stunning! As I wrote previously, I think he is the world’s most beautiful boy since Tadzio (15 y.o. Bjorn Andresen). One rival could be Tait Geijer (San Celemente, California)who is also gogeous. Thanks, Claude

  2. I love freckles so much. My bf has freckles and they drive me insane. I have no idea why. Anyway so yeah I love the second pic and don’t really care either way for the first or third… must be the freckles, lol.

    Where do you find all these cuties, Josh?

  3. Yup, quite a beautiful boy. I love beautiful eyes and this guy has some incredible eyes. Not just the shaping of the eyebrows, etc. What color are his eyes? All I ever see are black and white pics of him. Beautiful, tho’.

  4. gosh…pretty f**ing amazing…. but as an androgyny freak myself, i think i’m most impressed when the photography is natural, not tarted up. if features look too perfect or airbrushed, then its nothing! its coming face to face with the reality of androgyny thats sexy, that creates the confusion that’s so riveting. i like the right hand pic above because its less worked over, and the amazing shape of his eyes and eyebrows are in focus.

    thanks so much josh

  5. I know him! Really! He lives here in Italy, in Milan. He’s half american-half italian I guess. It’s easy to see him around here. He’s beautiful even if he behaves too much gay for me. And he’s funny. Bye

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