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  1. i almost cried when he got on, he was so scared, and then the crowed cheered and he got his confidence, it was EPIC

  2. killer kid…reminds me of the scene in “Billy Elliot” when he’s accepted into the Royal Ballet Academy

  3. What a precious angel from heaven. Gorgeous boy with a gorgeous voice. Wishing this sweet boy all the very best!

  4. This just gets better and better and better as it goes on.

    UK viewers need a different link – maybe put it on the front page?

  5. Somewhat ironic (and annoying) that a clip from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is not authorized to play here in the UK from this site!

  6. why is a video, off of Britains got Talent, not been made available in this country…??? Britain!? -_- ….
    However, going by memory, this guy was great, its sad that his group didnt do well, but he thankfully did in his second try!

  7. Justin who? Cody who? Maxam who?
    Wow, this kid has a set of lungs and vocals to die for.

  8. You can see that he’s petrified, but he did amazingly well. And my goodness he’s cute.

  9. The ending brought a tear to my eye, and I hate to see boys cry. this video was brilliant best wishes to Ronan.
    He looks like this boy i use to know super cute!

  10. This QT will go a long way in this competition – he sure brought tears to my eyes and he is oh soooo sweet.

    1. Thanks to you kitler, I’m all teared up again. This kid’s shy and honest smile is so infectious and yet his talent overshadows it.

  11. That is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen, That smile and the blushing, the tears and the voice were all great.

    Seeing him makes me wonder what some of the younger kids from BGT look like now. What ever happened to that kid from the Cheeky Monkeys? How has he grown up? Is he still just as limber?

  12. The boy has insane talent.

    Is it just me? Is my gaydar off north? Or is this boy an obvious candidate to become a friend of Dorothy’s?

    1. no, i don’t think its just you.
      i,too, got the distinct impression he is gay.
      and that certainly is not a detriment in the least!!

    2. He is too angelic for me to imagine him in any kind of sexual encounter or at least I will allow myself. Can’t wait to see the BGT finals. I have now watched the video numerous times and it still brings tears to my eyes.

  13. Wow. Just… Wow. This young man certainly can sing! He was so nervous, and yet he pulled off a flawless performance. I teared up :)

  14. Wow. Just wow! He is absolutely fantastic! But, I don’t think you should speculate on whether he’s gay or not. He’s 12 years old. Let him decide! I totally teared up at the end when he starts crying.

    1. come on people, we don’t choose to be gay, we just are. i didn’t choose to have blue eyes, i just do.

  15. Wow…..imagine that…a real boy with real talent and sensitivity to match….just amazing. He doesn’t even have all his permanent teeth yet….if the judges had done anything less than the highest of praise, the crowd would have killed them.

    Reminds me of the UK boy cheerleader team that was featured here some time ago…..how hard they worked and how humble they were to win.

    Why are we even debating whether or not he’s gay….???

    1. I completely agree Real1.
      It’s not a question of him being gay or not, that’s his ultimate decision and won’t amount to a hill of beans with the talent that he has.
      All he needs to do is pursue that career if his voice will allow it once he begins to break puberty.
      What strikes me most about this boy is as his Mother stated, he just wants the crowd to like him and what he does, and that they do. This is what lets the boy become more comfortable after a bit of a bumbling start.
      I cried and ever time I view this that tear still shows itself.

      1. Indeed….a real tear jerker. His voice will change soon and that in itself will be problematic. Hopefully, he has someone who is a good voice coach and can take him through the change with patience & love. I can imagine that standing on that stage was like standing in front of the whole world. I don’t think I could have done that….

  16. Wow he looks young for a 12 year old, very talented though! And in a few years he will probably grow into a very hansom boy!

  17. Wow what a suprise, another to young boy who sings in a talentshow…

    But he’s got a nice brother ^^

  18. HOLY COLUMBUS OHIO!!! This little dude just became a STAR!!! I know we will see more great things from him and no way this is the last we’ve heard of his name!

  19. really nice boy with a very good voice. BTW, what is the title of the song and the original singer ?

  20. sorry guys for asking question of 1955 if he mistyped “gay” instead of “guy”. I forgot that some foreign languages phonetically pronounce our English words the way they sound. I didn’t mean to create a plethora of comments. I don’t know if 1955 is a non-English speaking person as a first language nor do I fault him. The boy is extremely talented and cute and I’m sure he brought tears to many eyes watching him sing. I only hope his voice doesn’t change too much and he keeps the quality of his singing to “singing” and not yelling out words to a tune which you can’t hear because the music is too loud.

  21. beautiful boy with a great voice.I did cry a little towards the end of his performance and as the judges were praising him… He seemed so nervous and scared at first but once he started singing it was like nothing else in the world mattered. such is the way music should be . :-)

  22. Thanks for the alternate version of the YouTube vid, Josh – it works for me now. Well… WOW!
    Maybe a bit of a raunchy song for a 12-yr old, but didn’t he do well? What a BIG voice for a little fella! Loved the skinny jeans and the neck-scarf too (junior gay outfit?). And the lovely Amanda Holden (I’m bi-) was the first judge to get to her feet. And I shed a tear or two to see Ronan so overcome with tears of joy… Just wonderful!

    1. Right on. This is a belated post but I can’t stop thinking about Ronan. He is a bit of truth and beauty that brings a smile to this world and possibly threw a monkey ranch into gay hate.

  23. So how did dear departed Nina Simone manage to channel herself through a 12 year old British gay boy? I reckon she put a spell on him. Extraordninary!

  24. @Rodney :
    “12 year old British gay boy”
    That’s just wishful thinking on your behalf I’m sure. Whilst I was growing up there were many effeminate boys around that have grown up straight.

  25. ABSOLUTELY TOOK ME BY STORM. This kid is an incredible talent. Me? Yeah, I had tears galore when he was getting the judges decision and words of praise, and when Ronan shed a few tears, I lost it.
    Yeah, I know. Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

    1. You can’t be alone. I’m certain there are at least several million fans who not only cried but sobbed. Just imagine the apprehension before the tears of joy, which we all felt along with him. Hank Williams once said it best with young singers in mind, “Can you make folks feel what you feel?” Ronan is real and we all felt it.

  26. @DaveLeeds: you seeem to be arguing from a very straight perspective – don’t under any circumstance call an effeminate boy (your description) gay. Why not? The assumption is ALWAYS that children are inherently straight and “become” (aka “grow up”) gay. It’s an assumption that causes even more tears than a great voice, a cute face and ever so slighty manipulative film editing. As far as I’m concerned the boy’s gay until he gets a girlfriend :)

  27. Lovely boy. He’s beautiful and has a beautiful voice, but what really shines is how beautiful his soul is.

    I’ve known kids who were kind of feminine at this age and grew up to be completely straight, and kids who seemed totally straight and grew up to be totally gay.

    Don’t label kids this age as “gay” or “straight” unless they decide they want to be labelled this way themselves. My problem is not with kids this age being gay, but with people labelling kids for how they express themselves. Even if he’s actually gay let him decide how he deals with it and when and how he decides to express his own sexuality. Whether you’re gay or straight is always hard to deal with your own sexuality when you’re 12. Give kids some space to do that.

    1. I like your comment about Ronan’s “beautiful soul.” In other words Ronan has a depth of character and sophistication that comes through with his every jesture and facial expression. And yet he is only 12.

  28. I think Ronan will grow up, not only to be gay, but to be effeminate/submissive/bottom. But the emphasise is both on the grow up, and the will be, (Future Tense). Right now, I view him as I would view a future straight 12 year old female. As a CHILD.


  29. The boy is not gay, bi or heterosexual. He’s 12 yrs old and just starting puberty at the most. At 12 yrs old I’m sure many of us have cried “tears of joy” when we’ve done something as terrific as he did. Damn it! Leave it at that. And to those who wish he grows up “gay” you should be ashamed of yourselves. GIVE THE BOY A CHANCE TO GROW UP FIRST!

    1. “The boy is not gay, bi or heterosexual” excuse me? your an expert on him and adolescent sexuality?
      MOST gay men will tell you they KNEW they were gay, or at least different from the other boys when thy were young and hadn’t even REACHED puberty.
      i KNEW i was different when i was 6.
      that’s right, i said 6….
      and so didn’t the other boys recognized i was different.
      that’s why we get picked on an beat up even before puberty hits because others can sense there is a difference…

  30. What a cute adorable angelic innocent young boy. I take back what I said above except that he is still only a child. “Hugs”.


  31. Or we all just STFU about him possibly being gay. Who cares? Would you enjoy his music more or less because of it? Just let him be, enjoy his performance.

    1. I so agree, just let the little angel be. He has only one step into early puberty.

  32. I think I’ll put a bet on at the bookies on him winning BGT 20011. Go Ronan. “Hugs”.


  33. Did anyone catch the song at the end??? “Inside of me” was what it said and I really wanna know who sings it!!! Please let me know. :)

  34. omg, i didn’t start crying until _he did_ at the end. christ, can he sing! he was nervous when he came on stage, and still nervous after the standing ovation at the end. It was OBVIOUS he was advancing, yet he still needed to hear the words. so unpretentious and adorable. louis walsh is right, he will be a star… not just singing wise, but in life… with the charm and warmth he was.

  35. Wow, just wow! This kid has mad talent. What a beautiful pure voice and a sweet innocent soul this kid has. I refuse to get drawn into any kind of discussion as to his sexual orientation – that’s entirely his business. The fact is, he is on a talent show. He has incredible talent. I hope he wins.

    1. Totally agree with you chad. We should judge him by his talent and sweet innocence. Both are beautiful.

  36. What a charming clip. His reaction to the approval is possibly even more beautiful than his singing. I wish it were easier to see the show in the U.S. to be able to keep up with his progress.

  37. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1393766/Britains-Got-Talent-2011-Hoax-expos–The-devastating-indictment-Sony-Music-executive.html“Is this a Britain’s Got Talent hoax or exposé? The devastating indictment from a ‘Sony Music executive’By Anonymous”

    The above “is an abridged version of the posting which appeared yesterday on an information-sharing website called JustPaste.it.”

    For the UNabridged version go here:

  38. Ese Ronan sinceramente esta perdiendo su tiempo porque ni 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 de Ronan no hace ni un cuarto de justin bieber y que quede claro justin es unico ahora y siempre. Ronan cantaste lindo pero atrevete a cantar una cancion de justin para que veas que no puedes ni cantar una palabra como el booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  39. RONAN IS A WONDERFUL TALENTED BEAUTIFUL BOY.I wish him fame and success. I am proud to be an older Ronanator. I will buy his cd as soon as it is available. And also…Predators stay the hell away from this sweet and innocent boy!

  40. RONAN

    Such beauty of countainance, and beauty of mind
    Coupled with talent,a rare thing to find.

    The voice of an angel,the soul of a saint
    Perfection like this no artist could paint

    A sweet boy who brings grown men to tears
    A voice of such power, beyond tender years

    May the future bring to you all that you seek
    You bring love to the masses, and strenth to the weak

    May the future bring with it both fame and wealth
    But what ever it brings, please dont change yourself

    Thank you for what you have bought and what you will bring.


  41. I diagree, that Ronans album was disappointing. What the songs on the album do is show the incredable vocal range this kid has. Whether hes singing a ballad like “stronger than I am”, or belting out “Firework”. or “edge of glory”His phasing, and pitch are as near to perfect as you can get.

    The other thing that I think is truely amazing, is Ronan abilty to convey the emotion of a song to make you smile, or bring you to tears. This is a rare talent for a seasoned performer, let alone a young lad . He feels his music and so does the listener. Add to all this his good looks and, more importantly, his charming, charismatic character,a youngster,unafraid to show his feelings in tears or laughter. You have a very special person indeed.

    Let us hope that this is not spoilt by those who mentor him in the future. Ronan, always be yourself

  42. You don’t choose to be gay, that’s an old homophobic belief. Ronan is gay, and was born that way – good for him, he’s gonna get a lot of action when he’s older ;)

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