25 thoughts on “Running Errands with my Mom”

    1. This was pretty funny and Samuel17 you’re right! Try ‘n think about a vid of him doing anything that you wouldn’t stop and watch it?

      I got nothin.

  1. What is the doorway he’s in front of? A concentration camp with steel bars? With the motto “In Pursuit of Excellence”? Is that “Arbeit Macht Frei” brought up to date?

    1. Garbage in, garbage out. So which will rot your brain the quickest, Evangelical Christianity or (C)rap?

  2. I’m not a fan of rap either, but that’s not rap, that’s comedy! That just might be the funniest film clip I’ve ever seen! LMAO

  3. This is good.
    I felt that he should have went into the more touchy aspects of shopping with your mom, like buying Kotex in the grocery store. Or her picking out clothes, while we try not to fantasize about wearing them too.
    The raps was simplistic. I could’ve been better. But the whole premise has a lot of room for gay comedy. Take the Gay Baby Store for instance. For those of you who not familiar see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwiRY9Iri7U
    There was some real creativity in this video.

  4. Rap probably is crap – but this is hilarious – loved the bit where he told the lady that her “bag don’t match your shoes”. A beautician /hairdresser/ coutourier in the making (let’s be as stereotypical as we like – we’re all ‘family’ – aren’t we?)

  5. Cute, but just 4 seconds into the vid, I’d say, “Sorry, Mom, but I’ve got this HOT Asian bud who wants to teach me how to use his chopsticks ….. always wanted that. Who knows what else he can teach me? :D Go pick up sis on your own, I’ve got better things to do with this cute bud!”

  6. Rap is crap, but he does have beautiful eyes. Does every thing have to be gay?. There are straight teens around, but of course how many are helping mom with her errands or going to the hair joint to wait as mom gets her high lights. Oh yeah, most boys that age are going to ride shot gun. Still he has beautiful eyes.

  7. I…
    Ummmm, I, uhhhh
    I likey.
    Jeremy and this cute little comedy toss off.
    now, what about other sorts of tossing off ? hmmmm Jeremy?
    I’m going to Hell.
    Please don’t ban me…

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