Sala Samobójców

Scenes from the polish teen drama Suicide Room (Sala Samobójców). A few more can be found here (including the theobligatory shower shot of course). Both videos contain spoilers.

[Boys on boys on screen] – Dominik & Aleks (Suicide Room)

As cute as the lead actor is, I didn’t see the film because the plot just sounds… meh. Or is it just me?

Dominik is an ordinary boy. He’s got loads of friends, the hottest girl in school, rich parents and money to spend on brand-name clothes. But one innocent kiss with a mate changes everything. He begins to isolate himself from the outside world, spending all his time on his computer. He meets an anonymous girl who introduces him to the "suicide room", a place from which there is no escape. Caught in a trap woven of his own emotions, he becomes entangled in a web of intrigue and gradually loses what he cherishes most.


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  1. WOW! The lead boy / character is awesome, cute, and absolutely FIERCE in his eyeliner & eyeshadow toward the end of this clip.
    What, btw, is the song on the soundtrack? It was quite good.
    Thanks, Josh. Wonderful.

  2. the song is “Every you, every me” by Placebo
    The movie looks nice, specially with that lead actor! :p
    I love the scene where he’s fixing his hair and eyes ^^

  3. Uhhh. That movie was not what I was expecting.

    It was good but, from the previews and other pieces I had seen, far more sad than I had anticipated.

  4. The boys are really cute together but the whole thing looks too depressing and messed up for me.

  5. Great clip Josh and oh, that karate scene! When I was just starting out, I discovered how much I enjoyed wrestling with my friends. We never took it to completion as in this clip, but that intimate, straining contact was one way to “find out” about a guy. It would happen at that breathless moment when the “match” ended and one of us would yield… I can’t explain it, maybe it was a look or a touch or even a parting grind, but you just knew.

  6. Suicide Room (Sala Samobójców) — This appears to be a strange (but at times very titallating) movie from the 2 trailers I watched (above and the link).

    Suicide: It appears (from what I’ve seen in the trailers) to glorify suicide as an “acceptable alternative” to be considered for being gay. And I’m not entirely sure this isn’t by design as a religious subliminal purpose. Poland has become quite a “conservative” and religious (catholic) state.

    On the other hand, the “electricity” between the 2 main characters shows some desires and ways to express them to each other that I believe (in today’s political stage in USA) would never be approached and shown to the general public — exactly like what has been shown (before and continuing) by heterosexual desire and love to same audience. I like that aspect.

  7. I do like that movie, and in a way I understand the emotions. I´ve had suicidal moods most of my life, and thinking about the situations I´ve gotten mysel into, I shouldn´t really be alive right now, but I feel like the movie doesn´t stress out the reasons quite enough.

    Btw, the clip would be better, if they showed that he had a gun in the last scenes…

  8. Most people here will be disappointed to know that the film doesn’t centre around two gay guys, despite the clips and gifs that you see everywhere. The first twenty/ thirty minutes have some mild homoerotic scenes but that’s about your lot.

    It’s a decent film with a plot that goes firing off in all directions but the lovely Jakbu Gierszal manages to hold it in place with a good performance. Apart from that, the film’s nothing special.

  9. No, no, that film is about something different than two guys in love, but it’s worth to see, but personally i just skip all computer scenes ;]

  10. I watched this movie a couple of months ago and was very touched by it. Maybe because I can relate to some of his feelings throughout this dark and tragic story. The ending made me cry so much.. :/

  11. I watched this film, SO worth watching. I think I like it so much because I can really relate to it and understand his feelings. Especially the part where he is playing that virtual reality thing, SO me… I just hated that he kissed the girl :( wanted him and that guy to work out…nevertheless, it was still to die for

  12. I saw it at the Berlinale 2011 and was immediately suddenly undyingly erotically intellectually madly in love with Jakub Gierszal. Though I had completely forgotten him till I saw milkboys tonight. What a shallow homo I am…

    At the end of the film I cried uncontrollably, which I think is a very uncool thing to do at a film festival.

    Yeah it’s depressing but it’s really well acted and it’s got a few very good scenes and some interesting ideas. I didn’t know that Polish film could be that good.

    Worth a look, as long as you’re not contemplating offing yourself.

  13. I haven’t seen this movie (excluding few parts) because of similiarities with me and boring plot, but this movie is popular in Poland, which is conservative and religious country.

    What’s important, “Sala samobójców” was watched by lots of high school students and it’s firts time in Poland that homosexual theme has appeared in pop culture.

  14. I know the US distributor so I’ve sent an email to see if it can be in our festival. Wished I’d tripped over it last year when I reviewed the Bienialle.

  15. No wonder that the plot “sounds meh” for you, Josh, cause this official film description is heavily ordinary and I reacted the same way. I went to the cinema thanks to trailers promising something different than the mediocre Polish movie (looking like this What a pleasant suprise was that kiss and other homoerotic moments, I’ve had no idea about them before the show and watched them with a creepy smile sitting next to my mother, sister and her boyfriend :)

    But gay theme is only the fragment of the main plot. The story is more about the loneliness in the world of constant chase for money and thoughtless ignorance of internet social media. The main character, formally rich-and-happy teenager, gets surrounded by problems (I think one of them is clear already) and, unable to solve them, runs away to the fiction of Internet.

    The movie gained quite high popularity in Poland last year, mainly because it was goddamn interesting and fresh, and maybe partially because of the gay theme (for the first time, as Dominik said) treated the way it could get definitely noticeable, but not too dominantly, so it could reach wider audience. No one achieved that before in Polish cinematography.

    I recommend Sala Samobójców even that it indeed gets into some common schemes sometimes, but great acting of Jakub Gierszał (and not only!) and crushing ending are great advantages, making the movie definitely worth seeing.

    Trust me, I’m from Poland :P

    PS. Poland Euro-unites in pain with Sweden – what a pity you got eliminated too, dat last goaaal…

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