Saturday Survey

Got a minute? I’d love to hear what you think about the blog, what do you like about milkboys and what not? No matter if it’s something about the content, a technical aspect of the blog or anything else. I’d just like to know what to make better and what to leave as it is. Leave comments! Thanks :)


74 thoughts on “Saturday Survey”

  1. You are doing a great job with what you are doing right now; both with your images of boys and your gathering of political or news comments. I would like to see the racial aspect broadened a little; particularly to include SE Asian boys. keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks :) The fact that the blog is somewhat Caucasian-centric bothers me too, actually. It’s just that I hardly ever find anything else wherever I look either. You guys are more than welcome to shoot me a mail if you find anything blogworthy of course.

      1. If you only find Caucasian boys interesting then that is fine. I check your blog at least once a day, and I only read/ look at, a few blogs every day. I love your mix of boy photo’s, news, and information. If I want porn, I go elsewhere. And if I want really kinky, biracial, hard core porn, I know exactly where to go.

    2. Great job, Josh. Broadening the mix to include the Asia region, is not that easy, as Josh points out. His efforts to date have been excellent.

      There are some blogs out there that specialise, but very little of the material carries to a global audience or is simply not good enough to win the milkboys stamp of approval.

      More input from members would help. And supporting the threads on the board highlighting Ayza would tell those of us who post that someone is following.

  2. Hey Josh,
    I completely agree with Roger.
    Sometimes it feels like just Caucasian boys are cute by seeing ur Blog! But it would be great if we can see beauty spread around the world!
    Other then that you are doing a great job!! Specially the Political posts and artistic ones( It would be even great if u can add some more posts to art category in future). Its been more then a year I am following you, and I can just say thanks for sharing such great stuff. Keep it up! Cheers!

  3. Hiya!!
    I agree with the other guys!The pics are fantastic but I’d love to see Non-white boys as well!!!! Love your blog!

  4. You do a great job Josh!

    I like movie recommendations, political posts and HQ pictures. imho there is nothing in particular that I dislike. Keep up the good work!

  5. Just for you to know, not everyone wants black guys here, asians = ok, and yes, You do a great job Josh!, i like this mixture of cute boys and political posts, and yes, movies would be great!

  6. I really love everything you are doing! I am def not racist but I do prefer white boys! :P Lol! So I think you should stick with what you are doing and I’ll stick with viewing the site! :P

  7. One of the best blogs ive seen so far! the only one actually i thought worthy of wasting my time to register and psot stuff on it! Pictures are great, the political posts too, the only thing I’d like to change is the time allowed to psot pictures on the forum cause I gotta do it one by one or else my session times out im like WTF! …. apart for this minor problem, its PERFECT and yeah I prefer whiteboys too, but asian and black, who cares! as long as people like it its fine, i mean, if I dont like it, i wont watch it! :)

    Love you forever for keeping this blog updated josh!

  8. I prefer white boys too, but I won’t complain if you mix it up a bit. I’ll just ignore the posts I don’t like. No use being selfish and spoiling it for everyone else.

  9. The Milkboys blog is too interesting. I am sometimes tempted to peek at it when I’m at the office…..But I particularly love cute caturday !

  10. I think you do an amazing job as it is. Normally this set of material wouldn’t be in my range of interest, but the way you present everything and tie it together is amazing.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. This is the only blog I actually fallow. I love the layout of the blog, the pictures and video clips are usually interesting, I actually read the political pieces because it’s relevent to the thing I’m interested in (Boys and Boylove), and I find myself checking in everyday for updates.

    I’m one happy chick, I can tell you that and I get my daily fix (:

  12. I love the different themes through the week, but I really find the political posts very informative. I also find every ones comments to your posts worth the read.

    I know you want to improve, but sometimes the hardest thing to improve on is something that is already perfect. Just keep doing what you do!

  13. What I like most is the fact that each post is a surprise and a chance to see or read something new. It’s a totally different perspective from what I may have. And you’ve given me a chance to see new faces, and find new sources of inspiration. Keep it up and Thank You!

  14. I think the page layout is very nice. Don’t change it.
    The choice of posts is very… ahem… *appealing*, (if you know what I mean). :-)
    I like the way the links to other sites is arranged, and I use Milkboys as a anchor to view other sites, and the milk-blogs.
    The themes for each day of the week are very enjoyable. I wouldn’t change a thing, except to maybe show a bit more skin, but only in an “artistic” way, of course. ;-)

  15. From top to bottom (pun intended), I think you do an excellent job, Josh. I love the range of topics presented, both pictorially and editorially. I salute you. Thanks for the great effort you put forward. wonderful job.

  16. I like everything about your blog. Don’t change a thing. You’ve got a perfect mix of skin, sins and grins. You tie everything together – like your pic that asks this question. As for more non-white boys….see above. >j<

  17. I read above to make it less Caucasian centric… not to be racist but I disagree. I love the blog, I think it is a great place, and as long as the boys are still posted, I’ll be here. If people want color, they can go elsewhere; can’t please everyone though :) In the end, do what you think feels right <3

  18. I’m with Joseph as I’m more Caucasian oriented but not in a racist way.
    I’m Caucasian so that would make it understandable I’m sure.
    But other than that, I love MilkBoys immensely.
    I really wouldn’t change a thing and enjoy coming here daily to post on the forums occasionally or to view the different agendas that make this the place to be.
    Thank you Josh. <3

  19. I think you do an exemplary job, Josh.

    I love the range of young men you put up. I would not mind all races, but as some others have stated, my tastes run to the northern European. And fem boys. Oh yeah. XD There is no shame or guilt in that. <3
    Oh and having the political posts being world wide is brilliant. I learn so much from them within the Gay frame of life. It is wonderful.

  20. josh, the r-a-n-g-e of what you post is nothing less than staggering. i get european hot music groups, classic tunes, amazing quotes and video clips of upcoming and older movies of interest, a miraculous number of beautiful boys in an astounding number of mediums, as well as fun “day” games.
    you claim to have a real world job outside this blog, and i find that even more incredulous. you have the best blog i’ve ever seen.
    i’ve said thank you dozens of times, but really, thank you Josh.

  21. This is the only blog I check daily. I echo some other comments here: I love that each day is a surprise. I like the mix of art, photos, comments, politics. I especially like that you treat your readers/viewers as if they are intelligent human beings, even if they also like cute boys! This is what makes the blog a rare treat. Also, whether it is purposefully put out this way or not, the blog feels upbeat and positive, even when some of the topics that must be treated could be depressing. I always felt beautiful as a boy when I was very young, whether swathed in lace, hiking in the mountains, or just naked. I still feel boys are beautiful, no matter their race or background. (and I still feel beautiful about myself). All this comes through in the blog. Keep it up. If something seems boring or repetitive or wrongheaded, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, have fun!!! We enjoy.

  22. Yes great site but so far not much luck with sign in seems the same not sure what the perks are?
    Regards to all

  23. i love your blog. what you post is usually fresh, and fun.

  24. I find blog.milkboys the best boy blog ever: never vulgar or offensive… if somebody wants something harder, he knows he has to look elsewhere.
    board.milkboys instead, is somehow clumsy, a sum of spaces whose function and use is not clearly defined.
    I’d reather appreciate a chan.milkboys, an access protected kind of chan (no anon’s, sorry) a gay friendly open space for free discussions and so, spam and suspected people free…

  25. like: obviously, principally, your eye and sense. also; gravatar-friendly, interesting music often embedded in photo posts, archivist tendencies ['rescue' of content that youtube takes down etc], the army that dwells in the milkboard. and TRAP THURSDAY.

    dont like: country flags next to commenters’ names, ads [i know you dont really have a choice but to have ads, just being honest], not the biggest fan of the colorscheme but whatever, and CUTE CATURDAY. ugh.

    i join everyone else in saying good job josh, this place is a marvel.

  26. You are doing fine as it is now, I prefer caucasion boys by far, some of the Asian ones are ok, just don’t do a 180 change. I like the news posts that relate to the gay lifestyle, more boys in speedos and briefs would be fine by me, other than that you are right on.

  27. the grey on grey on white is not really easy for my eyes.
    However, following milkboys makes me feel among friends; and as with them, one likes and dislikes the one or other thing. Hence, I don’t care about your’s or other’s preferences as long as we can talk about it among friends.
    I like your taste of music – although recently not much came up. :(

  28. HI Josh! First: Never change a running system. Thats about the layout. Its eye-pleasing without this shock colours, blinking items and memory excessive grafics – keep it like you are doin. On the otherhand I disagree with the others- Some colour in the boy pics works fine for me. A pale, blond Swedish has some attrctions like a coffebrown, darkhaired african. Everyone has some attraction (for me)… Thumbs up for you, Josh!

  29. Eh, I like some of the less ‘obvious’ photos that are either really subtle as to sexuality or forsake it all together.

    I dislike blatant pornographic images or overly sexual images, which you don’t really post. I’m also gonna echo some of the statements in that, a lot the boys look the same, but I guess that’s a given.

    You tend to copy and paste articles word for word, which is fine, but I’ve talked with you before and I think I’d prefer your input on things as well.

    Minor complaints really, pretty decent thing you got going.

    I also just noticed the ‘No lewd Comments about Minors please!’.

    Hah, nice try.

  30. the definition of milkboys (milchbubi) is not so easy to extend on other ethnic groups i guess xD, that’s why most of boys shown here are caucasian, I don’t mind – there were cute asian ppl. too.

    Josh you do a great job, good new layout, nice forums, now again fast blogging and so on in the last year or years many changed into something really great – so keep it up you set this too a really high level and will be hard to even maintain this state^^…

    now some things you could try to work with (most of it may be said easy, but aren’t that easy to accomplish):

    -you have a really nice community, a really good one with lots of ppl wanting to help etc… try to integrate them a little more – give and take from the community (this survey is also a good step )

    -maybe you should extend the content of different areas of your navigation a little more. it is pretty much, but there could be more on every link you click… xD

    so a little critic – but only based on things you do pretty good.

    keep up the good work ;-)

  31. I like the blog fine the way it is. I seldom register with other web sites but I enjoy visiting yours each day. I also like exploring the various links.

    For those who prefer pictures of boys of color perhaps you could have a chocolate milkboys blog.

  32. Josh, I think your new site is wonderful.

    The content is, for the most part politically attuned to gay students, life in the family, coming out, parents issues, and a plethora of similar issues. Also, you consistently provide wonderful professional and non-professional photos.

    All-in-all, I feel your site hits home to so many readers – of course you won’t please everyone but if you look at your site you have provided some of the best awesome photos and wonderfully thought provoking articles around. So isn’t that what you intended to do? In my book you hit the mark.

    One of your “readers” did mention it might be well worth it to read some of your own analysis brought forward on various situations to include deaths, arrests, or of course political legislation or problems affecting gay teenagers. Sometimes it will help us “the readers” to get another view or another perspective from what the “author” has put out in press, written in a book or from an opinion that came out in an interview. Bottom line – Keep up the great work!

  33. I would prefer the board be setup the same as the blog, in other words, chronologically reversed. It would be nice if board posts were listed with the most recent posts first and worked your way back through time just like a blog does. Otherwise, its lots of fun, don’t need to change anything else.

  34. I love your blog and your boys. Only problem is that you don’t blog often enough. Guess you’rea busy Josh with all the blogs you run!!

    Keep on posting!

  35. Dear Josh,
    You are doing such a good job already that I wonder if you need to make a survey. You have a big following – and that shows that people like what you do.

    One way to go forward is to identify what you already do well and what other people are not doing. I would highlight two areas:

    1) Your news/political poets. I find these valuable because they bring things to my attention that I would probably otherwise miss.

    2) Your posts in which boys speak about their lives/feelings/gay issues. I think these are tremendously valuable and I would encourage you to make this a bigger feature. I would altogether like to see more kids writing/talking about themselves. You have created a great forum for it.

    If I were in your situation I might also reflect on the profile of my readers. Is this a blog for boys, or for old boys who like to look at photos of young boys? I don’t mean there isn’t room for both – on the contrary – but it would be interesting to know the age profile of your readership.

  36. Josh, you offer a tremendous service and resource to the youth homosexual community. Your blog is one of the main reasons I view the world in the way that I do today. This website is absolutely amazing, and I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is that you’ve provided a community based around openness and acceptance. Really, bravo.

    I agree with Sion Liscannor, the posts with more insight give a valuable look into the lives of real boys. It’s nice to see the perspectives of other people around the globe, and how they relate to my own.

    Your political posts are also excellent, as they keep me tuned in to issues that I might not know about.

    Please keep the current color scheme you’ve got, the black and dark red is conservative and pseudo-elegant, and lends the site an air of class, something the flashy, loud websites are missing. The WordPress theme is clean and easy to navigate, and some of the finer details like the animated icons at the top-right are nice touches.

    Keep it going, man. This place is the king of all websites. You have created something incredible.

  37. The site is great – in the years since I started following I’ve seen in mature into something special. What kept me coming back then was that the site offers a first, safe port of call for young gay people’s, ahem, ‘exploratory browsing’. As you might expect with such a precious and rare internet gem, word spread fast and the community’s grown hugely.

    I’d like to echo every one the the previous comments as regards the content of the posts: keep it up. Very little should be changed, except perhaps to protect the (admittedly rare) more violent/grotesque posts as well as the full nudity (or even instead – the ads show it after all :P ).

    This is an opinion I had aged 16, and it is merely in consideration of the growing numbers of younger visitors.

    One thing I would say about making the site more interactive – and by all means do – is to similarly bear in mind that the reason this site is so close to many people’s hearts is that it welcomes every chancing visitor openly like a gallery, rather than distantly like a club.

    So yeah, I love this place – keep the beauty flowing, if that isn’t too sickly a phrase.

    Oh, and this is really fussy, but I’ve noticed the last few months have been mostly dedicated to celebrities/models and members… I’d love to see more off-the-beaten-path discoveries, if you chance upon any :)

    Thanks a million for your work

  38. I have not enough time to post a comment like the most one.

    But I just wanna say that my likes are:

    – Picture like that one obove the cmd’s,
    – Periodical Political Posts
    – Vids and MP3 Tracks that are uploadet or linked by you.

    Love milkboys, visit it every day.

  39. Josh,

    What I like about this place I can’t easily put into words. This is a unique cultural space. I ran a few similar boards 10 yrs ago and I know what’s involved. But this here is a different community, that’s what I like about it best. You successfully cut across a spectrum of younger and older people with a unifying theme, in a way only possible in the particular years of the internet where video is easy to view, and cam self-pics are common. One of my boards attempted to create a new community, in 1997, but it failed miserably. I might have predicted someone would do it successfully, someday.

    It’s most interesting to see how people characterize (or don’t) their identity and orientation, agewise and genderwise. Plain vanilla young homosexuals who’ve come of age in the era of MilkBoys, getting older but still finding the same youth attractive, and figuring out how to get comfortable with that as they age, and what to call it. It can be scary for some, but this place almost hides the scary aspect of it (except for the incessant news of draconian laws).

  40. Hey Josh – don’t change a thing! You have the perfect mix of relevant topics, excellent short films and of, course, all the great pics and vids of HOT bois. I enjoy your site every day – keep up the good work.

  41. Hi Josh – basically I agree with what most people have already said: You´re doing a really great job, so keep up the good work : – )).

    You have a sober blog design and great postings; I tend to get tired of blogs doing it the other way around – trying to compensate dull postings with fancy spectacular design.

    What´s especially good is the mixture – of politics and eroticism, of avantgarde art and popular culture, of phothography and videos and music and literature and …

    Then there´s the other kind of mixture – the age mixture. Some guys seems to think that´s some kind of problem, but I don´t agree. The REAL problem today is that we have way to much age based apaartheid in contemporary western society. I guess I belong to the older kohorts hanging around here and I won´t deny I like pics of beautiful young boys. But I also very much like to read in the comments what gay / bi / queer youngsters are saying and thinking about today. I think this is one of the most important things about Milkboys. There are so many pointers in contemporary society urging us NOT to talk to strangers – in particular if the stranger is more than five years older or younger than you.

    This is dead wrong! As the one and only Samuel R. Delany said, talking to strangers is what urbanity and civilization is all about. And if you take that away, all you have is “family values”.

    About the “race issue”, I´m totally for more mixed ethnicity, and what I would like to see more of is african boys, brazilian and caribbean boys. But I understand that would mean so much more hard work for you, and there´s a limit to what we can demand from our Josh.

    So basically – keep up the very good work!

  42. Your blog is one the first I check every evening. You arouse my intellect as well as other parts of my anatomy with the diversity of your posts. Keep up the more than excellent work!!

  43. is this u josh? i mean the boy in the pic of this topic.
    and about comments. i prefer sexuality not to be explicitly depicted, described, explained,… ur blog is so. u use it like salt for food, which is acceptable. u also concentrate on the Beauty Of Youth, an abbreviation for a BOY which i discovered! :) just being a gay is not so provable as why we need to be so. a girl is rarely as beautiful, understandable, kind, soulmate,… as a boy.
    i’m trying to find a lack. but i think i can’t find any. this is my favorite. in contrast to sexual sites with gang bang contents, this site is my favorite. some posts affect on me so much. u select the best things around the world and this is what i need.
    good luck

  44. I want to thank you for the fantastic job you do – I’m sure it is a lot of work, thanks is often rare. Please be careful about changes. I can see NO reason to change anything at this point. Milkboys is the best blog of its type on the net. It is the only blog I check every day. I love the mix of articles pictures – mostly beautiful and seldom explicit but always interesting. The news articles are of special interest. The thing you have managed to do is to give perhaps thousands of young and often isolated boys and young men a larger view of a world in which being gay isn’t a bad or evil thing. Taking the blog, board and chat as a whole, here’s a place we can find some friendship and even argue or discuss with those we may not otherwise find.

  45. Hi Josh,

    I would like to echo what Darmando has said. I guess what I fear most is that eventually the work required to keep this going in addition to the cost will lead to burnout on your part. I know only a little about the demands of keeping a blog going on a daily basis since my own is basically pictures. I can’t imagine the time it takes to maintain this valuable, informative and wonderful place.

    When I surveyed the visitors to my blog, I discovered that the majority were 17 and under. At that point I removed the links in what I termed the “adult gallery” since all of us know where to find that kind of material and I wanted to make my site a place just for the display of the beauty and lives of the adolescent male. Thus, Milkboys is the only link that is left on my site that may include adult content because of its value to all of us.

    Please keep up this awesome work and thank you.

  46. yes, i agree will basically everyone. This blog is wonderful. It gives more meaning of being “gay.” Most people think being gay is just having sex was the same sex but no you add so much more depth into that. So much more emotion,thought, knowledge…and for that I would love to thank you for breaking the stereotype of EXTREMELY vivid colors and girly characteristics in gay guys and the very shallow attitude we supposedly have. :D


  47. Josh,

    I really enjoy your site as it is. The links and ads are off to the side and do not block the picture of the day. There is nothing flashing or distracting on the site. And like many viewers have stated, viewing the pictures on this site has become a daily ritual.

  48. This is a great site Josh. You have a fine sensibility about what to post. Love the political news and the vids.

    One thing that might be interesting to try would be to invite guest writers to submit essays on topics of interest to young gays. Some of the more disturbing political news stories cry out for further analysis and even a discussion of actions that we as a community could take.

    But basically, no need to change anything. Thank you for your commendable efforts!

  49. good core purpose of beauty of teenage male. Good to show the younger as it seems to be taboo these days and taboos need to be exposed and erased. The pics and vids are nice as a central material. Of course keep it legal. Not much porn is good as there is plenty of that elsewhere. Good that you have extensive links of interest. Good that you have created other blogs so that you can satisfy your own wide range of interests but have them separate from this. the politics is good. Discussion is important about the totalitarian hysteria that is growing in controlling more and more countries and creating myriad repressive laws.
    Always remember that there is a following of lurkers and it helps to know that we are not alone even if we don’t say anything. Thank you for what you do.

  50. i love the mix of picture posts, video posts, film review or sneak peeks, political posts and most espicially posts with an interesting story line behind them that usually combine some other aspects in the post (e.g. a cute kid who does something amazing )

    i like it as is, but if i had to ask for more of something, it would be more story-behind-the-photo posts

  51. i like your blog’s the first one i go to. i appreciate all the work it takes to keep it going. thank you.

  52. hey josh!

    i really love all the videos (specially the strange ones – like bugcrush)

    and i wouldn’t mind if you invited other people to write here. make it a more plural site…

    cheers and keep up the good work,

  53. I really like it all :D

    Everythings awesome, I loved the stalking Saturdays! Bring them back :D

  54. Josh –

    Don’t change anything – this is a classy piece of work that appeals to the intellect as well as the anatomy. The mixture of eye candy and thoughtful articles keeps me coming back, and the design is clean, modern and effective.

    And post as many Cute Caturdays as you can get :)

  55. mas Chicos con ropa interior, solo ellos tienen esa naturaleza fresca, mas por favor.

  56. Hey Milkboys,

    Thanx for a really awesome Blog, continue the good work!
    I think that the blog is awesome…I dont really get a turn on of blacks and chinese and so on, so i like the blog as it is now:-)…

    And what a lovely young dude, lying down with no t-shirt on, and his boxers a little away from his lovely butt..I like his hair would love to smell it and masage his nice Butt!:)

  57. A fabulous emo picture. Love the hair and also his great little body, and those tight red briefs….help me!

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