33 thoughts on “Schwarzflug”

  1. Lovely lips, lovely eyes, lovely skin, lovely hair, in fact he is GORGEOUS !!!! more please Josh.

  2. his Eyes are beautiful I feel like he’s looking into my soul. There’s a boy in my German Class that has pretty eyes like that.

  3. He has that lovely day dreaming face only boys can have. Can’t stop imagining what’s on their minds. Even my old aunt keep saying that boys are mysterious.

  4. Just to perfect to be true. What a nice face.
    I agree with Aaron, it’s just that mysterious look that makes him so attractive.

  5. Yeah he looks a bit like the Wild Tigers boy but, this one is much cuter. MOAR, as they say :)

  6. Wild Tigers? You mean the little dreamer, or the bigger boy? I don’t see the resemblance at all. The dreamer is beautiful but small, the bigger boy was almost attractive, this kid is simply georgeous.

  7. Ein wunderschönes Gesicht.Sehr schöne Augen,makellose Haut,ein schöner Mund.Ich habe selten einen so schönen Jungen gesehen.Gibt es noch mehr Bilder von ihm?

  8. Enchanting…

    The video was removed, I don’t suppose there’s a way of getting it back on here?

  9. Pls any one any information post it up please i’m waiting for an update on him please……

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