Secret Son of Europe

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Model: Tait Hughes Geijer


11 thoughts on “Secret Son of Europe”

  1. OMGs!! He is gorgeous!! So Kuroshitsuji!! Tait is a great looking guy, and in this picture he is so alluring… like a flame lighting up the night begging me to come closer and die. *doka doka doka* XD I love it!!

    Interesting music… love the guitar and the voice is hypnotic.

    Thanks Josh. <3

  2. Tait hughes Geijer! What a beautiful young man. I loved the pictures when he was 13. Must be 15 or 16 now. A professional model, I guess. Lovely. Thanks.

  3. I know why you like him: because he looks like a girl.
    People can look like a boy, can look a girl, can look like a cat, can look like a dog. I personally prefer people who look like a boy and are a boy – just not to be surprised in late hours.

    1. Personally I like him because he’s beautiful. And I don’t give a fuck about genders, I like boys, girls and everything in-between all the same.

  4. He is growing up nicely. He is quite handsome in this pic. In other pics I’ve seen him in he still looked like a child.

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