26 thoughts on “Sexy Zone being… Sexy”

  1. Coincidence, I just saw this vid a day ago. Lol. He’s a little cutie is Shori. Hasn’t Marius shot up though. Lovely boys.

    1. Marius is a giant :-P He’s taller than Sou who’s more than two years older, and I think almost as tall as Shori.

  2. love all the sexy zone boys they are all so cool and kawaii !! shori-kuns smile is always sugoi.

  3. It is always fun to see cute boys with friendly, happy faces and having a good time.

    1. Nakajima Kento – 18
      Kikuchi Fuma – 17
      Sato Shori – 16 (the main guy in this clip)
      Matsushima Sou – 15
      Marius Yo – 12

  4. I wonder just how many of their parents accompanied them on this trip (the first part looked a lot like Arizona or southern Utah, but not sure). I would guess ….. nearly NONE. I’m sure each parent pretty much trusted their boy to be with others of their group with minimum chaperoning — maybe just the adults of the studio crews and one other just to watch their general safety (my guess).

    Not like what would happen in the USA if there were a boy band anywhere similar to these. Not only at least one parent per boy, but a few lawyers as well (probably).

  5. Stunning video of some of the cutest boys I have seen in a long time ….. Sato Shori is totally adorable and the boys put OneDirection out of the QT chart – thanks.

  6. I presume the music track was sung by them? The song was bland and generic, but the band members are uniformly good-looking (unlike One Direction who only have two hotties) and the video showed them having lots of innocent fun. What great smiles!

    1. That makes sense. I knew he was born in Germany but I didn’t realise his father is German.

  7. Sorry, but when germans and japanese get together on anything, all
    I can think of is nazis and japs, Hitler and Tojo.

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