Sexy Zone

“Only in Japan  they would name a boy band consisting of 11-16 year olds Sexy Zone. And like any other J-pop band it doesn’t come without a good dose of Yaoi and Crossdressing”, says Desmænok (who have some Wet-Wednesday-worthy shots of the (rather goofy) bunch).

The music is, well, commercially straightened J-pop. And like so many animes which became mere advertisements full of fan service to get desperate otakus to buy the super expensive uncensored Blu-Rays, J-pop nowadays is more about ripping off fan-girls than making good music.


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  1. Is this like a Japanese Menudo? Do they kick them out when they get too old and replace them with another 11 year old?

    All of them were pretty to me except one who kept reminding me of Michael Jackson for some reason. He was just creepy.

  2. This must surely be the most boring and ill-fitting music video of all time. The music suggests action, dancing and, frankly, a Tokyo Disneyland Parade, there’s just these very calm shots of very calm-looking (and surprisingly isolated) boys, mouthing the words to the backing track. All in a very unreal-looking and very serene white castle in the clouds. Extremely strange indeed, or maybe I juist don’t get it.

    1. the video is simply an advertisement for their prettiness, in the service of money. i have a very soft spot for everything asian, but this really weirds me out a bit :)

    2. I came to that same conclusion Andi. Even at the start of the video, the music just says “BAM! IN YOUR FACE!”, yet the shots looked more like they belong to a more slow-tempo style music. Even the clothing was a bit unimaginable; they all wore the same outfits, just in different colors. I’ll give credit that the boys do look kinda cute (especiallly the boy in the pink shirt) but otherwise, not very impressive.

  3. I agree it’s odd that there’s no real movement or dancing in the video. All the boys are good looking, and I know Orientals often die their hair brown, but are they mixed-race, perhaps? Their skin tone seems very pale, more like Northern Europeans.

    1. skin whitening products are all the rage in the far east right now. i’m not sure any of them work, but there’s a very large number of people not satisfied with their darker complexion (and even with their eyes, which i find the most beautiful thing ever ^^). it is not surprising that the videos of ‘idols’, as they call them, reflect this. i wouldn’t be surprised if they were digitally whitened out for the video.

  4. This is not the original promotional video. Posting links here doesn’t seem to work, so Google for “sexy zone pv”. Should be the top one. Much more lively, dancing etc. in the same setting. The version here is probably a special cut for the fan girls to drool over their idols :-)

  5. It would be nice to hear them LIVE and not so obviously studio induced lip-synched. But, like most J-Pop male groups, their harmonies (recorded) are superb (even if helped a bit electronically). I wouldn’t be surprised if the individual singers of each J-Pop group are “hand-picked” for each group precisely for the voice each one adds to their harmonies — much like a studio-inspired group and made to sell “canned” pop music to all the pre-teens (mostly) over there. Their harmonies are so “perfect” that it’s nearly impossible to detect any individuality or personality to each/all of them.

    But they’re so damn cute — all of them (to a degree, anyway).

    I’m surprised at the obvious censorship of very nearly all the images to “super-soft focus” or just out of focus anywhere below waist-level at least. What for? They’re fully dressed. Unless it’s because they’re wearing white?

    This group vocally and a bit physically reminds me of the 70s “J-Pop” group called Four Leaves. But, back then, they showed a bit more personality in their music and images. I still have a few of their LPs. :-)

  6. Well they all don’t look alike.I myself kind of enjoyed the music and although I understood not one bloody word it still sounded good to me.They are,I thought they where very cute in their looks,but there’s one thing I noticed was not any of them smiled. It would be nice to see them in a group as they sang,or lip-synched, whatever. I see no Michael Jackson look alike here.PenboyX is right.they kind of remind me of the group called FOUR LEAVES.That line “They all look alike” would have to come from an American.It is a stupid remark.

  7. Mauris <3 The beautiful result of german-japanese blood
    Usually for Johnny's Entertainment groups,they form one big boy band and eventual single out the more popular,talented boys to form a smaller and more publicized group.

  8. I approve of this. J-Pop follows its own aesthetics. And at least the Japanese are honest enough to say boys like them are sexy. The rest of the world is just too ashamed.

  9. Yeah, japan and an obligatory germanophile “du bist so sexy!”

    Or did I mishear the first and last two sentences?

  10. I’m not sure what the controversy is. In the music industry, everything is based on looks. In America, yes I know he’s from Canada, we have the Beber, he can’t sing, but is huge in the music industry because of his looks. I like the group.

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I come to Milkboys to hear the fine music! These boys are drop-dead beautiful and that’s all I need to know. Next some of you guys will be asking if the Mona Lisa could sing! Sheesh!

  12. Cute lot. Marius Yo, the 11yo, is he really Japanese/german, that explains why his eyes are more european. Matsushima So is more girly looking, 13yo, reminds me of a gay Japanese friend. Sato Shori I thought was the youngest at first, he is quite short for 14yo. Kikuchi Fuma is 16 and Nakajima Kento is 17. There is a lot of them on youtube.

    In a debating team. On the right are a lot of associated videos.

  13. This particular video sucks… but there’s plenty of others out there

    just look for live versions on youtube (there’s like 10 live versions of this song with different dressing so you can choose I guess)…

    Also, they are hot ;).. (and in live versions they are awesome -specially if you like anime-)

  14. Well, they are no B2st (I am a bigger fan of Kpop). Indeed, I think the guys from Boyfriend are much cuter and plenty of good dancing behind a cute song . . .

  15. The one in the magenta shirt stuck in the alcove (also the video thumbnail) is gorgeous. You’ve gotta love Euro/Japanese hybrids.

  16. I was studying it a little. First, tey are very infctious e.g.Marius, Sou (Matsushima) and Shori (Sato), as they are realy sweet children. Otherwise, it ś Japan.

  17. By the way, I ´m consider itś quite disgusting said Marius is the “hybrid”.

  18. Agreed. Simply terrible. Having said that… KAWAII!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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