17 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *10”

  1. The best part of that (besides the top being good looking) is that they are kissing while doing it. I so miss that element in most other porn.

      1. A lot of European porn has kissing as foreplay before the real action (tongues included.)

      2. Yeah, I usually prefer to read tales from nifty because of the intimacy they can provide. But this kind of porn is so great!

        I am tired of muscled studs fucking each other, first, they do not look like real people, second, their sex is pure mechanical, you see no joy in their eyes, no connection between the two…

  2. That is so hot.Yes I do think it is so sexy that they are kissing at the same time the top lad is driving his cock in deeper and deeper.I think both lads are cute.I would love to be in that picture,at least on clean up detail.Thanks again Milkboys.Your the best.

      1. No, look to the shadow above his balls after his hand. He’s giving himself a hand job while receiving from the guy on top.

  3. One of the better / best sites out there, to be sure. They’ve had a continual stream (if you can excuse the use of the word, lol) of boys that have been to die for, and that’s not even considering their video clips. So m-a-n-y boys…

  4. Gladiator;look real close,you’ll see that the bottom lad is giving himself a hand job.You know what they say about idel hands.This lad hands are full of activity,and why not.

  5. fuck me, much more of this my right arm will drop off
    you horny fuckers.
    cant you behave yourselves,

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