25 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *11”

  1. This boy has a mouth of a torrid sensuality.
    If he was in my arms, I would kiss his lips rather than his neck … insinuate my tongue between his lips in search of his tongue … rather than going to the lobe of his ears. I’m sure his mouth must have a divine salty flavor and his nipple must have the sweetness of candy under the tongue :-)

    He’s not a sweet and sour boy but a sweet and salty one … the best boys !

    1. I would explore the neck before going to the mouth…

      The neck is something so sensual, so private and delicate, still looking so strong. The trust you must have in the other person to allow them to touch such sensitive part as your neck is what makes it sensual.

  2. I find it works best when you work your way down,like from the right or left ear over to the mouth,and the depending if your right or left handed you nuzzle into the arm pits,and from there you suck on the nipples.From there to the navel and so on,and so on.I do believe this lad knows just where he’s going.

  3. Where to find a quality color print of this? It will deserve a carefully chosen frame and matting. No dream, fantacy, daydream or experience I ever had can compare to this. This is my idea of being on the edge of glory,

  4. Beautiful image. Sensual without being crass, soft focus but leading our eyes to the point of most interest… Would love to see more by the same photog.

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