20 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *12”

  1. Asphyxiation fetish?
    Although both are pretty hot lads, this isn’t hot at all…

    1. Apparently a lot of folks enjoy Asphyxiation as a sexual fetish. It’s a major theme now rolling around the porn sites. I can’t say one way or another, but as long as no one gets hurt, more power to them. It used to be Emo but it’s crossing the barriers.

  2. Talk about jaded. I know, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, but when sex between teenage boys becomes so mundane and ho-hum that they have to resort to this for a thrill, it’s time for more alcohol and drugs so they can snap back to reality.

    1. I’m surprised you didn’t add guns to your list of thrills horselips since it’s guaranteed by the constitution as well as one of your personal thrills.

  3. This is kyler’s thing. He loves getting choked and, it would seem, he thinks everyone ELSE is into it, as well.

  4. Id like to point out that even if he wasn’t choking him, having a hand on your neck is very erotic because that is usually such a protected area not accustomed to touch. So whether or not asphyxiation play is going on neck touching is very erotic. Both because the rare touching it gets in the first place as well as the dominance of someone having their hand on such a vulnerable area.

    1. True, neck kissing is extremely erotic and intimate. It really requires that you give yourself away to the other person and to the moment.

  5. The Constitutions guarantee of guns,as you put it,Hair of the dog.guarantees nothing about thrills,or sexual games.Horselips is correct,and the reality does not include a GUN.I happen to like guns,a number of which I have,but I haven’t shot or choked anyone as of yet.

    1. Hey, the Declaration of Independence guarantees the Pursuit of Happiness and then you put that together with your constitutional right to have guns and bingo! I guess you are still working on your first act of Chekhov’s Gun. Eh Michael?

  6. Goodness. My little sarcastic comment (#6) was obviously too sophisticated and subtle for some of our nellies like Buffalo Bill (#17) and Dog Hair (#7) to ‘get’ and they somehow went over the cliff with sexual fantasies about me, Michael and guns. I hope those thoughts got you guys off. Thanks, Michael (#16) for your common sense.

    How in the world does this happen? Some of you guys are as extremist and nutty as the homophobes we have to contend with. Lighten up.

  7. Yes, I’ve seen this GIF elsewhere, but not the complete video.
    #13 Cody and 14 Marcos are the comments I can best relate to – watching this GIF I don’t see any evidence that one boy is putting any pressure on the other’s windpipe. I’m pleased to say. I don’t think this asphyxiation technique (which is designed to provoke a ‘petite mort’ reaction?) is recommended for teenagers.

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