40 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *15”

  1. Yes, he’s thin but no, he’s not too thin. The light just makes him look a bit odd. So, please, let’s skip the discussion about his diet. Thanks.

  2. even if the lighting wasn’t deceiving it still could be genetics at work (eating all you can, but still not gaining a pound)

    I would kill for a body like that…
    Anyway: nice shot, nice bodies

  3. Tall, skinny kid – surely this is not an odd body-type for mid-teens. The lovely boy doing the sucking looks very contented…

    1. Nope. They’re porn models, in it for the money as much as anything else, and quite possibly never laid eyes on each other before this photoshoot.

      1. And from the looks of that erection, loving every second of it. What really pisses people off is getting paid for having fun. The Puritans will forgive anything but that!

        1. People get pissed off by getting paid to have fun? How weird! I get paid to have fun and I love every moment of it – trust me! And I’m sure these guys are no exception.

    1. “It is human agitation, with all the vulgarity of needs small and great, with its flagrant disgust for the police who repress it, it is the agitation of all men … that alone determines revolutionary mental forms, in opposition to bourgeois mental forms.”
      -Georges Bataille, “Visions of Excess: Selected Writings” 1927-1939

    1. Where is it written that you have to “love” to have sex, or to abstain from looking at beautiful pictures of boys having sex? Are you a priest or a mullah?

      1. Where is it written in Jacque’s post that you have to “love” to have sex, or to abstain from looking at beautiful pictures of boys having sex? Are you illiterate or just plain unable to understand people’s simple observations?

  4. Way too thin for my tastes. Also, why taking SO LONG to post this image? I’ve seen it on Tumblr like two or three months ago…

  5. They are both pretty. But the one standing is just looking a little angelic. OMG! And how does an angel have such a huge….and look at those feet. I like slim guys, but is that just the light or is he a member of the 1% Body Fat Club?

  6. If You click onto Saturday #5 and then click onto Milkkrore you well see these two lads . I t was posted on Oct 19th. They are gorgeous feet, and I wish I could be so well built as these two lads are. The way this blond boy is smiling down on the other boy it could be love or he just enjoys what is being done to his pecker. Milkboys is right. Why are there so many perkerwoods making comments on these gorgeous boys.

  7. Mmmm, not gonna lie, that is one uber comfy looking sofa. Id sleep all over those smexy cushions. Also, it would be epic to be that skinny.

  8. It’d be cool if you could not forward pics to pure porn sites Josh. I usually click the images hoping there is a larger version available for pop up, not to have myself send to ‘GayTeenStudio’.

    1. That’s where the image is from, if you wanted to see a larger version that is pretty much the place to go to, no?

  9. Lovely! They are thin but not overly skinny. Great hair, cute faces and feet. I’ll have to visit that site for more.

  10. that really looks like a photo shop to me. the way the chest falls into the stomach just done not seem real.
    On the hand they are both super cute and I would love a long hard one like that! Im thinking man candy!!

  11. It might surprise some of you that many porn stars are in realtionships with each other. These two may, or may not, be real boyfriends off screen.

  12. OMG, that blonde boy standing is so tall, so sexy, has such a nice thin body. He is so damn well endowed as well. I would sure love to be the boy who is tasting that sweet cock.

  13. If for you, what looks like a bit less than 7 inches, is well endowed, either you settle with so little, or you are misjudging the proportions in a stupid way.

  14. The photo is awesome. I believe that even teens have to do exercise and have a good diet to look this hot.

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