13 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *17”

  1. When is was 12 , I would have loved to have seen a pic like this. I had to dig threw my neighbors trash for his old Playboy magazines

  2. Is wise to spread absorbent towels over the furniture as something tells me these two cute 8Teenboys will be producing some high pressure boy-fluids together… Perhaps they also need some drop cloths to protect the walls and ceiling, yes?

  3. This brings back memories of my young teenage years when I was home alone and my best friend and I would get naked together and fool around for hours. We each enjoyed unrestrained access to each other’s bodies and did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

  4. Why do the emotions of the people making porns like these two never seem to fit the passion, fervor and intensity I imagine sexual situations to generate? These expressions of these two seem more befitting of a couple having tea or an ad for boys underwear. Maybe I just don’t understand because I’m so undersexed =/

    1. Because informal, casual sex among good friends is fun. It relieves tension- not creates it. It’s about smiling, laughing, talking while you do it. There are, of course, sexual situations that are indeed more focused and they are equally rewarding. And situations that alternate between determined performance and playfulness. t1mbo, you do need to get out more.

    2. I agree with the comments by horselips. One thing I have never liked is over acted porn. Of course the best porn I have seen was by Jesse Star and Tommy Anders as they were a couple just being themselves.

      1. I agree about Jesse and Tommy. So genuine. In that same vein, don’t forget the duo of Dillon Samuels and Kyros Christian, so HOT together!

  5. Reminds me of me and my buddy Tony when we were younger after crashing the neighbors pool. We would go skinny dipping when they were gone and then go to his room to play around. its just fun to be naked and play around all night.

  6. It is just fun to be naked with a good friend and just having fun. That’s what life should be all about. I to would go for the dark hair boy. horselips, again to are so right.

  7. Mmmm… Sencer Keve & Jade Parker, 2 of my recent favorites! Oh, for a 3-some…!

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