23 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *18”

  1. MMMMmmm… a mouthful of warm, musky-sweet twink-boy pudding! There’s nothing quite like giving your best budd those wet, squishy feelings in his most secret, tender place.

  2. I personally don’t see the appeal of analingus. The idea makes me squeamish either giving or receiving, just out of concern for health. But different folks, different strokes I guess.

  3. Deny it as we may, we are the fruit of that hideous slit before which lies piss and after which shit. We must return to our origins. Beautiful pic! More!

  4. I’ll never forget the first time an intimate friend and I did this to each other – neither of us had ever experienced such an intensely pleasurable sensation, and it became S.O.P. for all of our future playtimes.

    Those 20,000 erotogenic nerve endings clustered at the surface of your anus are there for a reason. Bon appetit.

  5. I don’t object to the image, even if I don’t get all enthused at it. My complaint is a voice crying in the wilderness. I miss Cute Caturday, and most of all, Sound Sunday, which seems to be on its way out of MB, if I read the signs right,

    1. you’re missing an important though obscured point.
      This site requires time and effort and especially Money to keep going.

      The sexytimes posts are in fact sponsored links to certain sites that handsomely reward Josh for each paying subscriber.

      I’d subscribe right now for another month, but the way things are going at my work place I’ll probably have no time to sleep this month, let alone enjoy myself :(

  6. This is heaven for a couple when done the right way. Your right horselips, those erotogenic nerve endings didn’t come with this anus package so we could feel good wiping our butt hole. As for health reasons that is why we wash our butt. A clean butt is a healthy butt.

  7. Ewww … wouldn’t like to be kissed after a friend spent time down there . – Shudder …

    Though the guy does seem to be enjoying every bit of it.

  8. Its ok I guess , as long as good hygiene is used and the receiver is not constipated. :)

  9. Allright, I never understood why this could be interesting
    and fun, but I’ve liked some girls at the front, and believe me: that isn’t much either..

    1. #15 makhugh: Well, I’ve done both front and back with both boys and girls. And I’ve been happy to give that pleasure to my partners. Maybe it wasn’t much fun for you, but that’s not the point. Its the giving of pleasure that’s the point.

      Licking someone’s anus is one of the most intimate of contacts and to bend over and offer that most vulnerable part is beautifully trusting of the other. And, I have found most partners’ hygiene just fine.

    2. It’s great , both receiving and giving. And it’s just as great watching someone doing it!

  10. @Julian; You are correct on all counts. I to have been front and back on both boys and girls. They loved every second of it. I always use the nose rule. If it passes my nose sense of smell I’am good to go.

  11. Anderson Lovell is Spanish, has a sexy accent, versatile and you can follow him on Twitter like many of the Helix models.

  12. Yes! I like make it in a young male hairless perfectly shaped bottom. Feel all the buttocks’ texture and pressure and the weight of my partner in my face while I lick and suck his entire perianal zone and I put my vipely tongue into his young, sexy and hairless anus it’s simply wonderfull!

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