26 thoughts on “Sexytimes Sunday *9”

  1. I have that video. Tommy Anders is so hot. And I agree that he should bottom at least once.

      1. He said that he does not bottom, as he is “too tight”, is what I heard from my sources while asking the same question. He just needs a bit of work and he should be fine.

    1. Bruce wrote:
      “Tommy is at his best when with Jesse. Jesse brought out the best in Tommy.”

      Bruce, I agree. I have the idea they were real boyfriends at the time, but I could be wrong. The affection and sweetness they showed towards each other seemed very genuine and not just an act.

      1. Exactly. They were boyfriends at the time, and it shows in their performances. It’s not just a job, there’s actual passion and affection in their videos. Jesse’s at his best with Tommy, and Tommy is at his best with Jesse.

        Many times porn can be void and empty, sure, but some times it can be deeper. The best porn is not about the bodies and the fake performances, it’s about the souls of the people who engage in it. Just like any other art. And you can masturbate to that too!

        1. Tommy is out of the business. Last report is that he was convinced to leave porn by his girlfriend.

  2. I’ve always wanted to watch those videos, but I don’t have the password. Does anyone mind sharing password and username? I’m sick of jacking off to bad quality porn

  3. Sam if you just go to google and enter tommy anders jesse starr then click on videos you’ll get most of what there is to get.

  4. Why no love for Tyler? He’s such an enthusiastic and generous lover, and he’s got an adorable uber-skinny twink body.

    1. It is hard to look at Tommy without Jesse. I would love to have had a boyfriend like Jesse.

  5. I love Tyler Burke… though I knew him by another name. You know before he did porn he worked at a car wash. Can you imagine that hottie wasting those looks doing something so mundane? I need to get me a guy like that lol

  6. John:

    Tommy is out of the business. Last report is that he was convinced to leave porn by his girlfriend.

    that bitch lol he was so hot

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