Shallow Tourist

The queer establishment disrupters over at the berlin-based publishing house Entartetes Leben are in the process of blessing the world with their newest baby Shallow Tourist, a sublime and sexy trip to Eastern & Central Europe, as documented by its secretive author Moot on 80 pages in full colour. The book is printed in 750 copies on 140 gram art book paper and you can order it right here.

Can’t spare the money to get these boys onto your coffee table? No prob, we wouldn’t be the socialist propaganda blog we’re being accused of making regularly if we wouldn’t share our wealth, right? All you gotta do is putting some pieces together to assemble a naked lad. No, you’re not supposed to channel Dr. Frankenstein, put those Tesla coils away!

All we’re asking you for is solving this jigsaw puzzle of a photo I snapped of one of the pages of Shallow Tourist and mail a screenshot of the completed image our way until Sunday, 10 PM Central European Time. We’ll randomly select a winner who will not only get a free copy of Shallow Tourist but also the first issue of the scandalous Breaking Boy News [Not Safe for Kittens]!

30 bucks saved, just like that… yay!


23 thoughts on “Shallow Tourist”

  1. Lol, that was fun. Could we have some more pages. I won’t send in the screenshot, you guys can fight over it lol.

  2. According to the timer, I completed it in 9 minutes. :-) It took me more time to figure out how to save the screen to a jpg file!! I haven’t used “prt scr” in years!

    Never would have thought to make a jig-saw puzzle from an image like that — good work and fun to complete!

    I just hope your next puzzle won’t be like the “real” ones and be 1,000 pieces! :-)))))

  3. 8 minutes. But lets not be competitive. I haven’t had this much fun with a jigsaw since………well ever! Looking good Josh nice earing.

  4. But lets not be competitive.

    Yeah, right. The bs just gets thicker. How soon will see someone say, “I did it in less than a minute!” ? I shouldn’t have posted any time — it just popped up after I finished, so I mentioned it.

  5. Took me 12 minutes, but I am distracted by the new series of the Mentalist!!! (While I piece the puzzle together)

  6. I wonder if someone in the USA orders this if it will make it through customs without a hassle? Have any Americans here ordered a copy and received it without incident?

  7. This seems to be another project of Karl Andersson who produced the outstanding Destroyer Magazine. I wonder if this is safe to have sent to the USA since some people who ordered Destroyer had problems with American Customs. It’s not that it’s illegal, but they can cause trouble as they did when Larry Clark came out with “A Perfect Childhood”. And who want’s to get on lists that the American government is known to keep. I know it’s different in Europe. But does anyone know what the situation is for delivery to America?

    1. Hello, this is Karl! :) Yes, I’m the proud publisher of this wonderful little book.

      Shallow Tourist should be safe to order in all countries. It was introduced at the New York Art Book Fair last month (the author Moot is American) and will hopefully be available in a couple of art book shops in NYC within the next six weeks.

      Good luck with the puzzle, everyone, I thought it was fun too. ;)

  8. Ok, I see, another American enjoying the beauty of Czech and Slovakian boys. XD
    I immediately recognized 2 boys from the pictures on the publisher’s page.
    And btw I know this boy from the picture in this article pretty well even though not in person. But we chat quite often. Despite his innocent looks he’s quite a rascal. Sexually active since the age of 14, regular pot smoker and prefers men in their 20s and 30s.
    I doubt that what he is holding in his hand in this picture is a “regular” cigarette. ;)
    Exactly the kind of east European boy western gay tourists like to meet. XD

    1. I received this book and it is nice. I’m really curious as to what website the author refers to in the comments at the start of the book that he used to find the boys… anyone know?

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