Sharing is Caring, a motto that  is apparently still not fashionable in America as a teenage boy gets arrested because his friend shared his lunch with him. Another little victory in the never ending fight against socialism! Oh boy.

Sharing or trading food during school lunchtime is not unheard of, but sharing landed one teenager in police handcuffs. Adam Hernandez was accused of stealing chicken nuggets from a $2.60 meal. But those were actually the nuggets his friend, Gakaree Garner, gave to him. Adam got in the lunch line to get some sauce for them. According to Garner and the police report the cafeteria cashier told the Assistant Principal Adam stole the chicken nuggets. The Assistant Principal then told the police officer in the school, who called a squad car. Garner says, "They actually put him in handcuffs, and actually tried to force him into the car." Ava Hernandez, Adam’s sister, says, "They were like, ‘Well do you know that friend receives federally free lunch?’, and I said, ‘I do now.’, and they said, ‘Well, it’s illegal to share a free lunch so either way Adam was breaking the law’." Adam was issued a municipal citation for theft and a $170 fine, which he chose to fight in court to keep his record clean. A youth group Urban Underground trumpets Adam’s cause, fighting against young people needlessly being put in the judicial system.

More on the story, a video and photos can be found here

And we thought the Free Lemonade story was ugly. I don’t even know what is worse here: That a school wants a teenage boy arrested and handcuffed for “stealing” or that sharing your lunch is illegal. Good thing he didn’t point the nugget at his buddy saying "bang!" They’d be stringin’ him up on a tree by now. What kind of society is that?

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