Sharing is Daring

Sharing is Caring, a motto that  is apparently still not fashionable in America as a teenage boy gets arrested because his friend shared his lunch with him. Another little victory in the never ending fight against socialism! Oh boy.

Sharing or trading food during school lunchtime is not unheard of, but sharing landed one teenager in police handcuffs. Adam Hernandez was accused of stealing chicken nuggets from a $2.60 meal. But those were actually the nuggets his friend, Gakaree Garner, gave to him. Adam got in the lunch line to get some sauce for them. According to Garner and the police report the cafeteria cashier told the Assistant Principal Adam stole the chicken nuggets. The Assistant Principal then told the police officer in the school, who called a squad car. Garner says, "They actually put him in handcuffs, and actually tried to force him into the car." Ava Hernandez, Adam’s sister, says, "They were like, ‘Well do you know that friend receives federally free lunch?’, and I said, ‘I do now.’, and they said, ‘Well, it’s illegal to share a free lunch so either way Adam was breaking the law’." Adam was issued a municipal citation for theft and a $170 fine, which he chose to fight in court to keep his record clean. A youth group Urban Underground trumpets Adam’s cause, fighting against young people needlessly being put in the judicial system.

More on the story, a video and photos can be found here

And we thought the Free Lemonade story was ugly. I don’t even know what is worse here: That a school wants a teenage boy arrested and handcuffed for “stealing” or that sharing your lunch is illegal. Good thing he didn’t point the nugget at his buddy saying "bang!" They’d be stringin’ him up on a tree by now. What kind of society is that?

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  1. this sounds like something that would happen at my school, i live in a fascist, conservative TINY texas town

  2. Hey, we have rules here ya know! :P

    (and to think our founding fathers started a whole war and did that whole independence thing because they didn’t like the rules they were under! Makes ya wonder what they would have to say about all this.)

      1. Not me, I’m Canadian. It’s like being an American, just without all the bullshit that comes with it :)

        1. The real story is the question about how our founding fathers would feel about chicken nuggets!

          or more importantly how they feel about the clown who made them as popular as they are here in the United States.


          3 felonies a day? I figured it would be much higher than that actually!

  3. While I agree that this type of this is amazingly stupid, I *would* like to point out that I’m a little tired of seeing the US bashed on this site. It seems like the only stories getting posted are the ones about tiny little towns doing really stupid stuff, which subsequently get used by various people to (unfairly) represent the entire country’s behavior on a daily basis. How about commenting on some of the efforts being made to eliminate this kind of thing? The news is out there, believe me. Maybe it’s because I live in a really liberal part of the US, but I’m starting to feel like a lot of the US-based stories on this site are chosen to make the US look like a bunch of bigoted, stupid rednecks, which all of us aren’t.

    Thanks for reading my comment, and thanks for keeping up the blog.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, James. I’ve had to actually walk away from the blog on several different occasions for the very reasons you’ve stated in addition to the subsequent comments. I’ve refrained from saying anything as I wasn’t quite certain there were others that felt the same as I. Thanks for speaking your mind James.

    2. James, I can only post stories which are covered by the media and America just happens to have a lot of media which results in the high output of stories even from smaller towns (even tho I don’t see how the size of the place matters).

      Another factor is that most articles about such things in other countries are written in languages I don’t speak which means I can’t read and post them here.

      And of course it looks like America is overly harsh treated here because you are American which makes you more sensitive about it. But the truth is: We had the same kind of stories here about the UK, Mexico, France, Poland, Germany and so on.

      On the other side there were also positive articles about the US. Yes, those are rare–but not because I don’t like posting them. It’s just that there’s not much positive going on regarding gay- or civil rights in the US.

      1. Honestly, all I’m saying is calm the frak down. Every country has its issues, and if you take the time and effort to be a balanced bringer of information, you’ll find similar stories as well as their polar opposites (good news) from every region of the world. My call to you is to be more balanced in what political news gets posted here.

        Personally, I’m down with socialism if done correctly. At this point in time, I don’t think my country would be able to handle it, but someday, I think we will. I only take issue with your criticism because as long as I’ve been reading this blog, it seems that a vast majority of your political posts have been overwhelmingly negative toward the United States. There are people working to fix our country’s problems, and I think you should try to give them a little credit instead of grouping them in with all the crazy bigots that just happen to live here too. Your references to United States citizens tend to be broad and generalizing, and your commenters often take similar tonal approaches. Obviously not everything can be translated reliably to text, but I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.

        You also seem to have a very shallow understanding of how US politics actually work. Granted, it is a two-party system, but these ideas of left- and right-wing politics are not only antiquated, but they’re pretty much downright wrong. Democrats and Republicans here really aren’t very different in terms of policy, as any candidate from either party who stands a reasonable chance of election is going to be a fiscal and social moderate anyhow. There aren’t any devious plots regarding our economic or governmental systems here, because everyone’s afraid that if they do anything too radical they’ll lose their office. As one commenter said, it’s very true that the only way we can legitimately change things right now is with a full takeover (which I may add, we’re actually obligated to do if things go too badly…just read our Declaration of Independence for a quote on that). The problem is that the people aren’t ready for that. Someday there will be a critical mass, and that will cause true change, but until then, the small groups of people — myself included — who work toward change will keep fighting. All we ask is a little recognition, and a little respect for the country we’re trying so desperately to repair. I respect your opinion, but the high-and-mighty approach you take to pretty much every story involving the US at all needs to stop. It’s unfitting of someone of your obvious intelligence, and alienates at least some of your US-based readers. You might not care, but at least think about how your recent behavior toward these stories looks alongside the rest of your beliefs.

        1. Well this is a blog afterall and it’s Josh’s blog we are guests on his blog. We don’t always have to like everything he posts and the stuff we don’t like we can just look away and if we find he is regularly posting stuff we don’t like or agree with we can just leave.

          This is not some media news site that is supposed to have a fair and balanced view again it’s a BLOG and is supposed to have content on it that the OWNER finds interesting.

          Asking him to alter what he posts is rude when we are only guests of his blog.

  4. This scenario and Socialism are really irrelevant….this is just overdone government bureaucracy, which is prevalent in the US. Most of the bullshit like this actually happens because of liberal, politically-correct movements, not because of capitalist ideals. Quite frankly, the reason I don’t like the idea of Socialism (in the USA, mind you) is because we cant seem to manage simple government programs like schools lunches. For now, the less government bullshit we have, the better.
    I’m with James here. Please don’t attempt to bash the US if you don’t live here. I don’t run around saying socialism in Europe is terrible. It’s because I don’t live there, and I can’t judge. If you are going to do these posts do them right. Portraying America like this doesn’t make you look intellectual, it makes you look ignorant. It is just honestly what I think when I see these, and I mean it in the most constructively-critical way possible.

    1. yeah, right, the vegan lesbians are to blame, those bastards! Because the left is clearly fighting for the police state and against principles like sharing!

      Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night…

      1. …its a PUBLIC school…FFS. Do you really think they have some capitalist agenda to fight for?
        Great strawman sir

          1. You are either lying to yourself, or just proving my point as to your unawareness of geopolitics.

            This is just one of many examples of stupid shit that happens in public schools. They don’t serve capitalism, they serve a board of education, which is perpetually trying to protect itself from lawsuits. I go to a public high school myself, and can tell you upfront that what I am saying is 100% true. I live in a typical area, and our local policy goes something like this:

            Dress Code: after Columbine shootings, we all have to tuck in our shirts. Recently, they took it a step further by banning piercings, visible tattoos, and flip flops. This was all done because they are a “hindrance to the learning process.”
            Cell Phones: after an incident where a girl was caught using her phone to cheat at another school, the rest of us face alternative school if we are caught with one in class, even if it is in our pockets and turned off.
            Sleeping: ( my favorite) last year, a kid came to school after taking a lot of Xanex…he ODd at his desk, but he looked like he was sleeping. To avoid lawsuits, the school has to immediately send any of us to the school nurse for a drug screening if we fall asleep in class. It is school policy.
            It has gotten to the point where it is against the rules to go to the bathroom during class hours. Being caught means you will get saturday school, and your teacher will be evaluated by the administration.
            Take it from me, this free lunch mishap is one of many examples of a mismanaged system that has to avoid lawsuits, and otherwise has no interest other than their convenience. The “Schools not Prison” sign is protesting these ridiculous rules we have to follow now. This has nothing to do with capitalism/socialism.

            1. Well as an American, how about I bash on America then? School boards aren’t just protecting themselves from lawsuits, everyone has a political interest and that is going to bleed over into decisions they make regarding policy. These men and women have obvious political needs, more so given that many know politicians as friends. America is at best a center-right nation, and our places of education are going to follow that standard. As for what this has to do with capitalism and socialism is fairly obvious, given how socialism has an obvious liberal connection.

            2. [citation needed]

              Frankly, the argument that this kid was arrested because of capitalist interest of the part of a public school board employees tops the list of scapegoats/conspiracies.
              I think it just passed the “Mexicans are why the economy crashed in 2008″ claims.

            3. No one ever said that he was arrested because of “capitalist interest”. Where did you even get that nonsense from?

            4. The argument here, if I have this straight is:

              Politicians are following a right-wing standard that floods into public school boards. This right wing standard is what has taken them to an extreme of teaching kids greed/capitalism. The greed-mentality is so extreme that a kid is arrested over chicken nuggets taken from a student who is on a free lunch program. (ignoring the fact that the other kid is on free lunch, which contradicts the “greed” scapegoat in the first place.)

              sounds absurd to me too. I’m not the one claiming it.

            5. This is exactly right. It goes back to an oldie but still a goodie when it comes to the American Way, that of the lawsuit.

    2. Liberal politically correct movements? Last I checked, socialism was on the left side of the political spectrum. Capitalism is more of a right-wing economic system. And I get the feeling that being against sharing is somehow NOT socialist.

      But like Josh said, whatever helps you sleep at night. Keep blaming “liberals” for things that are decidedly fascist and right-wing because that’s the only word you know to describe anything the government does wrong.

      1. God, you amaze me at how well you can see things in black and white.
        Its almost like you have a basic concept of things.
        You should be in DC sir, you are so politically aware.
        Those damn fascist right wingers are responsible for all of this, not rational motives like lawsuit prevention.

        I cant wait for the day people realize that the unions are just as crooked as the people of Goldman Sachs. Then I can finally sit with the subtle majority.

    3. I am going to do this and I already hate myself for it but there are no socialists in europe. Quite strangly we have not had a socialist government here since 1987. You know when the walls fell. Yes the expanded European Union has some of the old Marxist states but they have all gone over to the capitalist system. Yes we all have our liberals (as the US does) and our conservitives, some even have labour movements (these are not socialists though they say very much the same things they have different aims).
      I actually do get very pissed off listening to the notion that the US is the only true capitalist country since the English (not the UK) invented the idea of the democratic money driven system the US currently runs on. Not one of our better ideas but we have to have something to do.
      Now I want to point something out to those in the US. It is true what josh says about the negitive stories comming out of the US but what is not said is far more interesting. We have much the same stupidity here but our mass media are covering over the inconvient stories because the gov’s here have real issues with it. Our media are not as free to say what they want as your media are. We really have lost free speach across the euro zone and although we don’t make such a big fuss about some stories as others we also have media organizations not wishing to rock the boat as the saying goes.
      A fine example of this is the 11 year old who died while at school because some stupid teacher sent him out the class for having an asmatha attack. No one called an ambulance and waited for his parents to arrive and his lips to go blue. Now this by UK law is manslaughter but it seems that a childs life is pretty cheap these days because the teacher only might lose their job. How screwed up is that?

  5. Stop posting articles about the U.S. Josh. I don’t have enough money to move yet, and you just make me want to get out of the country more. But no matter what happens, if I have no money and Palin gets elected president in 2012, expect to see a man-sized package at your door. I promise you that I am house trained and good with children.

    1. you’re not supposed to move but to stand up against bull shit like this. There are many sane Americans out there, you just have to wake them up.

      1. Unluckily, the only way to fight things like this is with a hostile takeover nowadays. Unluckily our government has decided that after they are elected, they can do anything they want no matter what the people want, and this shows in their vetoing powers that they misuse. Want legalized pot? Veto. Want gay marriage? Veto. And I am including Obama in this. I call him Chocolate Bush. So the only way to fix this is to get rid of the people we have (who have no intention of leaving) and to elect people who are good. Unluckily like in the case of Dennis Kucinich, if a politician actually has good ideas that don’t fit in exactly with their party, the media and their own party will attempt to and are usually successful at erasing them so that no one knows they even exist.

        And no matter what, I am moving. If the country gets better, then that is good, but I don’t feel at home in any area here. I have always been attracted to places like Iceland and Ireland, so if I am able to, moving there would be pretty nice (preferably Ireland as I don’t have to learn Irish and have no time to learn Icelandic)
        If we elect Palin in 2012, then I am still moving, because that is the sign that while there are sane Americans, there sure as hell isn’t enough.

  6. I’m not American by choice. But by birth. I’ve completely grown to be unsympathetic to the ways of the normal American. I’ve lived in small rural towns, and large cites, I’ve moved across the east coast to the west. And I’ve noticed that people are all the same. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s that they’re lazy.

    It seems no one wants to learn, or think about other perspectives or think about things that don’t directly correlate to themselves. America is a truly passive country, with the outspoken ones being the most extreme and the ones with the most “power”.

    People are great, and I believe in humans completely, I just believe things like this will take time. Individuals are powerful and heartfelt and mostly logical, and yet society seems misdirected and misshapen.

    Anyway; my point is… this stuff will continue. And it’s important to look at it with sadness and shame and when called for, humor. Instead of with anger and hatred.

    There will always be rash, and bigoted people. Just the stances that they take that makes them a bigot in the eyes of society will change with the times.

    I’m always afraid that everyone from every other country will hate America, and I just hope they don’t hate the people.

    Honestly though I find this article hilarious, it sounds more like the faculty went through all this trouble to scold the teen for doing something he didn’t do, and that they didn’t want to just apologize…

    I can’t imagine they were thinking clearly when they went through all of that, and I’m sure the fine will be overturned in court. Or at least I’d hope.

    (Sorry for the massive comment. Thank you Josh, for this blog.)

    “My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”

  7. It amazes me to see such insanity coming from the country that preaches democracy. In Australia for a school student to be handcuffed they’d have to have killed someone or close to killing someone. Is there no law with how minors can be treated in the US? This is however a single sided opinion, it’s often useful to have more power over minors. On the other hand, simply, this issue really does not warrant the action taken, this wouldn’t happen in Russia, so who’s more liberal really?

  8. only in America eh! not even this PC. crazy place the good old UK is as fucking barmy as that. the media would fill an entire news sheet and the tely woud devote a prime time slot with discussion to follow, pleas tell me this really happened!!

  9. I think our job in America has mostly been to never worry enough about ourselves, but always be critical of what other countries are doing, and in the case we try to implement rationality in our government and culture, it’s labeled as communism or socialism.

    So my question would be, is democracy getting us anywhere? Time to try something new, if you ask me. Democracy fails, capitalism wins, both liberals as well as right wing conservatives are in corrupt agreements to benefit industry, not listen to the people.

    They try to make it sound so appealing, but the sad truth is that this government does not represent its people. Why was Montezuma stoned to death by his own people again?

    Because he didn’t represent THEM, he represented the corruption.

    In this country, you are supposed to be allowed to speak out against leaders and government. After all, are they not supposed to be elected BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE?? But no. You try it nowadays, you’re either jailed or shrugged off or chastised by the ruling right wing.

    Then the left wing promises you things they are unable to deliver because they’re in binding contractual agreements with big business and tied down NOT so much by the right wing, but because they’re lazy and no one has ever even attempted much progress.

    Take the Stonewall Riots for example. Before Harvey Milk died, he said “if a bullet should enter my brain, let it shatter every closet door”.

    I fought to make the point that NOTHING has changed since the 1970s, because I was outraged at a local murder of a lesbian woman who was shot in her car in a back lot of gay club. No one with any info wanted to come forth because the gay community was too scared of losing their jobs over it.

    Progress in this country involving true freedom and democracy is very slow and stagnant at best. There are few willing to step up to the plate to become activists anymore, and where politicians can claim that they stand for certain things, it is ultimately about propaganda and how they can get more money.

    As I look at the sad state of the U.S., the more I feel like engaging in flag burning, not as a desecration, but because this government does not stand for its people. Even wars are about money and military strength anymore.

    But why do we have the right to judge other countries when we cannot even properly manage and take care of our own? Unemployment funds are running out, teenagers and youth with good ideas are silenced, and capitalism thrives off extorting third-world countries with abundant resources while their immigrants move here just to try to make a better life for themselves whilst submitting to the heel that crushes them.

    But too often, much of America looks at the rest of the world and thinks they’re wrong. It’s time we realized we need to change. Sadly, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

    And that’s why many of us want to leave this country. There’s not much hope left.

  10. Frankly, i’ve been ashamed to call myself an American for quite sometime now. I see on the news everyday, and in posts like this, how insane people have become. Every little thing about our lives has now become someone else’s business, and the most innocent and trivial matters are now being portrayed as serious offenses. This is getting out of hand.

  11. Wow that was really weird/scary … worse again is that the victim was Hispanic (could that have been one of the prime reason for the schools overreaction?) and yet even worse is …. I’m not surprised anymore of those stories. They have become so frequent. Now THAT is scary.

    By the way thanks Josh for these articles … maybe I’m getting old but often I come here more to read the news than to look at pics.

  12. There are absurdities in other countries too, “Josh.” I am in no way a patriot, but hell even Fox News would call you biased.

    1. I think you purposely ignore the other articles bashing other countries, because it seems like you focus too much on the America ones. He’s only reporting on things that have actually been happening, it’s not like he’s making up shit just to trash on America. America is just REALLY being this stupid and newsworthy right now.

      1. The articles negatively painting America are the only ones that have Josh’s special pompous commentary added to them.

      2. So why not post the equally ridiculous things happening in other countries? Nowhere have I seen any mention of the more recent news about censorship in China, or the similar story about Australia and their new censorship software. This blog isn’t *just* about gay issues, obviously, there are clearly violations of human rights happening in more countries than just the US, but I don’t see them covered with anywhere near the frequency of stories about the US, nor do I get such a scathing tone from the writing when reading those other articles.

        And nobody except the one facetious request above is asking Josh to completely stop posting negative stories about the US, I think the people asking for a difference in his posting just want the negative stories from other countries to get coverage too, which so far, has been lacking on this blog. I’m not going to stop reading, because the blog is a good way for me to see other peoples’ perspectives on these subjects via the comments, but I still find displeasure at the constant bashing of the US here.

        1. If you’re calling my post(s) a “facetious request” you obviously didn’t read it/them.

        2. UK:




          Germany, Norway, Turkey, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia






          …and so on.

          And if you check the Periodical Political Posts you will realise that there were negative stories about pretty much every country of the world in them at some point.

  13. It may seem like America bashing, but as Josh said, there is a lot more of these stories coming from America right now, and the issue I have is that where America treads, the rest of the Western world seems intent on following. Curtailing liberties really ramped up under Bush, and now UK and Australia are seeing similar persecution of those who speak out against the governments. Its only by exploiting every last story in blogs like this that perhaps the next generation can start standing up against it.

    By asking Josh to stop posting negative stories about America, you are following the same path as your governments in trying to prevent anything negative being said about your state. I think that harks back to communism doesnt it?

    1. He said the “C” word! We’re supposed to freak out!!! Please.

      It’d be nice if Josh would at least have somewhat of a healthy balance of good and bad political news coverage out of America or maybe not solely pluck negative articles out of the United States and no other country.

      1. It’d be nice if Josh would at least have somewhat of a healthy balance of good and bad political news coverage out of America or maybe not solely pluck negative articles out of the United States and no other country.

        Explain me how a positive post about the USA is going to make the current post any less negative, please, because I don’t see how this is going to do it.

        I understand you might feel hurt by what you see as american bashing, but maybe that’s because you aren’t aware of many things that are going on there, things you discover here.

        You can be a patriot and still think “the police in my country can be completely fucked up sometimes”. I’m french, and that’s what I think about french police. Does that make me a France hater ? No !
        (I actually do hate France, but for many many other reasons than police behaviour, even if the french police behaviour doesn’t make me hate France any less).

  14. This is not a strictly political blog, and as it is Josh’s blog, HE decides what political posts he shares. If you want balance, read political articles on other sites to ‘balance out’ the information you absorb. Unless you’re one of the lazy Americans “ForswornHero” refers to.

    Its not hard to find balance yourself, really. Stop being self-indulgent, and lift your fat fingers to click onto another news site.

    Globally, people cannot deny that in all countries some odd things happen, but for the EXTREMITY of the action taken in this article, it shows that there is an obvious pattern of irrational action in America for this to even be considered, let alone executed!

    I’ve never known or come across someone in any capacity who is intellectual, rational, and pro-America.

    I’m not saying they are anti-America per se, but rather very much against the frankly fucked-up system that the people of America are stuck in.

    And for the people who are sick of the hating articles about America: STAND UP against your system, challenge it publicly, do something to trigger positivity, and then we would have positive articles to read, would we not?

    Again, “ForswornHero” is right. Its the lazy culture, and misguided understanding of power, that will lead America to self-destruction. If it can be bothered…

  15. Socialism is dead, it never worked and is now thoroughly discredited.
    Amerikans just use it as a bogey word to scare the red-necks with.

    However the rise of religious fundamentalism in your country should be addressed with vigour.

    No other country allows stories from an old book to be taught as scientific fact.

    Also this “the Assistant Principal then told the police officer in the school,”

    So it is usual to have police officers in schools ?

    I don’t think that happens elsewhere.

    What is correct, if Palin gets elected it will be a sign that the USA has left the rest of the world.
    So all of you on here whinging that you are unfairly represented show us the other side of the coin and get out there and find a decent President that doesn’t belong to corporate Amerika.

    1. “No other country allows stories from an old book to be taught as scientific fact.”

      Oh, I’ll bet Muslim countries are pretty backwards. All religion is dangerous.

      1. @Big Gay Al: Very well said. And I should add: STUPID. How so many (BILLIONS!) could/can/will ACTUALLY BELIEVE any of that PURE BULLSHIT is totally beyond my comprehension [they say we use ONLY 10% of our brain-power - and religious idiots clearly don't use that much - do we really need this crap to prove them right?].

        To all you ‘god’-ranters, bible thumpers and “faith-healers,” I offer you this:

        Come to my front door and form a line. I will anoint all of you with my ‘holy water.’ After the first 150 or so, I discover I’m out of ‘holy water’ in my cup. WAIT, I’ll see if I can get some more. I go to my kitchen or bathroom and, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH, I RE-FILL my ‘holy water’ cup. I go back to the front door and proclaim in my best holy robe, “I just prayed for more holy water … and … A MIRACLE HAPPENED … I now have more ‘holy water’ for as many of you as it will go. See what FAITH and PRAYER will do?”

        Excuse me while I turn my head after that and laugh my fucking head off.

  16. I’ll bet that stupid cop had a hard on the whole time. Boys in handcuffs is probably why he became a cop in the first place. Cops are the bullies you knew back in school.

  17. This stupid incident isn’t the result of right-wing conservatives imposing their religious beliefs or left-wing socialists. It’s simply beaucratic stupidity. I’m sure that a student in the past was selling his “free lunch” to another student. Can’t have that! So there is a rule against selling or trading or giving away your lunch. (You don’t even want to know how much waste there is in school lunches.) The other aspect is school discipline. Teachers and administrators have very limited power to discipline students either by law, policy or the threat of lawsuit. And so a simple infraction is raised to the level of the police. And the police react like they are trained to do. It’s not unlike the policy of weapons in school. Not a bad idea, but it is carried out to a rediculous level. There was recently a story of a boy about 5 or 6 years of age who was suspended from school because he glued some of his small plastic toy soldiers to a hat to honor a relative serving in the military. It’s not that we’re politically extreme in America; we’ve become beaucrats who don’t want to or can’t take responsibility for our jobs as teachers, students, administrators, etc. America won’t collapse because of how we teach evolution or how we treat gays. it will be because we have sold our freedom for the security of a stiffling beaucracy.

  18. Stay classy Wisconsin!

    And to all who are biotching at Josh…GET OVER YOURSELF! Seriously, there have been numerous postings about other countries doing senseless things as well. If you don’t like it, why are you here? America is not a perfect place to live in, what a shocker…..Maybe you all need to get out in the world and stops sucking on your momma’s t!tt!es and find out for yourself.
    I enjoyed the story Josh and thought it was very funny, actually. It was a story about a boy and his nuggets and how that wanted to be free! So thanks for bringing it up on the site.

  19. Oh for the love of sanity!! This goes up there with tazering an 8 year old or an old lady. Personal safety for the officer is well and good, but come on.

    Incidently the LAW on not sharing your government ENTITLEMENT for this lazy miscreant, is simply a safe guard against those lazy poor people who use Government Subsidies and Entitlement programs to live off the largess of hard working folks. Why should they have to spend their hard earned dollar on the poor, who clearly prefer being poor, the infirmed, elderly and those stupid people who got HIV/AIDS by being
    a) careless
    b) lazy bastards who wish to join the other leaches living off the largess of the good folk who earn their money
    c) unnatural ungodly HOMOSEXUALS.

    It also says a lot for my country of good Christians (among other religions) when people make fun of Charles Dickens and call him a Socialist aka Communist because he demanded good Christians find it in their hearts to practice forbearance, charity and good works for those without.

    This is nothing new…. ‘America is a country of Laws! We don’t need Common Sense.” speaks for itself.

    It is not a Right/Left issue. It is both a complacency issue on the part of the people, and the take over of our society and government by big business. How many times have I heard “That candidate isn’t worth of the (office)! He/she isn’t a business person who can understand how to run the country.” Pffftttthhh.
    How can a voter fight against something like these disgusting laws if the candidates all end up pandering to Big Business just to get into office?
    Oh and now Corporations may openly give like any other citizen. So much for reform of campaign finance. Ppppfffttthhhh.

    The call for ‘equal and balanced’ reporting is a call to take the only real weapon the people have to fight back. We have made the media and journalism impotent… most are owned by large corporations with delusions of importance. Foxx News is just a joke. Keep posting Josh. If we don’t see the problems we can be complacent and assured of our place in Heaven.

    Poor America, we keep on helping the world and getting shat upon. I am so fucking tired of this crap I can just scream.

    But I am one of those lazy, socialist types who prefer to live off the good people through those Entitlements just because I’m sick but refuse to die.
    The fact that I live on my SSDI taken from 22+ years of solid work is just smoke and mirrors.

    Oh did you know that there are states in this union who have had to drop their HIV Drug programs for HIV/AIDS patients for the lack of charitable contributions and government cutbacks of wasteful spending? States like Florida with the third largest population of HIV/AIDS patients? So now the drugs provided at cost, a general cocktail of three drugs costing a meager $2000 a month, are no longer available to these patients. Chronic disease is only chronic when managed. Happy happy day. Such is life. It could be worse. We could live in Uganda.

  20. Just went back 5 pages taking a look at the periodical political posts, all of them have have their negative points directed towards the United States. No positive news and barely any negative news from any other countries.

    I’m as liberal as they come and even I call shenanigans.

  21. I think the problem is the mentality of the free lunch program.
    I understand that the economy is tough, but not only are there free lunches, but now they’ve started free breakfast. At what point is the parent responsible to take care of their child? And teach the child to earn his/her own way in the world. When i was in school, the kids who got free lunch came to school with several dollars worth of candy every day. If they could afford candy, why can’t they afford lunch?

  22. I’m sure if the he hadn’t been insubordinate this would have not been a story. But Milkyboy conveniently left that part out!

  23. Wow, this has sort of…. massively been blown out of all proportion… and caused a bit of an overreaction really.

    Which makes it quite ironic given that the article is about the same thing happening.

    <3 irony, makes me laugh.

    Anyway, point is, ease up on Josh guys, he's only sharing his nuggets.

  24. wow. this sure is fun all you yanks scratching each others eyes out, better than watching a party political broadcast here in the UK,lol.

  25. My 2 cents :=)

    This past school year I made a friend from England. He lived in the States for about a year. I’m sure when he first arrive to the States he a general idea of how American were based on what you hear in the media, etc. Even worse, he was moving to Georgia, a mostly republican and conservative state.

    I can understand where he coming from. I an immigrant myself and I would hear all the horror stories. However, overall he had an amazing experience. He learn a lot about American culture. More importantly, he realized it was not how it is portrait in the media. Sure there were things he didn’t like, mostly political stuff and how he could legal drink while in England he could lol.

    Think about it. America is a capitalist, free mark society. The days of privately owned media outlets are long gone. They are ownd by huge for profit corporations. Most, if not all, sorts of media – tv, print, radio – are for profit businesses. It’s all about ratings. Nobody wants to read happy stories all the time. It’s the dramatic, most horrific stories that bring in more views which in turn is important for advertisers.

    Someone mentioned that lately most of the stories coming from America are all these terrible things happening to people. I disagree. I’m willing to bet, and I don’t need some statistic or expert to confirm this, that there equally as many good stories out there as there are bad stories. It is not that more bad things are happening, its the fact that mostly the bad things are being reported on because that is what people react to. This is like saying there more gay people today than in the past – not true! There are as many gay people today as there were 100 years ago, only difference, people are more open about it. It’s an interesting business model that works and corporations make a lot of money exploiting this notion.

    America is such a big country. England fits in the state of Georgia! I think it is a little unfair to make generalizations when the range of political views, opinions, people vary so much from state to state. My friend from England was impressed when crosses several time zones and still be in the same country lol. we traveled togethere while he lived here. We did a road trip to Florida, flew to California. He did some traveling by himself too. He went to DC, New York, Boston, etc. He enjoyed every minute of it and got to see first hand different people are from state to state, city to city.

    If I ever travel abroad, ill be afraid to say I’m an American citizen. Not because I’m not proud to be an American, but because I’m afraid people would assume I’m like most Americans. I’m lucky because I don’t look American. I was born in a different country. I have an accent. I can just say I’m from Honduras and people will welcome me with open arms :).

    Believe me when I say there are things I don’t like about this country. However, I have lived 12 years in this country and has never experienced some of the horrible things reported in the media. It doesn’t mean they don’t happen or that I don’t care. My friend from England didn’t experience anything horrible either. In fact, even though he wanted to go home, he didn’t want to leave either because he made a lot of friends and also liked living here.

    Don’t use the media as you only source to learn about different counties. If you have an aportunity to visit, do so. Come with an open mind and you might learn something new. Just don’t talk about politics :) people always argue.

    P.s josh, I love your blog. I appreciate all the articles you post. They are informative.

  26. This is completely screwed. You’ve got to be kidding!! America has become so fucked up, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m an American. This is where the countries priorities are? Arresting teens for THIS? There’s no hope at all for the USA, it’s 3/4 of the way into toilet already, I think this is gonna hit with a huge splash. How screwed up can you get!!

    1. Just wait till Sarah Palin runs for any political office …. she’s gunning now for President in 1012, they say …. and if you think U.S.A. is going to the toilets now, wait until Palin’s shit hits the fan, because she’s too stupid to understand what “bathroom tissues” are all about.

      1. OOOOPS! I obviously meant 2012 …. but it would have been better for all of us if she HAD run BACK IN 1012!

  27. I don’t understand why the US Americans here care so much whether “their” country is criticized or maligned. To identify with a country is to exhibit a slave mentality. Becoming incensed when others criticize your master and owner is indicative of Stockholm syndrome.

    Most of the criticisms I read seem just to me. The government of the US is run by a violent oppressive kakistocracy, its stance toward the rest of the world is one of arrogant belligerence, most of the people it governs are malleable brainless dolts who look to government crime lords, religious charlatans, and MSM lackeys to form their opinions for them. They are incapable of forming their own opinions.

    Americans tolerate and even seem to delight in perverse and draconian legislation that serves only to grant ever greater coercive power to their rulers and masters, usually in spite of the potential consequences to themselves. The anti-immigration frenzy that manifested most recently in the form of rampantly xenophobic hatred and persecution of “illegals” in Arizona is evidence of this. The new legislation has served only to put at risk the peace of the very ones who clamored for it. They foolishly believe that if they are “white” they have nothing to fear, caring not for the fact that brown-skinned Americans of Mexican descent comprise a huge proportion of the citizen population in the American southwest.

    This lunacy is spreading to other states. The propensity of Americans to endorse ready-made opinions with no more than a few seconds thought is everywhere evident. A recent poll showed that 70% of Texans support proposals for similar anti-immigrant legislation in their state. This in a state with a 37% Hispanic population!

    The inability of the masses to think critically in the US is nothing new. Alexis de Toqueville observed in 1840 that “In the United States, the majority undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity of forming opinions of their own.”

    1. I don’t know why you “opened the door” and started ranting about ILLEGAL immigrants in Arizona (and other states, for sure), ** but since you did **, you seem to FAIL TO UNDERSTAND that they are ILLEGALS, PERIOD.

      While it’s ‘nice’ to show sympathy for those MILLIONS of ILLEGALS (and you can be sure it’s a hell of a LOT MORE than that paltry “12 million” that they try to minimize it to), when you PAY TAXES in this country for DESERVED SERVICES, such as MEDICAL, you don’t appreciate about 60% of those taxes are going to those who think just because the can come to this country for ANY AND ALL FREE SERVICES they can get.

      Case in point: When you go to an EMERGENCY entrance to a hospital for a serious breathing situation (while maybe not “life-threatening [per se],” is certainly a serious condition, nonetheless), you don’t appreciate waiting for HOURS AND HOURS behind what obviously appears to be ILLEGALS just to get to see some doctor for just a few minutes and have him give you a quick prescription for necessary antibiotics to minimize a serious breathing condition. I had to wait NINE HOURS (about 14 years ago) in an “emergency request” just to get to see a “doctor” for only about 10-15 minutes (at most) and wait to have the prescription filled.

      After you have done that, as well as suffered through numerous denials for various help situations just because you are WHITE and you CONTINUOUSLY WATCH ILLEGALS get all the FREE MONIES AND SERVICES that they CLEARLY DON’T DESERVE, THEN maybe you might see the PURE IDIOCY of what you just said.

      Arizona passed a very sensible law that many states are considering right now BECAUSE THE U.S. FEDERAL GOV’T is simply NOT policing our southern border PROPERLY.

      1. lol “illegals”? i wonder what the native americans call you after you killed them and took their land. YOU are an immigrant in THEIR country so stfu about people from mexico, will you?

        silly racists actually believing THEY are discriminated… lol

        1. For you to reply such as that, you just showed your TOTAL STUPIDITY with regard to TODAY’S ILLEGAL immigrants. While I won’t deny that OUR DESCENDANTS came and took over land, if you’re from ANY country that has ANY real history to it, you will find that someone else came to YOUR country in similar fashion to the U.S.A. – especially if you take the time to DIG OUT that country’s FULL HISTORY.

          And FURTHER showing your stupidity, you are SO QUICK to bring up the FALSE ‘RACE CARD’ that so many Mexicans do to JUSTIFY their THEFT of OUR MONIES & SERVICES PAYED TO THEM FROM TAX-PAYING CITIZENS.

          This has NOTHING to do with “race,” but about LEGALITY, which you must be too stupid and self-centered to understand (actually accept the OBVIOUS FACTS).

          And if you even seriously think that Mexicans come here for any “American Dream,” you are really stupid. They come here for THEIR MEXICAN DREAM – TO TAKE WHAT THEY CAN FROM US and because of our overly liberal governments, they succeed quite well.

          And what about “assimilation” into U.S. CULTURE? Staying here for DECADES without even any desire to speak even conversational English (let alone be fluent) and CONTINUALLY TAKING every service they can during these decades — that’s NOT “assimilation” by any stretch of the imagination.

          And you “open your mouth” so quickly that you didn’t even stop to THINK about what I said earlier. I’m NOT against LEGAL immigrants – who applied through papers and were accepted.

        2. @ROFLcopter :

          *I* am NOT an immigrant in THEIR country (Mexico). *I* was born just outside Washington D.C. in Maryland which is NO FUCKING WAY ANYWHERE NEAR Mexico. And when *I* was born, Mexico’s border WAS NOT (AND IS NOT) any further NORTH of where it is right now.

          So, maybe YOU should “stfu” about things you OBVIOUSLY DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT.

          1. I’m pretty sure that he meant you’re an illegal immigrant in the country of the native Americans thus you have no right to complain about anyone else doing the same thing your ancestors did. Well, not the same thing since the Mexicans don’t kill you or take your land.

            However, can we all stop the shouting now? This got a bit off topic anyway.

        3. Could you be more clueless about history if you tried? In 1493, His Holiness Pope Alexander VI, in the Bull of Demarcation, divided the New World between Their Most Catholic Majesties, the Kings of Spain and Portugal. From that moment, the lands and waters of the Western Hemisphere became the property of those Crowns, and the inhabitants thereof became their Subjects. Your ‘noble savages’ were qute properly dispossessed by the Vicar of Christ himself. I am sorry if that offends your politicaly correct sensibilities, but, like it or not, that is HOW HISTORY GETS DONE.

          BTW, calling an illegal alien an undocumented worker is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

          1. So if I invent a bat shit crazy religion and make myself the pope of it I can just declare you my subject and then legally kill you and take your land? Because that’s exactly what happened here in case you didn’t notice.

            1. Precisely! You have a profund sense of the obvious. Of course we could debate whether Christianity is ‘bat shit crazy’ for the rest of our natural lives, but you clearly understood the point of my post – regardless of how we look at 15th century stuff here in the 21st, it is nevertheless HOW HISTORY GETS DONE.

  28. Who the hell wants to live in a country where you can’t bust parents for family photos, or throw kids in jail for sharing lunch? Wait till the school finds out that most boys masturbate with their friends!

    Hey, seriously now, it’s important to overeat lest good food fall into the hands of the poor. We certainly can’t have THEM eating tax-paid nuggets.

    Of course, the dirty little secret here is that the schools are all run by true-believer liberals and the fanatically left-wing teachers’ unions. Practically anything that goes down in any school is directly attributable to them.

    1. Liberals and conservatives are ultimately the same. Their differences are just an illusion, two facets of the same authoritarian elite who wage fake wars against each other to confound the proles and to maintain the appearance of a two-party political system. Their goals are the same, but they attack you by different vectors. They both want to control your life, to steal your productivity for their own gain, and to regulate society and the economy to benefit themselves.

      The insanity of laws that result in the arrest of kids and assessment of fines for sharing food with friends transcends political boundaries, mainly because the boundaries themselves are fake.

  29. My 11 yo nephew informed me the other day that he’s not allowed to dip his pizza crust in ranch dressing. Believe it or not it’s against school policy because it’s not the norm and they’re afraid it might incite a food fight. The penalty, even if you bring your own dressing is in school suspension. In northern va. a school district passed a zero tolerance policy on no touching. You can’t handshake, high-five or god forbid hug somebody. I’m an american and I’m also a member of the ACLU and I can tell you that the ignorant conservatives have caused me to be embarassed for trying to preach being open minded and free thinking. In a few more years I plan to jump off this merry-go-round and take my retirement money and spend and live in another country. I know quite a few of my generation who plan to do the same. Ask New Jersey what happened when there was a mass exodus of its’ state.

    1. Like horselips, you too seem stuck in the illusion of a left-right paradigm. There is only one party, one enemy, and it is called the State. Yes, “conservatives” are ignorant, and so are “liberals”. They all believe the lie that that how you are ruled is more important than the fact that you are ruled. If you are ruled, you cannot be free.

      I’d like to bug out too in a few years. Where are you thinking of heading? There is no place you will be free, but there may be some places where you can still simply be left alone.

        1. @horselips: VERY nicely said! Everything gnat said was sooo ‘out there’ that I couldn’t even comprehend exactly what he was TRYING to actually say. Maybe he could go to Cuba? Or even try out North Korea or Iran, maybe? Those countries just might appreciate all the gobbledy-gook he’s trying to muster up and say. Personally, I just thought it was total bullshit (much like his ‘left-right paradigm’ crap).

          1. Let me get this right… if you disagree with what is happening in the country, you shouldn’t speak out against it, just leave?

            Why does this boil down to socialism vs capitalism?
            Can it be that there is nothing wrong in the US?
            I just wonder. I have asked for people to suggest solutions. But no one does. It’s just ‘you’re a silly socialist’ or ‘you’re a stupid conservative’ … same old songs.

            I accept my views don’t appeal to you or seem at all valid. That’s ok. I don’t understand the conservative ability to see nothing of the future but the past. Conserving what was seems rather pointless. So we agree to disagree.

            So I ask … what do you do with the poor, the disabled and the elderly? Roads, bridges, electrical grids, water systems , all of the infra-structures that have to be updated, not just maintained?

            And the laws we all are suffering and being threatened with… the loss of freedoms and the incredible, almost inconceivable reach of the power of government? Unless this kind of action is ok?

            How do we balance that without a free election system without industries hands in every senator or congressman’s pocket?
            Unless you don’t think that is happening?

            I wish I had the answers. I don’t. I just see injustices and freedoms being cut off by hypocrites on all sides.

            I think Josh is doing a good job showing these ridiculous over reaches of power and abusive laws. And every one agrees it is happening the world over. We need to get together and figure out how to break this hold the few have over the many… or it will get worse and the answers will only be found in destruction and ruin.

            I’d love to run away but there is no place where you will get away from what we see here. So it’s fight back or remain complacent and let them control you. I’m dying. It won’t matter to me in the end. It does matter now. I can not believe Americans are allowing such silliness divide them when we have so much to lose.

  30. The iphone app “Edge” for gay news might add some extra roundness to the argument. They do seem to end up with a slightly higher proportion of the so called good news.

    Do note however that it is an adult app and as such normally deals with an older age group.

  31. You do realize that this law probably came about as a result of the actions of a group of people who are sympathetic toward socialism?

  32. F*****g ridiculous, looks like it is not only the UK where the lunatic fringe is taking over.

  33. Good question. Why do they have that law not to share free federal food.

    Personally I don’t think it has to do with socialism. I rather guess there has been some abuse that some people shared federal free food in large quantities or sold it.

    But in the end: bad creation of law or application of it.

  34. Ugh…The more I see stories like this, the more I hate living in this Capitalist Stab-your-Brother-for-his-Cash Country.

  35. Wow, people seem to be taking this personally.
    I believe this has been blown out of proportion.
    As a citizen of the USA I have to agree we have been known to do some really stupid crap.
    Mostly due to our own internal extremism, “my way or no way”, even in the politicians. I tend to blame Reagan for handing the republican party to the Right Wing extremists (Jerry Falwell & Pat Roberts especially) during his tenure as president.

  36. That’s ridiculous. If anyone should be in trouble, it should be the school for improper use of the 911 service. Arrested over chicken nuggets? Is this really what we’ve come too?

  37. This is silly, the world is silly. How can you charge people for what isn’t yours, everything is borrowed from existence, and food keeps people alive. (Although chicken is the life of another creature your taking, but whole different argument.) For shame world, for shame.

  38. Yet again, we all need to thank Josh for his forbearance with us all, allowing this thread to go viral in all directions. It’s good for us, good for the blog, and just plain good, period. Thanks again Josh.

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