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  1. I love seeing young, mouthwatering teenage boys showing off with precocious teenage girls – my mind naturally leaps ahead to where they lose their hangers-on friends and fuck each other silly. This little clip is sooo hot – for his lovely bod, and for what the whole thing portends.

    1. Ah the 1970’s. The best of times. Sex and love were for free. violence was out and love was in. You could have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and it was cool. You make me want to cry.

  2. This boy is so hot that I actually feel tempted to call him “hawt”. And I abhor the word “hawt”.

  3. hmmmm… ya i don’t know what all the fuss is about. Call me weird but the emoish guys do nothing for me.

    1. definitley not an emo boy just a cute guy. maybe it’s not the emoness but you like guys to be guys?

        1. no he has no eyeliner no hair dye no peircings no wrist bands. i wear skinnies and plain crew necks and vnecks but dont straihtener my hair hes definitley no emo.

          1. *smile*
            I´m a little older than 30 >> 48, but i know very well what a emo is…..
            this guy definately is a straight usual teenager…..
            But hey guys why do younger people need to specificate everything so determined?

  4. Haven’t you run this before?

    P.S. I hope this was sufficiently “on topic” for you! :)

  5. Nice looking kid and his friend does seem to be interested. Shoot, I’d have been that’s for dang sure. >^_^<

    I really like the hair style. Maybe Im thinking back to my high school years, but these kids seem nicer. The kids I remember were really unpleasant. But then I hated high school.

    1. I agree. It is fun to see young boys whearing long hair and not acting like thugs in baggy clothes. For me the hair style and the clothes look very emo. especially the hip hugger tight pants and belt. But I like the emo look and the kid is cute. If I was young again I would live my life very differently.

      1. Oh absolutely. The thug look gives a bad name to all Thuggee past and present. XD

        I like this look a lot. Yes, Hibou, he IS yummy. :D

        I used to think that I would have lived life differently too. But were I to have done that, then my son would never have been born and that would have been a very real tragedy. And, I might not have developed as I have. The pain and misery I had to go through personally was and is cathartic. I am a better person for all of it.
        No, this life may have sucked, but I would not change it.

  6. I think he’s. . . hawt, too! Lean and tight, dark haired and cute. Once, on a trip home from the beach, my friends and I stopped in, all of us shirtless, in a shopping mall. We were intercepted by security, and asked to leave. I somehow knew even then that my country had changed–for the worse, and possibly irrevocably so–if teenage boys were considered a threat, or even inappropriate, simply for going shirtless.

    1. I remember back in the 1970’s as a boy seeing teenage boys shirtless at the grocery store. (I never did because I have always been pudgy and unattractive.) We Americans are becoming more paranoid and fearful.

  7. Ok, I live in the central valley in California. It is a conservative, religious and republican area together with a mix of bay area migration with it’s hyper macho, criminally sophisticated, gang entrenched, anti-education, anti-work, gay bashing values. No emo boys exist here. The only emo boys or emoish looking boys I have seen are online. In my day any kid with long hair was considered a hippie. Upon from returning from Viet Nam I wore long hair but did not consider myself a hippy. So for an old guy twice over 30, a kid in tight pants with that distintive longish hair style and cute is an emo boy. So I will concede to enormous ignorance. But damn it I want one.

  8. He is absolutely perfect. His smooth, hairless, slender body makes me want him so damn bad. Perfection. Pure sex oozing out like hot flowing lava. What I’d of given to spend high school sleepovers with him.

  9. The guy on the right is my little brother hahahah
    wish girls irl were this enthusiastic about me at age 15 and now at 18! >_>

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