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  1. I have to say, I find myself more appreciative of the composition and contemplative mood of this photo, than of the fact that he is a stunning model and nakers.

    Pictures like this make me gaze less upon his ample gifts, and more upon his eyes, causing me to wonder about just what is going on in there,.. Ah, the smoky sweetness of mystery!

    1. The picture and the title certainly suggests a contemplative moment. The question of shame is something all of us had to struggle with regarding sexual concerns. Shame was a constant clowd over my head. This picture evokes many memories and reflections for me.

      This is a beautiful kid.

      1. I’m not sure that this picture is supposed to evoke/convey any sort of shame. It may be that he’s checking himself out. I can remember being in that position and watching things ‘grow’. Your body after all, is kinda amazing until you get into a routine and forget all it can do and do for you.

        But agreed….he is at least being contemplative about his hardware.;-)

  2. shame? i thought that when u orgasmed u feel relief and pride? :P so kind of the opposite? XD and how come i cant see any shaving stubbles on his pubic area!? :/

    1. that may be because he just shaved. or the picture doesn’t show such details. or it was shopped. :)

    2. Probably because he used something like Nair, Neet or other ‘lotion’ [chemical] type of hair removal. Which is better since you won’t get the typical stubble and itchiness associated with razor shaves. When using Nair or others, the hair grows back slower and softer — just like when you were first growing your pubic hair — so no itchiness or pain (if used properly). If any of you shave any/all of your pubic areas (including the anal/’crack’ area), try using one of those ‘lotions’ — you’ll like it much better and it will feel more natural.

      And again, any “shame” has its roots in some type of religion and/or from previous generations insisting there must be some type of shame because of what they were “taught” [brainwashed] from their religion.

      1. No, do NOT use Nair or Neet on your genital/anal regions, they can cause serious skin burns, possibly even do damage down there!!!!!

        1. While they may affect YOU, you can’t generalize with a blanket statement like that. It doesn’t affect others in whatever way you refer to. Otherwise, why would millions of women and yes, males use it also? Of course, you should try it out on a small patch of your skin first before applying it larger areas. But it’s generally fine as long as you use it according to the instructions. I’ve used it many times with no adverse reactions. Again, millions of women use it for “bikini maintenance” — you do know what that implies, don’t you (unless I’m mistaken, there’s no hair anywhere around their breasts)? And besides, there are at least a dozen different brands — as well as formulas to remove hair. I’m not specifying which brand to use.

          You need to stop trying to instill fear into everyone when you have no basis of fact. Also, I was just offering a possible reason as to why his (in the photo) pubic area appears to be so smooth and without stubble.

          1. No, YOU need to quit telling others what to do. Who died and made YOU boss?

            I have seen numerous articles about the VERY REAL danger of using products like Nair arond the genital/anal region. Either you’ve been lucky so far, or you’re lying about using it yourself. You don’t like someone else’s advice, then don’t use it yourself. In other words, quit trying to turn this site into a Nazi zone where others have to follow YOUR thinking.

            1. “YOU need to quit telling others what to do.”

              Where do you see that I’m telling/ordering anyone? I did say “try using one of those ‘lotions’”, but I’m pretty sure by anyone’s interpretations that would mean only a suggestion, certainly not ordering anyone to do it. Do you not know how to read a post properly? You might want to see if a local school near you has some night courses for you to take up — like maybe 6th grade reading comprehension?

              “quit trying to turn this site into a Nazi zone where others have to follow YOUR thinking”

              Where are you getting this from my post? I offered a suggestion only and a precaution to read the instructions. You are the one demanding “NO!” and “don’t use it!” without any references to back you up. If anyone is being a Nazi here, I suggest you spin around quickly to check if your swastika band has slid or is sliding off your sleeve — you know, from rapidly raising your arm upwards while muttering something akin to “Heil!”

              And for you to make blanket statments like you did, I and many others would ask, Where are your references? You are doing a lot more ordering than I am. I have used a few different brands many times on myself as well as my partners and none of us have had any reactions. Most probably because I have experience using them and I take time to read the instructions carefully. No, not ‘lucky’ but simply using common sense and following the directions (some say 3 minutes, others 4 minutes and some are 5 minutes). What reason would I have for lying about this?

              “You don’t like someone else’s advice, then don’t use it yourself.” You might want to do exactly that.

            2. as someone with med exp. i strongly suggest not to use chem. hair rem. around your nuts…… some dont have reactions most others do anyway be carefull!!!

            3. ive used hair removal cream on my leg once and it burned! :/ im not stupid that stuff is not going anywhere near my private parts :P

            4. Again, as Frank111 stated very well: “That’s what directions are for. It’s up to the customer to read the label.” I hope your leg wasn’t ‘burned’ too bad — I assume everything was OK after a few hours?

            5. @yekim: “someone with med exp.”
              You call yourself a medical professional and that is how you write? I would expect a medical professional to have at least 6 years of higher learning as well as residency, internship, etc. — and when communicating to the public, I would also expect better writing and communication skills. And that 6 years should be higher than high school, not kindergarten.

              If you can’t write/communicate any better than that, you need to stop giving any type of medical advice (because I would never believe you or accept it) or at least go back to school and learn those skills.

            6. Used Nair before on a few areas, and though it does burn if you leave it on TOO long (read instructions guys!), I found it still left “stubble” as you can’t exactly get it purely smooth.

              Simply put, Nair “burns” hair, and if left on too long, will also cause burning sensation to the skin. Watch how long you leave it on for. But as far as results, not leaving it on long enough will not kill hair to the roots, and thus, it looks worse then shaving.

              I doubt this boy used Nair, as it’s way too smooth for such a product. But regardless, the photo is simply art-worthy! And the subject, whether naturally smooth or not, is outstandingly gorgeous.

            7. I only suggested that he may have used “Nair” or others (which I also implied). And your precautions are duly noted and very good. Thank you for them. It obviously pays to be as careful as possible when “altering the landscape” in those areas (and I stated as such)! He also could maintain his area on a regular frequent basis with a razor and soap or lather so that he can stay very smooth. Whichever way, it looks great.

              To my eyes, (with the age he appears to be within in that b&w photo) he also may be quite naturally smooth and/or have a smaller pattern of pubic hair that may not leave its “shadow” of pattern even after a complete shave. And if so, good for him.

            8. Can definitely understand the “suggested” bit.. just pointing out that my previous experiences with such a product didnt look like that (though, as you stated, all hair is different, so it may just be me)..

              Thanks for the reply too :) Was hoping for maybe a suggestion on how to use the product, or a new product for hair removal, especially in the “lower region”. I have waxed before, shaved, and used nair.. Though I’m not naturally that hairy, love the feel of someone running their hands down my smooth body ;)

            9. @EuroBoy90:
              From my personal experience, if you prefer to use the “lotion” [chemical] hair removers, you may need to try out several different brands as well as some different types within a brand. Nair has at least 6 (or more) different types — all with different times to leave it on (some say 3 minutes, others 4 minutes and some are 5 minutes, etc.). Also, if you use them, just put a very small amount on an area that isn’t so sensitive and try it out. If all goes well, you can try it elsewhere. And don’t use them directly on your “normal” pubic hair (length). Use an electric clipper or trimmer to cut the hair very short, THEN use the lotions on what’s remaining. You’ll get much better results that way.

              It all boils down to knowing your skin and hair. Like everyone is saying, take care not to leave it on for any longer than you can stand it. Personally for me, I find that I can leave it on for about 30 seconds and as much as 1 minute longer than what the directions say (and yes, even on the scrotum area as well as around the anus). Just know your own body and use with caution. Also, use a timer with seconds!

              Otherwise, maybe a ladies shaver and either soap or some lather in the shower — works for lots of guys too — you may need to do it this way more often to stay smooth and not get the stubble.

              Again, for me, the chemical removers make the hair grow out slower and softer, just like when you first got pubic hair and with no itching. Good luck!

      2. Yes, the use of Nair is exceptional. But be cautious, Nair will burn if on too long. And DO NOT rub it in hair. Coat the hair fully. You will find it fully satisfying, smooth and comfortable. Leave on 3 to five minutes. If it starts to burn shower it off immediately. It even works wonders on the testicles. I feel great after use. Use the ‘ladies’ Nair. It works faster and better than the man’s version.

        1. Thank you for helping me emphasize the reading and following of all directions on the package along with using some basic common sense. As well as every person’s personal hair and skin is different and should be treated that way. I didn’t think it necessary for me to have to point this out to what appears to be an unrational man.

          1. That’s what directions are for. It’s up to the customer to read the label. Like cigarettes and alcohol there are warnings. I’ve experienced some burning and end up with a quick rinse and some skin lotion. It’s gone in a few hours and no side-effects.

  3. Beautiful photograph. Romantic pose. Perhaps a bit too erotic : looks like the dawn of an erection. What do you tink? Thanks, Claude

  4. Shame of ourselves, of our bodies, of our very humanity should be klined, filed under ‘fuck you’ and discarded. When can we get over this aversion to our humanity? Sex is not evil. Masturbation is not evil. Being nude is not evil. It does not have to throw a child into a total psychological collapse. That happens because the parents have taught the child it should happen. Society is schizophrenic on sex and nudity… it loves it so far as selling shit goes, but god forfend if you are seen naked through the curtains of your own home. We need to kill this stupidity now.
    It is the 21 century. We need to get our heads out of the tradition box and wake up. This just boggles my mind … I do not get it at all!

    And no, he should not. He is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. nothing to be ashamed of, looks like the sunset of an erection to me

    OT a little — does anyone know where to download, or otherwise obtain, the film “Nickel Children” that Josh featured over on Scribble and Milkore? Thanks.

  6. Wow ……. “dawn of an erection,” . . . “sunset of an erection.”

    Just where in hell is that damn sun, anyway?? :>))))

  7. I like being fully shaved and wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Razors ftw and nothing but a good shower to lube the shave.
    No gels or lubricant for me when I’m shaving.

    And the picture is quite erotic too where the model is staring at what could be a good time.
    Nothing to be ashamed of….

  8. Wow, awesome picture…artistic, but I’d have changed your position a bit :), but shadows and your body, and the fact that this picture is black&white, make this picture very artistic and awesome together. Usefull as a model for acts. (Well, you should not be ashamed :D)

  9. This is the kind of man I like. No girlyboys for me thank you. No silly little boy. A nice young man with a nice big cock. I would like to lick him with my tongue all the way from the helmet to the hilt, then put each of his balls into my mouth, one at a time, then I would deep throat him till he came. He would not feel any shame. And me? Mmmmm. Nah. lol.


  10. Love the shot. This young man is erotic and beautiful. His penis is wonderful to see even if not erected. It’s nice and thick and is sexually attractive. The young man is beautiful with his shaved pubic area and the penis showing his manhood. There’s nothing to be shamed about. Nothing. I envy him for his beautiful body.

  11. A certain very old, iconic Hollywood photographer would be congratulating whomever took this picture…

  12. Lovely photo. I like the warm gray tones; they give a nice warmth to the skin. The face is captured well and gives the photo emotion. Beautiful.

    I was surprised at the comment about stubble. I keep my pubic area shaved completely and I have fairly light skin and very dark hair — the Irish combo.

    With a sharp razor and a little soap or body wash it always stays nice and smooth and no stubble at all.

  13. I noticed it was a woman who took this beautiful photo. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that photo shoot…

      1. I’m sure many more than what you may think do and would. And if the above photo is any indication, maybe some of those “cougars” may prefer their guys very smooth. :-))) It’s a growing trend that’s spreading almost like wildfire throughout Europe and the U.S. now as well as Latin America and some parts of Asia. I have no complaint about that. :>)))

  14. Yes you should be very ashamed for not being in MY bed! But I forgive you if you come right over.

  15. what a totally wrong word – SHAME … it has nothing to do with a body as beautiful as this one!

    1. With boys growing up wearing those gansta inspired boxer shorts you should see more drupy banana dicks. I think an upright curve is sexy. There is something to be said for tighty whities. This boy is not yet erected.

      1. Did anyone notice that the boy is leaning towards his right side which may be the reason his dick is leaning that way? He’s sitting on his leg. Only a standup photo would show the true ‘angle’ of his dick and an erection would show how much larger it may be.

  16. On the subject of pubic hair removal: I’m already 16 and look nothing like him in terms of hair amount. No matter how many ways I try to remove it, it just ends up looking bad.

    I’ve realized that it only looks good when it’s natural. And you won’t find to many teenage boys who naturally have no pubic hair.

    So I’ve embraced the beauty of pubic hair. Anyway, it’s not like I’m covered in it, just a little.

    1. Pubic hair covers the pubic area. If you’re not blond or lighter skinned you may have hair all over your body…….arms, legs, chest, butt and back. I’ve seen some pretty ugly bushes on guys in my time. And, I mean chest and back………

      1. Well, the color of one’s hair or skin tone actually has nothing to do with the amount or pattern of one’s body hair. There are millions of jet-black haired people who could be considered the most [body-] hairless of all societies (the vast number of Asians/S.E. Asians as only one example). It’s purely within the genes/chromosomes of the individual to determine their body hair patterns.

        And I think those with the least body hair are the luckiest! Being even a modestly “hairy” Caucasian is just too much maintenance! Except for stupid religions, what real [biological] purpose do humans have for beards and mustaches, anyway? Just so we can appear to be “better groomed” than the primates? And the way some people “maintain” (to use that word politely) their hair, I think most primates are in the grooming lead.

  17. Hey Josh, can you tell us why you chose the title of this post? It seems to be more to do with the look on his face than his shaved pubes. Or was it a general commentary on gay-teen angst, as some have suggested? A question about the auto-erotic activity is he ahas just finished or in which he is about to engage? Or, is it simply about his pristine manscaping?

        1. I guess I can relate to the photographer’s chosen title together with a projection of my own issues onto the photo. My opinion is very subjective.

          1. Perhaps not. I checked out some of the photographer’s websites and she seems to have a “soft spot” for the whole “queer” angst angle. Don’t know if that’s what this particular photograph is about – I still think it’s more to do with the look on his face – but isn’t art supposed to be subjective and meant to be interepreted differently based on the viewer’s own experiences?

            1. As my mother explained to me as a boy (she was an artist), “Art, or the impact of art, is the impression an observer feels when they view it.” The person standing next to you may have an entirely different interpretation. There may very well be no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ interpretation when viewing art….only that it stirs or stimulates something within.

    1. I checked it out and the photo shows what appears to be an erected penis. Very nice. Thanks.

      1. But I doubt it’s fully erect …. more likely it’s closer to semi erect — just my educated guess.

        1. That would depend if he’s a ‘grower’ or a ‘shower’. Since we didn’t see him flaccid, we may never know. Just my educated guess from the two photos, I’d say he’s a ‘shower’. My best friend in HS was a ‘shower’ and I called him on it once in the shower….he was amazed that I knew.

          1. As you said, since we can’t see him flaccid, we’ll really never know, but from my experiences, I would disagree and say he’s more of a grower. :-)

            Just my conjecture, but my best guess is that he has around 3 – 3½ inches fully soft and (again, best guess), I think he grows to around 6 – 6½ inches fully erect with about 6″ girth. Which is not too bad! :-)) And being fully shaved, it just makes it look even more delicious!

      1. Uhhhh….actually people who have consensual sex with “old hairy people”, may actually choose to or are drawn to older for any number of reasons.

        1. Exactly. And precisely why (as a very good example) that I don’t believe 85-90% of those who have said that they were “molested.” And all of that percent in my opinion are taking advantage of this situation and simply going after the money. That is NOT to say that some older ones don’t abuse some of them, but I strongly believe the the old adage, “it takes two to tango.” A younger person’s curiosity is peaking out around those years and is enormous and I know for a fact that many of the younger ones accept and/or seek out sexual companionship if they feel someone is giving them the attention they desire or they have an opportunity to learn what it is that all their peers are talking about. Also, if there was an opportunity at that moment, they “seized the day” and only later will some “regret it,” but most times, only in the presence of a lawyer who is convincing them they will make $100K or more if they just look “traumatized” enough for a jury. And those juries are more often than not comprised of women and older people who are so easily swayed by “tears” from a younger accuser.

  18. he is so cute…I really want his name so I can invite him to my house and we can have some fun ;) He is such a cute, handsome, sexy, young man. His penis curved like that is so…so…erotic. And his nipples are so cute! And his foot looks so tasty, I want to suck his feet…omg I want this boy….I want to have him. Best boy I’ve ever seen on Milkboys

  19. This looks like it could well be the same person that the photographer (Kathy Tackett) used in this (http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7119946) photo. She identifies him as Joe Stein. The lip rings strongly support the idea that he could be the model used in both pictures. He may have been younger in this one, or artistically edited. She says she does her photography in a dark room, so photo editing would be a lot more complicated, from what I understand.

    That said, this is a great photo, which does a very good job of bringing out the emotional aspects, and not just the physical. The true goal, in my opinion, of an artistic nude photo. It makes me want to reach out and say ‘Don’t be ashamed, be proud of who you are.’

  20. Only one answer to that question:
    OMG NO!!!!!
    You should be happy. Would that my age mine was still that solidly built…LOL

  21. well… its hard to tell, if a shower, then he would be almost flaccid, if a grower, then he would be… semi-erect.

    HE is BEAUTIFUL i think.

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