Siamese Twins

Sure, this would have been way cooler if it would have been made with actual teen actors but OK, you can only use the actors you have. And it’s quite funny nonetheless.


14 thoughts on “Siamese Twins”

  1. Clever …. and hilarious! And great Foreigner music too.

    One thing, I had a question (before the father “ruined it”) …. if one has the urge, wouldn’t the other have it too …. at the same time? :-))))))

    Great video …. and I agree …. it would have been much better with actual teen actors (but then our religious right would be in an uproar).

    Btw, where else but in America can you find humor like this? In your face! You gotta love it. :-))

  2. I thought it was weird that two conjoined twins would be doing that, as they’d be brothers, but then they’re *pretending* to be siamese twins.. so they are actually just brothers? o_O

  3. Incredibly funny. It’s been a surprise. I read “quite funny” in Josh’s presentation, but I couldn’t know what it might be at the beginning, when the two went in bed. Anyway the course of the movie has made me perfectly understand what kind of trifly amazing humor it had to be, and it’s been. And, in fact, I was dying by the laugh…

  4. O…M…F…G!! I saw the two separate lower bodies get into the bed in the beginning, but I though that was just ‘skit error’…I was wrong!

  5. AHAHahahahahah
    I didn’t see that ending coming! Where did they get a sweatshirt that fit like that?

  6. This is sooooo funny. I’ve sent it out to a bunch of friends: Gay/Bi/Str8 – doesn’t matter as ALL guys relate. Funny thing about conjoined twins, ALL sexual ACTIVITY is shared: mutual, 3-way, or more. What happens when one is in the mood, and the other is not? Or would their shared hormones keep them in synch? If only one climaxes, how much would the other one feel?

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