Signs of a new Time?

"Today, I was visiting my parents and we went to the park to relax because of the nice weather. As it turns out, a wedding was going on in the area, which isn’t uncommon for that park. I had my camera and was taking pictures of things and two little boys run over from the wedding ceremony, hand in hand and sit on the bench in front of me. I took a picture because it was just too adorable.


Next, they come closer to me, see my camera, and the one with the red hair says “Take a picture of me and my boyfriend!” and tries to get the other one to pose with him. I smile at the term, but don’t say anything, and take the picture. I ask if they are with the wedding and they both nod, the redhead saying “Yes. And you know two boys can get married here now, too? Me and my boyfriend can get married!” And I just thought it was so crazy and amazing that these two little boys were so open about themselves, even if it turns out later in their lives that they’re not gay, it’s still amazing.

The brown-haired one at one point took a pretty big spill on the pavement, and me and my parents ran over to see if he was okay, but had a scrape on his elbow. He said he was fine, and that his mom had a bandaid he could use, so his boyfriend kissed him on the mouth and held his hand, taking him over to where the adults in the wedding were. It’s incredible how much things are changing and how open kids are able to be."

Found by Declan, Original Source is offline at the moment


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  1. btw,

    Found by Declan, Original Source is offline at the moment

    ?!?! O.O big bro is watching you…..

    they got no heart i bet

  2. for real….. these two little boys, on the coming way of being young men, they deserve to learn something to protect themselves from the Big Bro!

  3. That is the most beautiful story I’ve heard in a long time. Sometimes I wonder about the emphasis on “marriage” as the focal point of equality for people — but a story like this makes me realize how potent and easy to understand the concept of marriage is for everyone — from little kids on up. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Funny, I could have been that red-haired boy, back in the 70’s. My parents were always saying how they knew I preferred boys over girls, and how open I was about it; I was blessed to have parents who didn’t much care. Their only concern was that I knew enough to be discrete, which suited me well enough.

    I distinctly remember an older relative, going off about “them faggots” at a family gathering when I was about 12 years old. When I asked my father about it, he said something I’ll never forget.

    “Wisdom does not necessarily come with age,” he said, “as (the bigoted relative) has amply demonstrated, it is possible to be old and stupid.”

    While I have no regrets, I am a teensy-bit envious of those two, able to be open and affirming of their relationship, and not caring a whit about anybody else’s thoughts on the matter.

    1. Dashiell… Now THAT is a beautiful story. We can wish we looked like the boys who have beautiful faces and the boys who have beautiful bodies, but boys who have beautiful lives…Now they are the ones to be truly envied, yes?

    2. i had a girl as what it looks like in the photos above, at the age of 7 or 8 through 12 or 13. we said we would marry each other but eventually i fell in love with her cousin and he became my bf…. two 14yo boys as a couple. you see, it’s too hard to forecast where the story ends. but somehow my bf moved away and i had been single for quite a while.

      yup, Wisdom doesnt necessarily come with age. some people really just dont learn from life, even if they have been though a lot.

      when i was in love with the boy, everyone else always got told we were very good friends, very good… it’s a perfect shield for us but i would rather hang around like all other couples do, a boy and a girl holding hands in the park

      1. that is brilliant youre so lucky to have parents like that… i told my mum i was bisexual and she said i was attension seeking liar… what you have is truely great :)

  5. That is what me and my boyfriend was like when we where between 6 and 17 intill he was coming home from taking some friends home when he got hit by a simi and died and his name is david

  6. Since when should this be so amazing. I mean I think that this should be the normal – loving who you love – regardless of your age. And nobody taking notice. But in this world it’s just not that way. Too much hate and divisive actions.

    It’s nice to know that these boys are being able to be who they are. Let’s just hope that the rest of the world can catch up.

  7. I first visited India in 2006 and was on the beach at Mumbai my first morning watching the kids play cricket. I kept seeing many young guys 16-20 yrs walking the beach holding hands or one with arm around the other. I just assumed they were gay until someone told me that it was normal for men to show affection for each other in public even if just friends. It was then I realized how shallow my society was.

    1. Public show of affection for men is very common and normal throughout Asia even through the middle-east.

  8. I agree with you about Asia as I saw it with my own eyes. However, the middle east is a different story.
    From my experience the predominately Muslim nations of the middle east do not accept public affection between two males. It can be a dangerous situation.

    1. “However, the middle east is a different story. From my experience the predominately Muslim nations of the middle east do not accept public affection between two males.”

      Actually you are wrong on 2 counts. It’s very common to see 2 males 1) holding hands; and, 2) arms around each others shoulders. I’ve seen “mini-documentaries” on exactly this in Saudi Arabia and Iraq (they frequently showed men doing this during the Iraq war ["in the background"]). And this is also very common and actually expected in Malaysia and the muslims in Indonesia. In all cases, it’s very accepted as long as it “doesn’t progress” to more sincere acts like kissing, etc.

      1. OK, it’s obvious you can’t be wrong since you contribute so much to this site, so I will say “you win” and you can consider yourself a world scolar of socialism.

      2. OK, so you win Penboy. I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about. With all due respect to your reputation on this site, I did say the Middle East and Indonesia and Malaysia are part of Asia. I’d like to see a doc. on male public affection in the middle east. Do you have a thread we can use?

          1. Well, what can I say? You’re right and I was wrong. I don’t know you and I don’t mean to try to be a know it all. I didn’t intend to send 2 comments. I was trying to delete one of them and edit one. I realized I had over reacted after I sent the first reply. Please accept my apology.

      3. Really? If you give a kiss on the cheek of a friend, do not run the risk of being suspected of homosexuality, and therefore a candidate for the gallows?

  9. I read that story earlier. it was very cute. I hope by the time those boys grow up life will be a lot better.

  10. Whats also amazing is that you were able to take the pics and talk to the boys without some paranoid mother rushing over, calling you a pervert, then pulling them away crying before dailling 911 and reporting you.

  11. I dunno – it all seems a little TOO cute. Like maybe a queer photographer took a picture of a couple of little boys looking out for each other and then created an almost too-good-to-be-true story.

    I checked out a bunch of the search results offered by Ron (#16) and none of them had any more than these three pics.

    I hope I’m wrong, but then look how fast we seem to fall for anything that fits into our fantasies.

    1. I confess to having some of the same reservations, the story does seem a little too perfect. My jaded, sarcastic side tells me the tale, as related, is probably unlikely. My sappy, romantic side tells me to STFU and enjoy. So, that’s what I did.

    2. As near as I can tell, the post originated on a Tumblr called misszeno, but while the photos are still in the tumblr cache associated with that account, the post itself is gone.

    3. “… but then look how fast we seem to fall for anything that fits into our fantasies.”

      So, that’s how you felt about McCain & Palin?

      I just couldn’t resist. :-)

  12. Anyone know where this same-sex wedding took place? One of the 6 U.S. states or Washington D.C., where’s it’s legal? Or anywhere in these 11 countries where’s it’s also legal: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden

  13. Oh come on, you gay-people are so desperate to think that every sign like this is a new hope for you! Those kids are just playing and totally unaware of any in your eyes love feelings it might contents, however they only maybe show very close friendship like it belongs at that age and is really healthy. Confronting those kids with their socalled behaviour would scare them away!

      1. Absolutely not, in fact I know someone who actually is gay and I can get very well on with him. I like the guy and I don’t care if he does it with men or woman, only you guys are fighting for ages for your rights. I approve it, and I can live with that. The only thing is your victim behaviour if someone is a little to critical to you. Eventough f.i. gay-marriage is becoming more and more common business, there will always be gay-haters, and they are only afraid, and for what anyway? To become gay themselves? Or people let them falldown when they show a little sympathy with the homosexual? I am not afraid, or else I wouldn’t write here, wouldn’t I?

  14. i dream in a world with a lot of this kind of histories… But in Europe its impossibe… In Catalonia i think never can be possible a love history like this :(

    A lot of gay people never go out to the closet, for exemple my self, i had 17,5 years old and never kiss any boy :'(

    1. It’s actually more likely to happen in Europe than anywhere else. European countries were the first to decriminalise homosexuality (France & Sweden) and to allow same-sex marriage (Netherlands & Belgium).

      Besides that Sweden was the first country to allow transgender people to officially change their sex and to introduce anti-discrimination laws protecting queers.

      1. Yes, this is true, but the laws are more advanced than the citizens, the homophobic attacks despair but the homosexuality was bad looking in the same grade…

  15. very sweet story… obviously NOT from my part of the states. Considering republicans, last I heard, were trying to get sodomy laws *Back* on the books.

  16. This is the best! Thank you Declan for posting it.

    Recently I’ve been watching a lot of gay videos about long ago when my Dad was a kid. I saw Milk and Stonewall. I can’t imagine a world like that. Thank you older guys for paying the price for my gay freedom. I promise to respect that price.

  17. The photos are taken at the Squalicum Harbor Boathouse in Bellingham Washington’s Zuanich Point Park.

    Gay Marriage in Washington state was approved by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor in February 2012. However, before the law became effective in June 2012, a coalition of church groups named “Preserve Marriage Washington” gathered signatures and filed a petition challenging the same sex marriage law.

    Now the citizens of Washington state will vote on Referendum 74 this November whether to reject or allow gay marriages.

  18. i envy how these boys can be so open… i feel such happiness to think that this happens in the world today and i hope greatly that this sort of behaviour continues to grow because that is how we should be!! everybody should be able to be open and have a right to know who they are

  19. To be so naturally sweet and uninhibited at their age. Their parents deserve credit for allowing them this loving period in their lives that will only help them to grow and see the world with more empathy.
    Most probably what we have here is what we see every day with young girls but are never chided for it.
    There is no reference that they’re gay or even transgender, their just two boys in a beautiful caring friendship that has yet to be tempered by macho hetro haters.

    Heard they grew up to be heterosexual, just hope they took some lessons from that caring period in their lives and they use them now in their daily lives.

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