Simeon “Amadeus” Mulder

You may shed a tear over the fact that it doesn’t need more than a Dutch kid playing piano to make the average TV audience go nuts while many, many kids who are just as talented never get any attention at all but let’s look on the bright side – his stage presence is indeed great and I certainly do look forward to see a duet with Prince Poppycock ;)

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  1. He looks much younger than 16… but he’s still adorable :D
    I believe he’s talented and his accent is so cute .
    But i’m just wondering why you would leave Netherlands to go live in the united States, not that it is a great country but Netherlands is so open minded, free, sympathical and very cultural..

      1. That’s why the EU’s borders are so open you’d only notice by a signpost that you’re crossing one. Most of the time such a move would be made by parents for the benefit of work or seeking something completely new.
        On-topic: I have fallen in love with his voice… it’s got something to it I can’t really put my finger on. He’s effing adorable ^^

  2. Thanks for posting this, Josh. :-) He’s adorable, and love the quick wit and funny come-back to Howie’s attempt to ? his dress-up. :-)

  3. Very talented, very cute, obviously very confident….I hope he does well on the show…but I have to admit that this is the very first time I have ever seen any part of any of the ‘talent’ shows and most likely the only time I ever will as they just don’t interest me in the least bit. Maybe if he moves on you can post an update, Josh. Thanks for the post. He impressed me.

    1. Your country has also produced the beautiful Arthur & Lucas Jussen who are quite genuinely musical, and they’re less into the crowd-pleasing music and more into musicians’ music.

  4. The only thing that really makes me feel angry is the audience. Everytime they seem to recognice a (well known) piece even they seem to have heard before – they get exited just like some alzheimer-patients who found their toilet in time.
    I really hate this “best of” “culture”. ;)

    At least this kid has not just talent – he even made something out of it.
    Tanks for sharing, Josh!

  5. Simeon is very talented and i love the way he plays. I would definitely love to see a lot more of him.
    It would also be great to see and hear him play one or two pieces all the way though.
    He looks and sounds brilliant. :)

  6. Adorable, yes, but, like Ted says, he will need to build up a repertoire of complete works, as opposed to the crowd-pleasing pastiche he subjected us to in this video. I would love to see him doing a duet with Lisciecki (sp?) some day….

    1. This was only a 90 second AUDITION – to do ‘just enough’ to ‘wow’ the judges enough to continue to the next level – which he did. What makes you think he DOESN’T have a “repertoire of complete works”? I’m pretty sure some one with that much talent on a keyboard is surely able to play a COMPLETE ‘song’ (or whatever it’s called). And I’m pretty sure he can do MORE than just one, also.

  7. He’s cute and if you like this and are also serious about music (in such a way that the Classical Top 40 and wigs are too theatrical) and love MilkBoys too, then you *must* see Arthur and Lucas Jussen, also Dutch. They’re on youtube and have a recording out on Deutche Grammaphone too.

    1. Thanks. I thought pretty much the same thing. Just one reason I asked Josh to post the video. Thanks, again, Josh. :-)

  8. Dutchie reporting in. Sorry guys, he is cute, but he is not particularly good or anything. There are plenty of people who play better at this age or even younger, even though they don’t have a wig and sell themselves as some reincarnation of Mozart. His technique is quite weak, but that’s not what people at America’s got takent would notice. Seriously, that is ridiculous.

  9. Haters gonna hate. “I’ve seen better in my 75 years on this planet” typing away with your wrinkly hands.

    PS. Simian/Simeon is such a fucking hot name

    1. First, it should be OBVIOUS in any commercial-inspired show like this that the ‘judges’ (for mass appeal) will give higher opinions and statements to the contestants to help their self esteem. And considering the crap some of them do that DOES try to show they “have talent,” this boy shows pretty good talent. Outstanding? Maybe not, but still enjoyable to watch and listen to, nonetheless. And I’m glad that some younger people are still trying to keep some of the classics alive, even if they’re not ‘perfect.’

      And I think that Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne know enough about having talent as well as Piers Morgan. They’re NOT trying to find the VERY BEST of whatever IN THE WORLD or even in the USA, just trying to find talent good enough so they can create a decent (and commercial, to be sure) show to ‘headline’ in Las Vegas. And that’s what they state they’re there for.

    2. dahh sharon is ozzy ozzbournes wife manager,put his life back together when he was sniffin ants,i think she knows talent and wtf she said the kid has talent and voted for him bozo!

  10. I play piano for 12 years…. and come on! america is just a bunch of nutheads who become crazy from any act like this… To play this you dont need too much.. I myself know a lot of piano players like this… even better…

    But I must admit, that he does have some talent :)

  11. I agree he’s good but 10 year old Japanese kids can do the same thing lol. And if I’d kept up with my piano lessons, I probably could have done this at 14, so it’s not so amazing but I give him credit because he’s cute =)

  12. 16?! Can’t be. He’s still gorgeous though, and wowed me along with the judges!

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